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Episode 13,792
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Patient Victor is impatiently texting. Maggie offers to help and asks what is the urgent thing he and Xander must discuss with Ciara … At the Kiriakis mansion Ciara remembers Victor imploring her to say nothing about the secret. Xander approaches and orders her to say nothing. She gasps Will is innocent. He growls she cannot ruin lives. Enter smiling Sarah. He suddenly becomes a kinder gentler Xander …Will imagines seeing Adrienne at the slammer … Justin and Kayla share a romantic goodbye at the hospital. Sonny appears and warns her Victor is in a mood. He wants to go but Justin has papers from Will’s lawyer. Divorce papers … Brady arrives at the office after Gabi leaves. Kristen claims she was just asking how she was getting on. Brady asks what her reply was. That three is a crowd … As stylish Nicole finds her keys, Eric enters the apartment. Their eyes lock … Nicole is happy to hear the first round of chemo worked. The final treatment will be in town. She realizes they are all back and will be meeting Kayla soon. Eric hopes to be home for good. She is grateful he let her and Holly stay here and assumes he wants them to leave. Eric blinks … Brady sarcastically agrees three is a crowd but the one crowding is Kristen! Kristen doubts it when he declares he loves Nicole …

Will gasps Rolf revived Adrienne! She appears behind him now as a ghost and accuses him of ruining them both. He wakes up shirtless and sad in the slammer … Sonny is surprised how fast the divorce papers came. Justin looked them over. Sonny decides what he needs to do … Maggie lectures Victor as he argues he texted Xander about biz from his bed. Kayla comes in confirming his blood pressure is too high to head home. He curses. Maggie marvels Sarah and Eric brought Mickey back here for her treatment … Ciara takes the opening to politely leave. Xander admires Sarah and Mickey, whom he missed. His angel grew and is a beauty like mum. Sarah gazes at him … Eric gasps he can remain in his room at the pub and insists Nicole stay with Holly. He is happy to hear how the little girl loves his toy. Nicole woefully goes on her way as he admires said pink house with his back turned to her. Tragic violins play … At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander offers to move out of the mansion as agreed so Eric does not pose a problem. Sarah begs him to stay and will speak to Eric since seeing him is good for the baby. She thanks and kisses him for his support and leaves for the appointment with Kayla … Ciara rushes to Justin at the hospital, gasping Ben is on death row. Justin notes only Victor or Xander could have helped by confessing. Ciara announces they actually did not have anything to do with Jordan's death. Justin's eyes narrow …

Sonny visits Will. A romantic guitar plays … Brady points out to Kristen he is with Nicole now. She does not believe it and sidles up to him. He snaps he only slept with her when he took her for Nicole. She claims only she is his passion and almost sneaks a kiss but when Nicole walks in Brady passionately kisses her to prove a point – to himself … Kristen screams and threatens Nicole, who calls her a beech …Kayla greets grateful Sarah and Eric, who have brought the baby to her office. She is in touch with the Boston team. The specialist calls. Kayla suddenly gets serious and ends the call. Tragically the treatment is over as the new numbers reveal it was not working. Eric and Sarah soap stare in horror as the baby girl gurgles … Maggie is worried. Victor announces Mackenzie will be alright. She has to be after all that happened … Ciara reveals Victor and Xander made her realize they did nothing to Jordan. Justin argues she overheard them discussing how they had sent an innocent man to the slammer … Meanwhile innocent man Will is handed divorce papers by Sonny. Will suggests he sign them and give them to Justin. Sonny insists they look into one another’s eyes as they decide whether this is really the right thing. He woefully asks Will if it is what he wants, his heart breaking. Heartbroken Will sits down and states it is not but as Sonny said, their marriage ended the day he killed Adrienne. Sonny starts to disagree so Will updates him on his dream. Not even their love could right his wrong. He decides to sign though he is still wearing his wedding ring …

Ciara will only say she misunderstood. Justin assumes she thinks Ben did off Jordan. No but she now knows Victor and Xander did not. Justin sees Maggie and asks about Victor. The redhead is going down to get him green tea. She hands him the scarf Sonny left. Justin sighs he is with Will signing divorce papers as Will believes what he did makes their marriage beyond repair. Ciara’s eyes mirror her dread … Xander updates irate Victor on Sarah coming home before he could swear Ciara to secrecy and complains about Eric. He worries about the baby. Victor too, after all they have endured … Eric wants to do something. Kayla mentions other options. Sarah knows a bone marrow transplant is a possibility. Kayla calls it their only hope. As the baby has no siblings both parents must be tested. Eric is anxious to get it done now. Sarah knows the odds are slim they will be a perfect match …After Nicole steps away Brady claims to love her. Kristen counters he is trying to protect his heart since she hurt him. When she mentions their connection, Brady asks what she means. She holds up her bracelet … Justin hugs Ciara and lets her know he is here. Maggie is sorry about Ben, Victor and now Will and Sonny. Speaking of Victor, he is desperate to see her. Something about biz. Ciara smiles she cannot stay for there is something so important she has to do ...

Sonny gasps he cannot. Will waits. Sonny asks about Ari. Will exclaims nothing will change his mind. Sonny signs. Will woefully states they are done and bids him goodbye. Sonny soap stares for a few seconds, stands and silently walks out ... Kayla will have the test results in a couple of hours. Sarah wants to see Maggie who is here visiting Victor. Eric gallantly offers to take Mickey to his place for a nap … Kristen got the bracelet from Brady the day their baby was born. Their happiness turned to tragedy and it is time for them to talk … Eric arrives at the pub with the baby. Nicole comes in and admires her. She suddenly realizes something is the matter. The treatment is not working and he was trying to hold it together for Sarah. Nicole tells him he does not have to for her, praises his strength, and holds him as he weeps …Sarah paces. Maggie arrives. She heard and hugs honey. Sarah gasps she got through that night and cannot lose Mackenzie now after all they went through … Sonny summons Justin to the park. He left the signed papers with Will. Their marriage is finished. Justin consoles him … Will is about to remove his wedding ring when Ciara comes to see him … Victor grumbles about Ciara. Xander suggests he pray she keep her silence … Ciara tells Will he cannot file the divorce papers. He sighs he killed Adrienne. Ciara suddenly announces his innocence ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday January 17, 2020