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Episode 13,790
1330 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


‘Steve” greets old buddy Rafe at the station. Hope needed his help as they are trying to track Stefano. Rafe recalls they were the last ones to see him alive but then he bribed his way out of the cell in Prague. Steve acts surprised when Rafe refers to the phoenix as sloppy. He suggests Rafe let the big boys try and takes off after smirking it was great seeing the detective … Gabi dreams of Eli and Lani the nun making out. He wants to wed her. Gabi screams to stop and wakes up in an empty bed … Eli admires the glittery engagement ring he got Gabi at the square. Abe sees. Eli admits it was last minute. Abe states it was the same with Lani. Eli hopes for a different ending … Lani and JJ are ready for the new day. He gets his black jacket and announces he intends to stop Gabi … Marlena wakes up in her silk pajamas. She had a nightmare that masked man Stefano made her dance with him in a macabre ballroom. John assures her it was but a dream. He and Steve will not let him near her … Stefano Steve joins Gina Hope in her office. He puts out her cigarette. She gasps she is stressed and sprays air freshener. He wonders why she summoned him. She sips her tea and concludes she must kill Marlena. He laughs …

Dr. Kayla asks Julie why she came two months earlier than her appointment. Doug was worried. She chuckles he acts like she could drop dead any second … Gabi fumes if Eli is with Julie she will explode her heart. She now finds a sweet note from her fiancé. Enter Rafe, who had questions for Chad about Stefano. She shares her engagement news and he hugs her … Eli apologizes for sounding bitter. Abe loves Lani and also does not get why she left him at the altar. When Eli mentions seeing her Abe is stunned … Lani warns JJ that Gabi would not hesitate to harm Julie. JJ is appalled it has already been a year and calls Gabi a monster. Lani recalls how she and Kristen sought peace at the convent. However when he showed up and she found out Gabi had her hooks into Eli, she knew she had to come back. JJ is anxious to stop Gabi from having any power over Julie’s heart … John bears breakfast in bed for the woman he loves. He wishes Stefano would not weigh on her mind. She senses he is in Salem. John returned to the presumed hideout and found one of his fav cigars smoked. However Hope suggested forensics missed it. He knows she and Rafe would have found it. Marlena reminds him Hope is not herself as she only has one thing on her mind – John …

Gina mulls over pushing Marlena like Jennifer. Stefano grabs her hand and growls. He will off her if she lays a hand on the fair Marlena … Eli and Abe have coffee on the bistro terrace. The mayor had no idea Lani was in town until recently! Eli updates him on her poinsettia toss through Gabi Chic’s storefront window. Abe is even more astounded when he hears she had been at a convent … Lani disagrees with doing anything that would provoke Gabi. She once sped up Julie’s heartbeat to warn her. JJ thinks Lani should stay underground. He has a plan … Abe exclaims Lani told him she was with her mom in Miami, not Rome waiting to take her vows! Eli sighs nothing would surprise him about Lani this past year. He would rather be with Gabi, a woman without secrets. Abe wishes him the best …Lani ignores a call from Abe. JJ decides to go see Gabi as a friend and get his hands on her phone. Lani believes the app will be on other devices. He is determined to try. Lani has an idea … Rafe is moved when Gabi asks him to walk her down the aisle. She loves her father figure brother who gets her out of every jam. He wants her to have a happy marriage and happy home for Arianna. Ding! He picks up the phone and reads a radio waves detective routine test announcement. He laughs at the crazy app notification. What is it? Gabi soap stares …Julie asks Kayla how she has been since Steve crashed the New Year’s Eve party. Kayla is frustrated by his coldness. Julie is bewildered Hope brought him back without considering Kayla’s feelings. Hope does not seem like herself these days …

Back in her office Gina is smug she has Steffy’s attention. He releases her wrist with a growl and realizes her plan was to provoke. The phoenix is not amused. She insists he help her get Marlena far from John sooner rather than later. He admits Kristen would not give him her shares so his DiMera plans are on hold. Gina fears Kristen could expose them. He boasts she covered to Abigail by stating Stefano had left the country. Gina wants a bold move to break up John and Marlena. Stefano has something in mind … Gabi grabs back her phone and gasps it is a secret DiMera project. Rafe starts to grill her until Eli arrives asking him to be his best man. He already promised to walk Gabi down the aisle. Eli hugs his fiancée, feeling like a lucky man … JJ cannot believe Lani wants to involve Kristen! He takes off to get the job done himself … Julie learns Kayla is completely committed to Justin. Steve said he loves another … John argues Hope said she was sorry for making a pass. Marlena muses she tried to fake apologize to her too. John asks her to give her a chance. She agrees since she is trying to keep her safe from Stefano … Stefano deduces both John and Marlena must die. However, not in the way worried Gina thinks …

Back at DiMera mansion Eli officially proposes to Gabi with the ring. She gushes yes again as he slips it on her greedy finger. They kiss in bliss … Kayla hopes Steve will find Stefano and go away. He had already abandoned her and Joey and promised it would not happen again. Now she is happy with Justin. Julie suggests she take the next step like engaged Gabi and Eli … Abe runs into Rafe and updates him on John’s new evidence – a smoked cigar that Hope claimed the search team missed. Rafe grimaces he was head of said team and would have found the cigar … Gina praises Stefano’s complex plan. The phoenix feels failure is not an option. Gina gushes John and Marlena have to die and he kisses her hand with a sneaky smile … Lani leaves Kristen a message about JJ knowing all and asks to meet her. Abe calls again, asking about Miami. He heard about her convent in Rome from Eli, not to mention she was in Salem. He demands the truth from his daughter … Kayla finds something strange in the printout of Julie’s heart test … JJ enters DiMera mansion. Eli announces he is marrying Gabi as he holds her close. JJ counters he cannot … Rafe realizes Hope is not even in her office that smells like smoke. He comes across her cigarette pack … John notes Steve is not in his room. Malena suggests they spend the day together. She has a bad feeling. John drawls nothing will come between them, certainly not Stefano. He hugs her … Gina and Hope are outside the door ready to put their plan into motion. The phoenix ominously reaches for the handle …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday January 15, 2020