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Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Episode 13,009
Length:1270 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the square Chad runs into Gabi, who is walking with Arianna in her arms. Arianna reaches out for a hug ... At the teen abode, Claire is doing a selfy video. Ciara suggests she go get a box. Tis moving day. Claire the self-styled starlet talks youtube. Ciara snaps she will not get her stuff from the car. When she almost drops a box, Theo steadies her. Claire's eyes flash with jealousy. Joe and Jade now head down to the van with Theo to help him unload ... In the interrogation room, Nicole notes she has no baby. Brady counters she does! He demands Chloe come clean ... Claire and Ciara bicker. Claire gets catty so Ciara calls her a princess. Here comes Belle with Shawn. She greets the excited teens and lets Ciara know how sorry she is about what happened to Hope. She believes in her and anticipates a successful appeal. Belle now heads to the kitchen to help unpack the boxes. Shawn discusses the tension with his diva daughter. That is, the tension he senses between Claire and Ciara. Claire complains bitterly about Theo seeming close to Ciara. Shawn notes they were childhood friends. Perhaps his daughter simply has too many roommates ...

Back at the station, Brady makes Chloe sit and start talking. Nicole is baffled. Chloe tearfully blurts out Holly is Nicole's baby, she is her biological mother. Nicole gets more confused by the minute ... Chad has an invisible wand and banishes Ari's bad dreams as she hits his not so invisible hand and lets out a laugh. Gabi gushes he is great with her. He grins whatever she needs ... Claire tries to convince Shawn that Ciara should live at home with supervision. Or there could be trouble. She tries to make her sound like a tramp ... Shawn later helps Ciara and Belle with the dishes. Claire is in another room unpacking her wardrobe. Ciara now acts worried about Claire being near Theo since they are so young. Belle remembers her young romance with Shawn which turned out to be the real deal. Ciara hates hearing it ... Chloe finally tells the tale of how she came to have Nicole and Daniel's biological baby. She really just wanted to give Nicole her and Daniel's miracle baby after he died since she was so sad. Nicole wonders whether this is yet another story. Chloe explains she first believed Deimos was the daddy due to the timing ... Brady adds then came the paternity test that showed otherwise. Nicole takes it all in. Chloe admits there was no one night stand guy and Holly is hers. Nicole now soap stares ...

Gabi informs Chad that she and Abigail are embarking on a new project together. Chad wants to know what it is. A secret! She decides to leave with Arianna, who protests as she would rather spend more time with Chad ...Abe comes to see Theo and Claire. He warns them against booze parties and other such mischief. The pair promise to be good. Abe now voices his concern over Jade. Claire thinks they can ignore Jade or get rid of her. Abe lets Theo know he will still keep an eye on his son and smiles with a twinkle in his eye ... Nicole is stunned Chloe stole her eggs behind her back. Brady wants her to focus on the fact that this is HER daughter. Nicole sobs MY CHILD! She reminds bff Brady how many years she suffered in childless solitude. Brady repeats this is really her baby. Nicole longs to hold her and cries please give her to me. But Chloe flat out refuses ... Arianna has fallen asleep at last. At the square Chad is still sitting with Gabi as they catch up. He tells her of a female CFO he met with who was less than impressed with his image. She suggested attention to color blocking. Gabi gets interested. He explains he has a presentation tomorrow. Gabi would love to give him some advice cos she knows her colors ... Nicole is enraged when Chloe has the audacity to hand the baby to a lady cop for safekeeping. Chloe reminds her she just stabbed someone. Nicole gets even madder. Brady assures her the baby will be fine. Nicole can see them through the window. Brady calms her down and continues the story. He admits he has suspected this for a few weeks. Chloe only confessed to him today. But Deimos was also aware of the situation. Nicole gets upset but Brady reasons they needed proof in order to tell her. He did not want to rip her heart out with more false hope. Nicole is disgusted with Chloe hiding her child from her after taking her eggs. Music of betrayal plays in the background. Nicole breaks down sobbing what did she do to her!

Fashionista Gabi has once more bought clothes for Chad. She holds a stylish shirt against him ... The teens have pizza so the parents present depart. Claire insists they toast to their new freedom and the future. Ciara looks a tad sad ... Chloe claims she acted out of love. Nicole doubts she would have told her and they scream at each other with a vengeance. Chloe has already decided Deimos will only doom Nicole and Holly too. Nicole screams the only monster in this story is Chloe and demands she give her her child ... Chad sees Gabi off and thanks her for the fashion assistance. She thinks Abi would like to help him next time. Ari wakes up and wants Chad again ... The teens talk about the future. Joey wonders what it will hold. Theo thinks it will be great. Ciara gets what he means and muses they are always there for one another. Claire fumes ... Belle, Abe and Shawn have a drink at the pub as they discuss the teens. Belle worries about Claire getting pregnant. Abe notes how much Theo has accomplished in spite of his autism. Lexie is part of him and that is a good thing. Shawn and Belle are both impressed with Theo. Belle quips she just hopes Claire doesn't change him ... Nicole cannot deal with the separation for another second. She throws open the door to get her baby but a male cop cuffs her, announcing they are charging her with attempted murder! Brady watches with dismay, feeling her pain ...

Joey wants to play a game with Theo so off they go to his gaming room. Claire frets he forgot to give her a goodnight kiss. Ciara smugly suggests it is best not to try and come between a guy and his game. Claire gets mad about Ciara acting like she knows Theo better than anyone. Jade offers to clean up. Catty Claire claims she forgot she was even there ... Chad gushes Gabi can bring Arianna over anytime. Gabi replies she has doting grandparents, papa Sonny and other family. She bids him goodnight and leaves ... Meanwhile the lady cop gives Chloe the baby back. Nicole is hauled off screaming that is her baby and begging to go to her. Brady soap stares after her, deeply affected by the injustice. This was supposed to be her moment ...


Ahead on Days of Our Lives:
Nicole gets support, Sonny wants to draw the line, Abi and Gabi are in over their heads!

So ends the friendship of Chloe and Nicole. The next step will be the custody battle, a visit from Dan's ghost, and Nicole's decision regarding Deimos as step daddy material. Many are rooting for Brady over Deimos, who soon lives up to his deadly reputation ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, January 24