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Episode 13,794
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...



Maggie joins Sarah at the hospital so sorry about baby Mickey. Sarah sobs she is scared. The night she was born she went through so much …


At the Kiriakis mansion Sarah announced to Maggie the baby was coming … Will stammers he has to go so he and Sonny can speak of another child later. Sonny repeats to call Sami … At DiMera mansion Abigail thanks Chad for her breakfast in bed. He teases Thomas told him there should be a kids day. He gets frisky on the sofa so Abigail informs him she is helping Will at the newspaper and then visiting comatose Jen. After a kiss she goes. Chad sighs and pours himself coffee. Suited Tony comes in, complaining Shin called and he is OUT at DiMera …Replay of Adrienne’s last call with Justin. She heard Sarah howl and saw she was with Maggie, who opened the door, destination the hospital but there stood Maggie’s daughter Summer … Chad assures Tony he and Kristen would not have made a play for his job like that. Kate? Tony tells him he is getting warmer … Gabi meets Sonny at the square and tells him of her perfect day. As of now she is new DiMera CEO … Victor summons Xander to his office cos the she wolf is about to have her baby and he does not mean Sarah. He needs him now. Xander sighs Sarah will not even notice he is gone … Summer insists she has something important to say so Adrienne offers to drive Sarah …

Will is at the newspaper HQ about to call Sami when Abigail comes in, announcing she is here to help. He was sweet giving Jack time with Jen. He asks if anything changed. She sadly states she misses her mom and weeps. She tells Will it is easy with one child but two are like ten. He grins and admits Sonny wants another … Gabi boasts to Sonny she had unexpected backup … Phone Chad blasts board man Shin for leaving him out of the loop. He rages it was wrong for the company. Shopaholic Anna now hears what happened from Tony. Gabi got his CEO job. Chad exclaims Gabi’s only experience was running a small clothing company and sleeping with his brother. Anna believes this is for the best. Not Tony. Chad ends the call and tells Tony someone helped Gabi against him. Tony wonders. Chad tells Anna to tell him as it was her. Tony is aghast. Anna denies doing much. Tony asks wot she did. Called attention to his appointment being temporary and made calls. When the numbers were briefly down she convinced Shin that Gabi was a younger better fit. She insists it was the only way to keep him safe …

Maggie was trying to find Summer and asks where she was. Summer scoffs she heard all her messages but wanted no contact. Summer sarcastically thanks Maggie for her drinking DNA … Victor disapproves of Sarah keeping Xander at bay since he is the baby’s father. Xander sighs he is actually not … Adrienne is driving Sarah to the hospital in the dark. She admits she is happiest being a mom. Sarah hyperventilates. Adrienne remembers her seven hours when Sonny was born. It was worth it. Sarah admits she did not want Xander to be there. Adrienne advises her to change her mind for he is the father and life is short. All of a sudden they get a flat tire… Tony disagrees with Anna. She reasons he worked too many hours and made their Hong Kong honeymoon a biz trip with the Shins, those crazy rich Asians. Now they have the future. Tony fumes maybe not … Eli is with his mom in DC so Sonny asks Gabi out for dinner. He admits Will freaked out when he suggested they have another kid … Abigail argues all kids grow up and Ari would love to have a sibling. Will listens and smiles … Maggie wants to help Summer, who scoffs she wanted to drink herself into oblivion and is now dying. Maggie cries like a wounded animal … Adrienne’s cell phone is not working …

Victor warns Xander that Eric would not be amused but promises to keep his silence. He suggests he avoid Sarah as asked … Sarah also has no phone service and moans. More contractions come. Adrienne gets out of the car to try and change the tire … Summer has cirrhosis … and turns down Maggie’s transplant talk. She wants a sarcastic toast and even brought her own bottle for their farewell cocktail. Maggie is shattered. Summer drinks to her and walks out, ignoring her mother’s pleas, concluding Brady should left her in the ocean. Maggie screams after her as she leaves and starts to shake … Stylish Anna is upset Tony questioned their future. He wishes she had shared her concerns. She calls him his father’s son and takes her leave with her shopping bags. Tony tells Chad he is not down for the count yet. Chad can deal with Gabi and suggests he listen to the love of his life … Tony recalls how he swore he would never leave Anna’s side again after Rolf brought him back. She comes back, ready to leave with her suitcase. The car is waiting. She warns Chad to put family first and informs the Count of her heart she knows he will come after her one day. He stops her from departing and decides to join her. Being with her is all that matters. She giggles she got Harold to pack his suitcase as well and would not have left without him. They have a plane to catch! Chad applauds the happy ending. They hug. Tony walks out with a smile …

Will gets a text. The paper is in printing. Abigail goes to see Jen. Will texts Sonny his answer … Adrienne is back in the driver’s seat. Sarah is in pain and she tells her to contact Xander once they have service … Xander admits to Victor he is attached to both baby and mum very much … Maggie cannot reach Brady and downs the glass of hard liquor Summer left her … Chad is on the phone complaining about Gabi’s coup. Speak of the devil … Sonny is over the moon that Will is on board… Sarah calls Xander. Will is in his car and starts to call Sami … Xander picks up. Sarah is sorry and in labor. He asks her location. Route 7 close to hospital. She wants him in the delivery room. Adrienne honks to get out of her lane! Will also gets an oncoming car’s headlights in his eyes and swerves. Sarah lets out a cry. Xander calls out her name in despair …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday January 21, 2020