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Episode 13,789
1370 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Tea drinking Jack sits beside Jen, discussing JJ, how he seemed better. Jen is excited about the piece she is working on for the paper. Surprised Jack reminds her he is the editor … Lani had no idea that JJ’s place was Eli’s old place … Julie discusses Ari’s successful recital with Eli and Gabi. And JJ is getting help at last. Julie would love to go see him but he might consider it spying. She asks Eli to drop in and check on him for her. He heads out to do just that. Julie now wants to girl talk with Gabi … At the pub Chad points out he would give Kate a fair price. She wonders why he needs her DiMera shares. For leverage against Gabi. He wants to oust her. Kate pauses …Kristen is confused. Steve convinces her he is indeed father phoenix and they share an emotional embrace. Outside the door Abigail knocks demanding Kristen. She asks if her father is present. Stefano Steve does the math, gets the patch back on, the ring off, and opens the door with a Steve smile. Abigail is bewildered … Kate is sorry but she is keeping her shares. Chad accuses her of having an agenda maybe with Gabi … Lani finds it hard to be in the place where she and Eli were planning to start their family. JJ grills her about what Gabi did. Lani gasps if word got out, someone could die. Eli knocks on the door … Jack assures Jen he was just interested. She promises once done she will print it out so he can read her personal piece about almost losing her life - after Rolf pushed her from the balcony …

Chad teases Kate to tell the truth. She remembers her Stefano secret and admits she has not been entirely honest … Steve claims he came to ask Kristen where Stefano was. Abigail admits Chad texted with Stefano, who alluded to meeting Kristen in person. Kristen quickly claims they already met … JJ tries to get rid of Eli by telling him he is tired. Eli admits Julie asked him to check on him. He senses something and steps inside. JJ closes the door. Lani is hiding in the closet. JJ assures Eli he is alright. Eli can see he is still suffering from the loss of the woman he loves. He has been there himself and although Lani did not lose her life, he grieved like never before when he lost her … Back at the pub, Kate refers to Andre. She received those shares from him and they are all she has left of their love. Chad asks about the phoenix ring he also left her. Kate is not sure where it is now but that belonged to Stefano whereas these stocks were Andre. Chad notes that sounds as nutty as Anna running around with Tony’s ashes but they were soulmates whereas Andre betrayed Kate … Kristen smiles Stefano was here in this room standing where Steve is now but he just missed him. She has decided she will not do as he asked and let Chad have her stocks for she is unsure she can trust him. Stefano looks ready to explode …

Eli laments Lani not loving him. JJ begs to differ. Eli admits even though he is good with Gabi, he is still puzzled about Lani. JJ alludes to her not being able to answer his questions …Jack has changed Jen’s piece since there is no proof to back up her facts on Rolf. Jen cannot believe it. He blurts out publishing the story with too much information could get his wife killed … Kate claims Abigail is a conspiracy theorist now after Chad updates her on her view … Steve not so subtly warns Kristen that the phoenix will get her shares if he wants them. Abigail thinks he sounds like Stefano. He wonders why her interest. Abigail senses Stefano would be able to lead her to Rolf and that is the one she is after! She asks Kristen where he went. Kristen replies he went to the airport with plans to leave the country. Abigail updates curious Steve on being convinced Rolf was working for Stefano when he almost offed Jen. The proof would make Chad denounce his papa forever! Steve condescendingly suggests she proceed with caution when dealing with her father-in-law especially for Chad. Abigail is not afraid. Steve admits he is more interested in what Kristen knows and teases he could haul her down to the station. Abigail exits. Stefano fumes at Kristen, who laughs she was just having fun …

Julie wants to focus on the future for Gabi and Eli. She wants them to wed and gets choked up, grateful for Stefan’s heart. She encourages Gabi to go after what she wants. Gabi woefully states it will take Eli time to make a commitment again … JJ denies taking sides and suggests there could be a real reason Lani did what she did. Eli opens up about the strength of their love, then there was nothing. JJ senses unresolved feelings. Eli denies it and departs cos Gabi is waiting … Jack cutely tells Jen how he thanks God they got their second chance, He weeps he will not print an article that might make her Stefano or Rolf’s target. Jen sees he was trying to protect her and that was his reason for shredding the article. He lets her know he loves and cannot live without her … Lani overheard Eli. JJ reasons if he knew Gabi was the real reason they broke up, he would change his tune about the temptress. He has a right to know … Eli heads back to Gabi and Julie at the club with an update on JJ. He is sad but trying. Gabi steps away to call work. Julie advises him not to let his heartbreak with Lani keep him in limbo. Go after the happiness he deserves. Eli agrees and asks for the best champagne and some privacy with Gabi. Emotional Julie is elated …

Abigail appears at the pub and announces to Kate and Chad she saw Steve at Kristen’s hotel room. Kristen said Stefano had been there earlier and she refused to let him have her shares. Chad wonders where he went then. Out of the country. As they leave Kate lets him know his father does love him. He snaps he saw Kristen instead of him … Stefano teases Kristen for her evil side. She assures father she is a force to be reckoned with. He wonders whether darling daughter is issuing him a threat … Jen has her shorter rewrite for Jack. She used all his edits and made a small change to the end. Jack reads about her gratitude for her second chance at a happy ending and her family’s support, including Jack Devereaux. He loves it and she kisses him … Back in their room Chad and Abigail wonder about Kate’s agenda. Abigail suspects she is in league with Stefano. Chad feels let down by father leaving … Kristen kisses the phoenix ring and promises father she would never betray him unless he did not respect her reasons. She wants to be close to Brady. He understands as he wants Marlena. They decide to help one another … JJ urges Lani to confide in Eli and asks what Gabi has on her. Lani announces Gabi has an app that could blow Julie’s heart to hell. JJ now realizes Gabi has been threatening Julie’s life … Clueless Julie hugs Eli after praising Gabi again and discreetly departs. Gabi returns and he sits her at a table with a bottle of champagne. He praises her passion. He loves and never wants to lose her. She assures him he won’t. He gets on his knee and asks her to marry him. She replies with a resounding YES and they kiss in bliss. For now …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday January 14, 2020