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Monday, January 23, 2017
Episode 13,008
Length:1535 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


It is nighttime in Prague and some Salemites are unable to sleep. Rafe sits alone at an outdoor cafe trying to read a book, drown his sorrows in strong coffee. He puts the book down with a sigh. Red lipstick Carrie sits at his table as she was also unable to sleep. She sees he is stressed. It is about Hope ... Meanwhile at the farmhouse Eric panics as Hope is not awake and has a fever. She feebly opens her eyes ... Back in Salem, Nicole has returned to the Kiriakis mansion. She is desperate to tell Deimos of the hit Dario must have taken out on him and leaves another frantic phone message for her fiance ... Deimos is on his phone at the square smugly arranging for a wire transfer. The bald hitman calls Dario to let him know he has the subject in his sights. Dario orders him to strangle him, snap his neck no weapon necessary, so he puts on his black gloves to do the deed ... Poor Brady has been waiting all weekend for Chloe to answer him if Holly is Dan and Nicole's baby. She blinks again ... Back in Prague Patch is asleep in his bed when all of a sudden he hears the sound of his hotel room door slowly and suspiciously opening. It is dark so he springs into action with his gun - Tis Kayla bearing a designer handbag ...

Chloe insists the surrogacy failed. Brady informs her Deimos deduced it took the second time. Matter of fact he already knows so just tell him the truth ... Nicole cannot reach Deimos so she calls his secretary, only to hear he has a business meeting at the square cafe. She is on her way ... Deimos has just paid off a man who will help him get what he requires regarding that key. Justin appears afterwards and argues to stop before there is a full fledged war ... Rafe worries about Hope to Carrie but Carrie thinks clever Hope must have a plan ... Eric gasps and begs Hope to stay with him ... but still no praying. He goes to get some supplies to bring the fever down ... Chloe snaps WRONG to Brady and gets annoyed when he admits he has been working with Deimos to get to the truth. Brady snaps she is WRONG to keep Nicole's baby from her ... Deimos boasts he is going to get the family billions. Justin warns him there will be carnage and the bad guy gets ready behind him ... Steve just loves that Kayla flew thousands of miles to see whether he was alright. She kisses the bandage on his shoulder. He tells her about Anna keeping Tony's ashes. Kayla gushes that sounds romantic and she would do the same! They kiss sweetly. Steve wonders about Joe. Kayla smiles he pushed her to come and they kiss again, lost in love. She walks him back to bed ... Delirious Hope dreams of Rafe standing before her. He says she is free and wants to take her home but she cannot take his hand. She realizes there is no one there ... Brady exclaims to Chloe that they know her secret! Drugged Phillip told Deimos there was an embryo so they checked the clinic records, only to discover she went back. Chloe voices her outrage that Deimos drugged Phillip ...

Deimos drawls there will be no war. They already have the technology no one else was able to exploit. Justin steps away to take a call. The hitman creeps up behind Deimos and raises his gloved hands. All of a sudden Nicole appears and grabs a knife from the table. She acts without hesitation and stabs him so the hitman falls to the ground in a pool of blood. Deimos is horrified ... Hallucinating Hope momentarily mistakes Eric for Rafe when he returns. He explains he sneaked out to steal some antibiotics from the nurse next door. He gives them to her in an attempt to break that fever ... Rafe is on a phone call with Shawn. After, Carrie wonders whether they have any leads. Rafe tells her about the anonymous email. Carrie tells him to keep the faith ... Justin checks the man who lies bleeding on the ground and calls 911 ... Deimos asks why Nicole did it. She gasps he was going to kill him! His hands were held up. Deimos hugs her like he thinks she has snapped ... Nearby Dario hears the approaching ambulance and feels like celebrating, believing the mission to have been a success ... Chloe is released from hospital. Brady appeals to her as a friend and former lover. He warns her all it would take is a simple blood test and he would be able to easily obtain a sample. Chloe reluctantly agrees to tell him her story ...

Hope seems to be getting a little better after the antibiotic. She sighs Hattie was right to smuggle her out of the slammer since they would have killed her in there. She believes Eric will save her ... Chloe confirms she wanted to do it for Nicole again. She even knew it before Daniel died ... then went ahead after his demise as it seemed more important than ever for her friend to have his baby. The lab told her even the second attempt did not take, which is why she later believed she was pregnant by Deimos. As it turned out that test showed it was not him! However, she cannot allow that dangerous man to raise Holly, hence the secrecy. Brady curses to tell Nicole the truth today ... Nicole does not have any witnesses to corroborate her claim. Justin did not see much. Nicole is summoned to the station. Deimos notes no weapon was found on the man and wonders whether she was mistaken. Nicole now tells him what Dario told her. Deimos growls he will deal with Dario! Kiriakis lawyer Justin accompanies his client to the cops ... Deimos leaves Brady a voice message about Nicole needing him at the station. Meanwhile leather jacket Dario anxiously looks around ...

Kayla showers shirtless Steve with kisses in bed. He admits the ISA is about to withdraw all their support in 24 hrs so the mission might be a bust. Kayla starts to get out of bed to do something. He drawls there is nothing they can do tonight except ... they kiss under the sheets ... Carrie and Rafe discuss their loves and their lives. Rafe notes she and Austin now have a son ... She wonders how he and Hope came together. Rafe recalls how Bo asked him to look out for Hope before he died. They eventually got together and things were good for a brief time but then got bad fast. He laments all will be lost if he does not get Stefano tomorrow ... Hope notes Eric has always been a good man but why did he start drinking? He admits it was due to his heartbreak. Hope gushes after what he has done for her, everyone will know what a good man he is again ... including Nicole ... At the station Nicole has given her statement. She tells the cop that was no ordinary man, she is convinced he was a hired hitman. He will pass on this case to a detective ... Deimos excuses himself to check how the man is. Justin goes to get the name ... Now alone, Nicole gets a call from Dario the concerned friend. She calls him a bastard and hangs up on him. Here comes hero Brady! She sighs it is true she stabbed someone. Chloe is behind Brady holding baby Holly. Nicole implies she acted on instinct that the man intended to kill Deimos. Chloe is horrified she sounds as gangster as Deimos now and leaves the room with Holly. Brady follows ... Eric explodes when Hope tries to talk about Nicole and his parents. His fall from grace remains a sensitive subject ... Rafe continues to confide in Carrie about his desire to save Hope ... Deimos lets Nicole know they stopped the bleeding and leaves her room again. Justin is granted an audience with the D.A. Nicole paces like a caged cat. Brady comes back. She complains Justin fears she could face murder charges and he hugs her, attempting to downplay the drama. He suggests she be strong for her baby. Nicole is puzzled by his reference to Holly as her baby and wonders what he means. Chloe watches and slowly shakes her head buuuuuut ...


Ahead on Days of Our Lives:
A beautiful baby bombshell, new teen drama, and Belle is back!

Poor Dario's character has now been dragged through the mud. From corporate kid to petty thief and now cold-hearted gangster. Unlike Eduardo, who was brainwashed, there really is no reason for Dario to wish brutal death on his enemies. It will lead to no good. However, it will make it that much more appalling to Chad if Abigail assists him in any way shape or form in the future. Here comes conflict ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, January 23