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Episode 13,793
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Suited Sony has summoned Justin to the park. He sighs he and Will signed the divorce papers. It is over. Justin hugs him. Sonny went to see him but Will felt they had no future. Their marriage was over that night he killed Adrienne. Justin tearfully remembers the fateful Mother’s Day …

Justin was at the Kiriakis mansion with Sonny and Will, planning the perfect day for the woman he loved. But Adrienne had plans to work at the paper! Jen is in a coma and the paper needs her … Happy Eric and Holly prepared peanut butter pancakes for mama Nicole. She kisses her girl and her guy … Sarah was at the swanky bistro toasting marvelous mama Maggie. The redhead reminded her she would be a mom soon …. Kristen cuddles with Brady in bed. The baby has been kicking and he calls her a beautiful mom. She wants to take a walk, since she is full term. He explains John invited him to celebrate the day with him and Marlena. Kristen grumbles she thought she was out of town. Not anymore … Pale pink suit Marlena was happy to come home from her work in Germany. John hugged her with stars in his eyes. She pauses and asks if the new roommate is around. Negative. Ciara wanted to treat Hope to lunch. Marlena asks about her so called repairs. John talks flood and the aftereffects. Marlena admits she wanted time alone. He drawls they have time before Eric and Brady arrive so they can show how much they missed one another. She giggles as he leads her to the bedroom … Brady invites Kristen, who sighs Marlena hates her. Brady wants his family to accept their relationship. They have been together for months and he loves her and their baby. He kisses her … Sarah asks about Maggie’s other descendants. She got flowers from Melissa, heard nothing from Summer but misses Daniel. Here comes Xander with gift bags …

Will offers to cover for mother-in-law Adrienne as editor. Justin and Sonny agree … Brady gave giggly Kristen her first mother’s day gift – the bracelet she wears to this day … Smiling Xander presents Maggie and ‘mom’ of his baby Sarah with presents. Sarah pouts … Nicole teases Eric for daring to try the peanut butter pancakes. They exchanged I love yous and a sweet kiss … Marlena ends a calls with Sami. John shows her the beautiful bouquet just delivered from Belle. Marlena notes Sami has not heard from Will … Adrienne is grateful and gives Will his newspaper instructions. Justin pulls his sweetheart away for some pampering. Sonny was moved by Will’s offer. Will called her his mom as well. Love was in the air. They sat on the sofa and remembered how she came around. Sonny romantically says marrying him was his best decision and kisses him. Will goes to get his laptop. Sonny reminds him to call Sami … Justin surprises Adrienne his natural beauty with a stay at home spa day. She kissed him and wondered when the masseuse would be there. After he has his way with her … John tensely opens the door to Brady. Kristen is standing behind his son. Brady brings her in and hugs Marlena. He did not want Kristen to be alone and hopes they will welcome her. Silence … Sarah seems disinterested in her gift but Maggie loves the mug. She praises the future father. Maggie asks about names. Sarah has a name that would work for a girl or boy. Xander jokes like Xander Junior. Eric happens by and innocently asks if they are having a boy. Sarah looks stressed. Nicole appears with Holly. Sarah stammers they do not know if the baby is a boy or a girl. Stylish Nicole takes Holly to happy Maggie, who suggests she will be able to swim with her new cousin this summer. Nicole goes to her and Eric’s table but first he wishes Sarah a smooth birth … In the afterglow, Adrienne and Justin romantically remember all the good kids they made. She admits she thought Sonny’s heart would never heal when they believed he had lost Will. Justin would rather focus on future years. They exchange I love yous …

Sonny lets Will know he updated Ari on him helping Adrienne. She approved plus she wants a puppy! Sonny now finds out Will has still not called Sami … Marlena thought Kristen was on bed rest. Brady replied she was already full term. Kristen admitted she has regrets. Marlena quipped she tried to kill many in their clan. Kristen wants peace for the baby. But if they cannot accept her she will leave so they can celebrate the day. Marlena soap stares at her arch enemy. Kristen starts to leave. Marlena makes her wait. She loves Brady like a son and Brady loves Kristen, who is having a baby. She agrees to try. John grins with his arm around the woman he loves. To new beginnings. Brady brought her a gift and thanks her for the best gift she just gave him … Sarah glares at Eric and Nicole enjoying brunch. She gets mad at Xander, when he wishes she would eat. She is tired! Xander wants to take her home. She hisses to go back to work and leave her with her mom. Maggie steps away so they can talk. Xander wonders wot he did. She gasps he is not her baby’s father, it is Eric …. Will the editor of the day is about to make a call. Sonny wants them to give Adrienne her gift. Justin smiles as she gushes she will treasure the framed family photo of them for the rest of her life …

Eric leaves with Holly to visit Marlena. Nicole will see them at home. Sarah watches them go. She feels badly about deceiving Eric and reminds Xander he is not the real father. He is ready for the delivery room but she refuses. She will ask Maggie when the moment comes. She walks away and Nicole looks worried … Adrienne praises Will and Sonny’s perfect love. Justin escorts her to the waiting masseuse. She gushes and reminds Will to call Sami … Marlena loves the stylish bag Brady gave her and Kristen admires the bracelet he gave her … Eric arrives with Holly and demands to know why Kristen is present … Justin calls pampered Adrienne from the square. Her mani pedi is next … Sonny and Will have bought Gabi new earrings. Sonny is on his way to see her and thanks him again for helping Adrienne. Will decides to call Sami but first Sonny suggests they discuss having another child … Brady hopes Eric will accept Kristen. Marlena greets Holly and John carries her into the other room. Eric orders Brady out to the hall. He cannot forgive Kristen for what she did to Nicole … Nicole notes Xander’s date dumped him. He is not even the baby daddy. He scoffs she has been selfishly keeping the secret from Eric as well and should shut up. Exit Nicole … Sarah came home to the Kiriakis mansion with Maggie, wanting to lie down. Maggie asked about her animosity toward Xander. Sarah suddenly got labor pains … Brady asked Eric not to fight and argued Marlena came around. Inside Kristen insisted to Marlena she had become a better woman. Marlena hoped Brady’s love and the baby changed her. Kristen was ready for new beginnings. Her water broke and she gushed she was having a baby. But doc's designer shoes took a hit …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday January 20, 2020