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Episode 13,791
1230 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eli asks what JJ means he cannot marry Gabi! JJ remembers Julie is at risk and replies LANI. Gabi blanches … Abe asks Lani for the truth. Someone is at her door so she pretends she must pray and hangs up. Tis Kristen, who hears JJ knows all and went to Gabi … … Kayla pouts at the printout … Rafe is miffed Hope has been smoking … Gina insists Stefano Steve open the door chez John and Marlena. Inside John insists to Marlena no one can come between them. Outside the door Gina gushes they are going to die … Julie feels fine. Kayla is baffled her pacemaker battery is low. She can call her cardiologist … Eli is baffled by JJ bringing up Lani. JJ reminds him of their conversation. Gabi wonders … Kristen learns Lani confided in JJ, who raced to DiMera mansion to disable Gabi’s app. Kristen sighs he almost shot her in Rome … Hope and Steve interrupt John and Marlena’s amazing kiss. Gina declares the door was unlocked. John declares Stefano is not even around. But Gina and Steve bear news … JJ tells curious Gabi that he and Eli discussed life, love and Lani. He could feel her regret regarding Eli. Eli reasons JJ made him realize Gabi was the only girl he wanted to wed … Lani assures Kristen that JJ is much better. Kristen thinks it was risky of her to tell him. Lani admits it just slipped out cos he is her only friend. She has not heard from Kristen. Kristen sighs Stefano asked for her shares. Lani wonders whether she saw him in person. Kind of … Hope offers Marlena a gun for protection. Marlena hesitates. Hope and Steve now solemnly state Kristen said she saw Stefano. John scoffs. Hope hastily adds she said he was leaving Salem. Then Stefano was spotted by an ISA agent in Prague. Steve notes he might come back for Marlena. Marlena counters if he did John could help her. Steve disagrees.

Kristen explains she kept her shares from Stefano. Lani urges her to head to the mansion and stop JJ from getting caught. She agrees to try …JJ forces a smile and congratulates Eli and Gabi, who claims she cares about him. He quips she is full of surprises and decides to wait for Abigail. Eli asks him to be his best man but must step away for a call. JJ questions Gabi on her love. She insists she loves Eli. He wonders whether she just wanted to take Lani’s man as she took the life of her husband. He also questions whether they can ever be a happily family cos of Julie. Ooooo … Abe runs into Julie and complains about Lani’s distance and deception. Julie is not surprised. Abe is worried about his daughter’s wellbeing. Julie is worried about Hope … Rafe comes to the pub looking for Roman. Kayla pauses with her salad. Roman is not present. Rafe sits and updates her on Hope acting strangely, from trying to fire him to secretly smoking … John stands by his woman, declaring he will protect doc. Steve, however, needs his help in Europe to stop Stefano. John drawls he cannot leave her. Marlena offers to accompany him to the continent. Gina snaps tis impossible …

Back at DiMera mansion JJ explains Julie and Gabi do not get along. Gabi gushes since she gave her Stefan’s heart they have been friends. JJ just hopes it lasts. Enter Kristen seeking Gabi’s signature for some contracts. She and JJ make nice with undertones of understanding. Kristen claims she left the contracts at the office and ushers Gabi away to sign them in spite of her engagement celebration … Julie updates Abe on Hope’s insensitivity toward Kayla as well and her and Doug, who invited her to move in. She seems distant. Abe admits Rafe too has concerns … Kayla recounts how some confiscated cigarettes went missing when Hope was at her table. Marlena revealed that Hope even made a pass at John … Marlena glares daggers at Gina. Is she trying to tell her what to do … Gina gasps about the danger. John gets it and tells Steve and Hope he trusts them. Steve insists the time to act is now. John will start packing. Marlena goes with him. Gina quips she almost had to off Marlena. Stefano Steve reminds her no one shall die but they will believe each other to be dead. Then the glory of getting what they want shall be theirs …

Julie is shocked to hear Abe’s information on Hope’s work being affected. Abe acknowledges her hard year. Julie will be discreet and now shares her pacemaker problem … JJ gains access with the first password in the app on Gabi’s phone and then tries the second … Lani calls unhappy Abe. He is glad she called back. She is sorry for not seeing him and so much more. He asks his daughter to tell him her truth. She realized her Salem return was a mistake … Gina still believes it would be better to abduct John and Marlena. Stefano preferred a cleaner plan and promises soon John will be hers and Marlena will belong to him … Marlena watches John pack. He senses her worry. She reminds him Stefano made him a pawn but John is packing heat and assumes he will be dealing with a physically old man. Tis soon time to go. Abe and Roman will keep an eye on doc. He adds he trusts partner Steve and kisses the woman he loves … Stefano Steve warns Gina not do anything stupid and argues Hernandez is already suspicious. She smirks Rafe is easy to get rid of …Rafe realizes this is not the Hope he knows … JJ cannot get the second password and decides to take a picture of the app. Enter Eli …

JJ lies he wanted to leave Abigail a note and starts to go, deciding to text her. Eli stops him … Lani states she decided not to stay since Eli seemed bothered by seeing her. Abe wonders whether she went back to the convent in Italy. She asks him not to try and follow and promises this will not be forever. One day she will come home with answers for everyone … Kristen gets Gabi in the office and claims she had no contracts for her to sign. Gabi is bewildered. She updates her on refusing to sell Stefano her shares and offers to let Gabi have them as soon as she gets what she wants, meaning an engagement ring from Brady. She promises a rich reward …Eli hopes JJ will be his best man. JJ uneasily agrees … Rafe decides to keep investigating and promises to keep Kayla posted. Then he calls someone who can help …As dangerous music plays John promises the woman he loves he will be careful. Steve claps time to go. Gina wishes the guys luck and closes the door after them. Marlena sighs the stakes are high. Hope smirks she will make certain she is taken care of …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday January 16, 2020