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Wednesday, January 3, 2018
Episode 13,245

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Sonny and Ari prepare breakfast for Will at the Kiriakis mansion. He loves the gesture but not Sonny's attention. Matter of fact, Will is feeling the pressure of not being able to remember their wonderful life. He withdraws ...

Chad refuses to accept that Stefan is who he claims to be. He hates the fact that he is the CEO and finds out more about him. Abigail is more pragmatic about the problem. As it turns out the board at DiMera fully supports Vivian.Also at DiMera mansion, Kate clashes with victorious Viv! Andre stands by his Kate. Viv quips Kate cares more about heir apparent Chad than her own kids ... Stefan flirts with Chloe, who warns him his mother is a wicked woman.

Vivian considers Stefan as clever as Stefano. She gets catty with Kate and Kate raises her hand to her ancient enemy but then Stefan the mini Stefano shows up, to make a noble - or perhaps not so noble - attempt to bond with his brother ... Chad and Abigail are aware Stefan used to be Sam, a raider of companies. Chad makes it crystal clear he considers Andre his brotha not the newcomer. Abigail is all for a paternity test. Stefan has no objection and alludes to Chad losing more ...

Will comes clean to Sonny about kissing Paul again and liking it ... Chloe catches Eve in bed with Brady. Eve later eavesdrops on Chloe and Brady. Chloe hopes Brady knows what he is doing ... Amnesia Will wants to leave Sonny and file for divorce. Sonny is heartsick and will simply not accept it ... The Stefan DNA test is a go. Andre does not want to let the sample out of his sight.

Stefan believes the DiMera brothers should stick together. Chad refuses to team up and tries to kick him out. No can do. Stefan announces the DiMera mansion is legally his house....

All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, January 3