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Thursday, January 19, 2017
Episode 13,007
Length:1440 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Abigail and Gabi are arguing at the club office and now discuss the fact that their stubborn families are at odds. They realize they can hear the three younger men of the families in their secret meeting, through the vent. They wait and listen as the drama unfolds ... Chad, Sonny and Dario would all rather avoid a war. However, Dario feels like an outsider and questions why he should trust Chad or Sonny in business ... At the park Kate leaves Chad a message as Eduardo finds her with his sexay soap stare. He implores her to hear him out ... At the Kiriakis mansion busy bride-to-be Nicole calls to cancel with her wedding planner. Brady wonders. She gushes she wants to visit Chloe and the baby on this day. Brady shares his belief that Chloe is fortunate to have her as a friend. Deimos stops outside the room and watches Brady help her with her coat. Nicole admits she does miss Daniel. In fact she has not forgotten they had planned a Valentine wedding. Deimos now walks in like he heard nothing and suggests they elope. Brady gives him a strange look. Deimos thinks they can take the Kiriakis jet. Brady reminds him it is having an overhaul. Nicole asks Brady to leave her alone with her fiance so he does. She wonders why the change of plan. Deimos gushes he loves her and does not want to wait another second. They can have their wedding party after they are man and wife. Nicole notes it is too late and her plans are already in motion. He kisses her when she smiles she is happy to marry him. He suggests dinner tonight in Chicago. Nicole will consider and breezes out to visit Chloe and Holly at the hospital. Deimos stares darkly. He now leaves a solemn voice message for someone about something he will be needing. Like all things Deimos it sounds highly suspicious ...

Eduardo offers Kate a heartfelt apology for ever doubting her. She sighs that is not sufficient. Ed grovels. Kate softens when she looks into his intense eyes ... In the meeting of the three, Sonny states he and Chad compete and Dario's company is linked to his. The guys decide to take over and broker peace but be honest. They come clean about what happened with the technology that started with Andre, was stolen by Eduardo, only to be re-stolen by Deimos. Sonny and Dario bicker about whom it really belongs to. Chad bellows ENOUGH and urges them to focus on the future, the billions they believe this new technology could bring them all, never mind Andre, Deimos or Eduardo ... Meanwhile Deimos has a telling phone call about the key he needs for his technology to work. He agrees to pay huge money for what he wants ... Chloe cradles Holly in her hospital bed and promises to protect her. Here comes Nicole, who wonders protect her from what? Chloe claims it was just mom talk. Nicole excitedly offers to drive her anywhere when she is released today. She even got a car seat for Holly and asks to hold her. When Holly gets fussy Nicole hands her back to the friend she believes to be her real mother. Chloe starts to feel guilty - that is, until Nicole brings up her wedding to Deimos. Chloe wishes she would see Deimos for the evil soulless man he really is. Nicole argues Deimos helped her overcome after she lost Dan. Chloe warns her that Deimos is no Daniel. She cryptically adds a part of Daniel could still be with Nicole ... Nicole wants to know what she means. The baby gurgles. Nicole assumes Chloe is referring to Parker plus Brady's heart. Chloe criticizes her for even considering Deimos the killer the kind of man worthy of a good woman. How could she go from Daniel to Deimos! She sighs it could be so much easier if only ... Nicole has no idea what she really means and insists she is marrying Deimos. Chloe decides then their friendship must end ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion Brady complains to Deimos that Titan's numbers are not looking good. Deimos boasts about his big plan to put Titan on top for a long time. Brady has his doubts but Deimos suggests he do something to help prove Chloe has Nicole's baby before it is too late ...

Kate updates Eduardo on Andre ordering her to steal back the device but she could not bring herself to do it. Ed feels like a fool and blames his past for making him always assume he is being betrayed. They were so good together. She sighs he threw them away for money. He thinks they can overcome. Kate is too hurt to try again, decides they are done, and business will be business ... Dario refuses to ever give back what Ed stole. Chad thinks that will pose a problem. Sonny is exasperated ... Sonny and Dario discuss the profits. Dario thinks he is in the best position. Chad warns Dario he will not be able to develop Oracle now. Sonny states his side has the program. Dario talks tough and tells Sonny to watch his back cos they will steal it back. Chad tries to referee ... Chloe concludes Nicole should never visit Holly again since she is committed to marrying a man like Deimos. Nicole cries and asks to hold Holly one last time. Chloe allows it and watches the tearful goodbye with tears in her own eyes. She has decided to return to Chicago the minute her paperwork clears ... Meanwhile Deimos demands to know why Brady is giving him such an intense look. Brady asks Deimos how he would be able to raise Dan's baby. Deimos assures him he does not feel threatened by Daniel's memory ... Nicole will never forget Holly and hands her back to Chloe. Both women cry tears of torment. Nicole dramatically declares she will be here for Holly if ever she needs her and she will be Chloe's friend forever ... Chad explodes when personal comments are made about Andre and the DiMeras. He is done with the gangster behavior. He snaps Sonny should not have made it personal either and storms out. Eavesdroppers Abigail and Gabi decide desperate times call for desperate measures ...

Kate sits alone with her heartbreak at the square ... Dario orders IT Myron to get what he needs and rebuild what was lost. He will pay him triple. Dario also decides to do something to Deimos for stealing from them ... Sonny updates annoyed Deimos on the threats that came out at the meeting. Deimos deduces losers always threaten and whine but WE have Orwell. Sonny notes they need Myron as well. Deimos tells him he got the key and shows him a paper. Sonny takes it and reads ... Nicole cannot reach Deimos so she leaves a message from the pub. She is ordering takeout and wants to spend time alone with him tonight. Dario greets her and urges her to stay away from dangerous Deimos. Something bad might happen. He tells her to change her plans for tonight! He walks away and Nicole does the hitman math. She races off to forewarn Deimos ...

Gabi and Abigail walk outside and decide to work together for a solution that will spare everyone. They blame the device that caused the conflict and agree to destroy it, profits be damned ... Back at DiMera mansion Kate sips a drink and complains to Chad about Ed. Chad the romantic thinks it is not too late for them. Kate disagrees. She is all about business now and just wants their technology back. It belongs to DiMera. Heaven help anyone who thinks otherwise ... Dario has ordered action against Deimos tonight ... Deimos listens to Nicole's heartfelt message at the square and smiles ... Brady bursts into the hospital to confront Chloe, who is close to leaving forever with Holly. She claims she is busy. He blurts out his one question - Is Holly Nicole's baby? Chloe's beautiful eyes flicker ...


Interestingly, Dario is more like Eduardo than he realizes, Sonny is more like Victor than he realizes, and Chad is more like Stefano than he realizes. Three powerful men in the making. Look for Kiriakis in-fighting from Sonny, since Deimos is still only an outsider who blackmailed his way in. As for Gabi and Abigail deciding to destroy the technology the families are fighting over ... why not simply steal it for themselves? Sami sure would!


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, January 19