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Episode 13,795
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kristen begs Brady to remember the loss of their little girl. He emotionally agrees and she holds his hand …


Brady was in her hospital room helping her breathe between contractions as she howled … Paramedic JJ was in the staff room with Haley. He asked how it went with Melinda. She called her mom today and it felt right. He smiles down at this girl he loves … Sonny reads Will’s text. He tells Adrienne’s framed photo their family is going to grow …Driver Will starts to call Sami … Xander hears the sound of a crash … Will tried to swerve. Both cars had headlights in their eyes … A shattered windshield. Sarah and Adrienne are unconscious … Kayla confirms Kristen is in labor but she has a long way to go. The baby is fine. Kristen gets mad at the contractions and Brady gets nervous … Will can see someone’s tail lights and jumps out of his car …Sonny promises Justin next time he can be in the picture with him, Adrienne, Will, Ari. He praises his perfect parents. Their love is unconditional and he has always felt safe. Justin calls him wonderful. They are happy he found love and a family. They could not be prouder of him and Will as people and as parents. They hug and discuss Adrienne’s happy day. Justin wonders where she went … Will calls for an ambulance and tries to wake up Adrienne. She whispers his name. Someone swerved into their lane, running them off the road. She urges him to help Sarah, who was in labor. Silent Sarah’s hand falls from her tummy …

JJ heard Haley tried to make Jen comfortable and is grateful. She believes she will wake up soon. Jack is a different man with his memory and sweet with Haley. JJ seems about to propose when he gets the call. Accident on route 7 …Xander rushes to a car that was run off the road. In that car he comes across drunken Maggie with an empty bottle. He asks where the hell Sarah is … Kristen wants her OB. They have another one on call, which is good as Sarah is also in labor and on her way … Adrienne feels Sarah’s pulse and urges her to hang on … Xander screams where is Sarah! Maggie slurs Adrienne drove her to the hospital. He is relieved and helps her get out … As Justin awaits Adrienne, Sonny wonders why Will is not home. He texted him when he left …Will is worried about the gash on Adrienne’s head. But Adrienne is worried about Sarah, who wakes up, believing she is not in labor. Will assures Sarah she will be alright. She complains about pressure from the seatbelt. Adrienne insists on getting out to help and collapses … Nurse Haley tends to Kristen and puts a pillow between her legs. Brady realizes he missed a call from Maggie and wants to call her back … Xander calls impatient Victor, letting him know Maggie drank too much. She was fine and is presently passed out. The car is in a ditch. Vic needs to send someone before the cops come! The Greek growls to drive her home. He cannot cos he was heading to the hospital. Sarah is in labor. Sirens pass … JJ is one of the first responders on the scene and tends to Adrienne. Will updates him. JJ cries they have to transport her now. She is almost completely unresponsive. JJ’s partner checks on pregnant Sarah, who is still stuck in the car …

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Justin and Sonny celebrate another Cubs win. Justin is happy to hear Will is on board with having another child. Sonny cannot wait to tell Adrienne. She had been subtly hinting. … Sarah is awake and asks what happened. Xander rushes up to her and she updates him on the black car coming straight at them. He remembers finding Maggie and her black car in a ditch. Then he gasps in horror. He orders the paramedics to take Sarah to the hospital but she suggests he take her, adding Adrienne needs them more. She does not have much time … JJ answers Adrienne’s phone and advises Justin to get to the hospital ASAP. Someone crossed into their lane and ran them off the road … Will goes with Adrienne and JJ. Xander has a bad feeling though Sarah states she is fine … Kristen begs Haley not to leave. Haley has to step away but promises her pretty baby is coming. Brady kisses her … Xander helps Sarah out of the car. She suddenly exclaims she can feel the baby coming …

Sarah orders Xander to see if Adrienne has a first aid kit somewhere. He will have to deliver the baby … At the hospital Sonny vows to kill the driver of the car that caused Adrienne’s accident! The paramedics bring her in and Justin calls out to her. Kayla promises they will do everything in their power. Adrienne is taken to the trauma room. It does not look good … Kristen gasps to Brady she can feel something is wrong. Haley comes in and Brady repeats something is wrong. The monitor goes haywire … Xander promises scared Sarah she will not lose her baby. He asks her to talk him through it. She will push on the next contraction and he can catch the baby. She is sorry what she said earlier. The next contraction arrives … Sonny hugs Justin and remembers how Adrienne helped him get ready before his and Will’s wedding. She loved him and Will together after she came around. He wishes she did not feel she was not doing enough. Justin notes nothing means as much as her boys. Sonny smiles or him. His parents are crazy in love. Flashbacks of their big love story appear. Super couple …Always.

Impatient Justin heads off for an update. Will arrives and Sonny thanks God, hugging him. Will looks numb … Brady is now waiting alone for Kristen in her room and breaks down holding her bracelet … Sarah gushes Xander did it and then wonders why her baby is not crying … Victor lectures sleeping Maggie for drinking and driving. Luckily she did not kill anyone … Sonny paces and tells himself his mom will make it. He asks how Will knew to come. Will admits he was there when the accident happened … Kayla quietly approaches Justin. He cries to say she is alright. Kayla is sorry. The injuries were so severe. Heartbroken Justin cries nooooooooo on her shoulder … Xander places the now crying pretty baby in Sarah’s arms after she momentarily panics … Kristen wakes up, back in her room. She hears she passed out. Brady assures her she will be alright. She asks about the baby. They are waiting for the doctor. Kristen now learns the umbilical cord was wrapped around the neck. Brady tries to reassure her. She wails her baby cannot die. He holds her in his arms …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, January 22, 2020