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2018: THE NEW WAR!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018
Episode 13,244
1470 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Replay of Will giving Paul a smooch at the square ... Ciara is miffed when Rafe tells her to respect Hope. Ciara flies at him and wants Hope to listen up ... Chad kisses Mrs. DiMera at the party. All eyes focus on the door when a figure in a black cloak comes in. Vivian removes her hood and apologizes for being late. She states she did RSVP. Abigail knew not she was firebird. Kate calls her a vulture and demands to know why she returned. All guests soap stare and wait ... Ciara gets sarcastic when Hope defends Rafe. Rafe starts to do the math ... Eve slaps Brady for the kiss and accuses him of being up to something ... Sonny sadly texts Will about his whereabouts. Meanwhile Paul gasps why? Will smiles ... Chad points out this party is private. Chloe will call security. Viv calls her a floozy and gushes she has got someone she wants them to meet. Andre eyes her. The door of the limo opens and closes again. A man in dark shoes and dark clothing is coming ... Vivian insists it is not Ivan. In fact it is someone the DiMeras will want to meet for he has the same blood as Chad and Andre. She now announces Stefan O DiMera. No one knows what to say to that. Andre looks intrigued ... Eve is sorry but this is the second kiss Brady planted. He pours more champagne and she implies he is playing her. He accuses her of trying to take advantage of him. She claims she wants nothing. Enter Sonny unhappily looking for Will ... Will explains it is New Year's eve, plus Paul is attractive and more in the present than the past. Paul is sorry Will is feeling the pressure and wishes he could help. Will gushes he is helping. Marlena and John approach and Marlena wishes them a happy new year. John gives his son a knowing look ... Jenny wants Rafe to know Stefano lives. Kate hopes not. Viv taunts that Kate married Andre the court jester and it was a comedown. Andre would love to throw water on her. Chad steps up and lets Madame know he has had enough ... Accompanied by Eric, Jenny interrupts Ciara with news of Vivian and her guest. Ciara sulks as Hope and Rafe go see for themselves ... The man of the hour is on his way. Vivian states Stefano is at the door. She opens it to present him. A slick man in black appears. She smiles with triumph as the guests get even more stupefied ...

Eve exits with her champagne. She can finish with Brady later. Sonny laments to Brady he seemed to have lost Will, who went for a walk ... Paul stammers he has to head home. John joins him. Will wishes Marlena a merry new year but she wants to know what was going on. Will casually answers he kissed Paul ... Kate cackles about Vivian's false claim. The slick man in the expensive Italian coat says nothing. Vivian insists it is true. Hope asks what her game is. A big one she shall win! The mystery guest now introduces himself as Stefan Octavius DiMera, aka Stefan O DiMera. Chad laughs when he adds he is Stefano's biological son but not Stefan O. He looks dead serious. The tension in the air is thick as thieves ... Will thinks Marlena does not approve but he cannot lie. She agrees he should not lie and admits she is not shocked or bothered. Will feels he can trust her the way he trusts Paul for not focusing on the past and accepting him now. Marlena would like to know him now. Will too and he gets intense about not wanting to be the kind of guy who cheats on his husband ...

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Brady suggests couples therapy or a leash for Will. Sonny hits back by taunting him about Eve. He warns as Titan CEO he will be watching them. Brady taunts to watch Will instead cos he could be with Paul. He walks out and Sonny sighs ... Paul and John pause outside the pub. Paul points out how hard it was seeing Sonny with another. When John brings up Will Paul confesses Will went and kissed him. He feels the need to tell Sonny. John stops him and wonders why. Would it be to break up Sonny and Will? ... Ciara has a headache. Eric is sympathetic and states Theo is better. She cries to him and Jen she is in a romantic coma and then some. She feels no one can hear her screams. Jen assures her they do and suggests she stop making bad decisions. Ciara starts to scream out loud about addicts and people who kill their best friends by drunk driving ... Stefan is pleased to meet Chad and Andre suggests he is lying about who he is. Stefan greets Abigail the beauty. Andre sarcastically asks who his mummy is and muses she must be dead. Vivian stands by her son and suggests Stefano knew nothing about it as at the time he was posing as Rodolfo to rob her of her ruby. Andre taunts the boy must have been raised in a tower. Madame explains Ivan falsely informed her the child was stillborn. Stefan continues the story. He found out the truth and confronted Ivan, who confessed. Kate scoffs Madame must have found this fellow on imposters.com. Vivian has come armed with evidence, however. There is more to her than lace and lipstick ...

Paul denies trying to cause trouble and points out Will was the one who kissed him. John questions him on his feelings for Will. Paul feels he has no chance with Sonny as Will is back so he gets he should let go in lieu of having more contact ... Will is fond of Sonny. Marlena asks but? Will feels the Will that Sonny speaks of is like a stranger. Marlena tries to make him feel better. He likes the way they get along. Sonny now calls and Will answers, informing him he is at the square with a friend ... Vivian holds up an envelope containing a conclusive DNA profile matching the two Stefanos as father and son. Hope and Rafe have their doubts but she got the DNA from Interpol so there can be no doubt. Chad wonders why they came, regardless of his fake family claim. Stefan states the DiMera name used to mean a great deal. But the power has bene diminished and the legacy is in peril. The time has come to make the DiMera name mean something again. Abigail snaps she wrote the same with Chad for the speech Chad was supposed to say to the board tomorrow. Chad calls it a clever trick. Stefan chuckles deeply ...

Ciara gasps she is sorry. Jen blasts her. Eric assures her the girl did not mean it and they decide to take her home via the back way to avoid the new DiMera drama ... Stefan reasons he wanted the press release in advance as he has a vested interest and praises Abigail for the PR. Alas it was all wasted cos he is Stefano's son and as such is ready for his rightful place as family/corporate head of the DiMera empire. Chad refuses to let him take his job as CEO. Stefan smirks ... Eve is ready for bed. Brady appears and roguishly grins they have got unfinished business ... Jen keeps complaining about Ciara as Eric sees his date home. Eric admits he always thinks of Daniel and notes the night was not all that bad. Jen gasps about Vivian and he grins the year is gonna get better. Then he kisses her ... Brady walks in like Clark Gable and grabs Eve. She kisses him back and pulls him down on her bed ... Sonny sees Will come in. He asks who he was with. Marlena and she made him realize a few things. Sonny smiles they can still toast but tired Will kisses his cheek and heads to bed instead. His bed alone. Sonny is stunned ... Stefan declares they are too late. Kate stands by Chad. Stefan announces the board has lost confidence in Kate. Viv hands her an envelope to read and weep. The next one to receive an envelope is "unstable" Andre. Viv enjoys giving Chad his and telling him he will have free time for his wife. Stefan notes these are all notices of the board's resolution making him CEO of DiMera effective immediately. Mother and son share champagne and make for the door. Vivian calls it a great party and airily departs. To add insult to injury Stefan even takes the bottle of champagne as an afterthought. Chad looks ready to explode ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, January 2