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Wednesday, January 18, 2017
Episode 13,006
Length:1715 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the square Sonny bumps shopping Abigail and a fierce hug follows. He asks to catch up and Abigail agrees. There is no time like her present ... At the pub Jen apologizes for being so busy and assures son JJ she is so proud. He listens as she gushes about Abigail feeling like she was never gone. She brings up Gabi and he laments he lost his girl forever it seems ... Gabi sits soulfully at the town gate and senses Chad is behind her. He thanks her for helping his brother from the wrath of Deimos. She fears the men were out for blood and worries he would get caught in any vendetta crossfire. Chad grins ... Eric looks out the sunny farmhouse window and mutters the cop must be looking for Hope. Weary Hope will not let him take the heat for her and wonders how he himself escaped from prison. Resourceful Eric announces he has a plan as the knocking intensifies ... Jen is aghast as JJ admits it was about what he did with Lani as well. Jen understands why Gabi would be upset but JJ laments he loves her. Jen feels positive about his promotion. JJ agrees and admits his first case about the dirty dealings down at docks with customs is big. Jen wonders but he will not say more and leaves, thanking her for lunch ... Ed tidies papers in his office. Dario arrives and drops a bombshell. It was Deimos who stole their device. Eduardo is horrified he wrongly accused Kate ... Chad confirms to Gabi there is a situation between DiMera, Titan, and Eduardo. He urges her to stay out of the mess and promises all will end well. Then he goes but Gabi worries ... Meanwhile Abigail pours out her heart to sympathetic Sonny. Gabi's name comes up and Abigail wonders what Sonny knows about her feelings for Chad. Sonny assures Abigail he is here for her as well but can say no more. She asks about his own love life. Is there someone special?

Back in Prague, Rafe ends a call with Shawn, having gotten an update on Hope. Now Paul has an update on the safety deposit box Stefano's key opens. He has the name of the bank. They are on their way ... The cop comes in and notes Eric got out on probation but weeks ago. He suspects he is harboring his fugitive aunt. Eric assures him he can search so he does, in the bedroom where Hope was resting. He looks under the bed as Eric does his best priestly poker face ... Rafe and Paul have gotten ISA clearance to open the box in question at the bank. The bank manager is shown Stefano's picture. He calls him the owner of said box, aka Serge Anatol. Both Rafe and Paul know that was one of his aliases. They get to the box ... Eric helps Hope back to bed. The cop is long gone. She was hiding behind boards in the dining room. Hope asks why he did not go home and gasps what happened? He strokes her tired head and agrees to tell her his story ...

Ed did see Kate searching around his desk. Dario declares she did not take anything. Ed is stunned. Dario states the war between the families is getting to be too much. Detective JJ appears and flashes his badge. He is here to check into allegations of customs officials being bribed. Ed sends his son out of the room ... Sonny muses to intrigued Abigail that he had a romantic midnight moment with Paul. They kissed! However Paul is presently in Europe. Abigail knows it was just the beginning and is so happy for him ... Rafe and Paul check the papers in the box. Rafe stares at the white chess queen piece. How Stefano! He starts to suspect he is playing games whether from the grave or the earth. He comes across a property deed in the area. They find the name of another alias of Stefano on another deed. Rafe intends to follow the leads even if they are being set up by Stefano himself ... Hope smiles at a family photo in her hand. Eric returns with water and lets her know he sent Shawn an untraceable email that she was safe. Hope thanks him. Now she waits to hear his story ... Eric states he was doing time but also counseling in prison, hoping for redemption. Then a visitor came to see him. A detective needed assistance with a mentally unstable girl who wanted to jump to her death. She was willing to speak only with him, remembering him as her priest. And so Eric did the right thing and went to the ledge. Hope is impressed though not surprised since Eric always was a good man. Eric remembers being escorted to floor 39 of the hospital. He flashes back to the tormented young blonde on the ledge. She called him Father Eric. He courageously stepped there with her and asked what she wanted him to do. She cried that he remembered her from the youth gathering. Papa is a politician. She hates him as he committed her. Eric sees the self-inflicted wounds on her arm and calls it a cry for help. He also wants to help and gets closer on the ledge. She refuses to go inside with him so he stays to talk her down. Literally. Back to the now. Hope weeps and praises him. He tells her to wait for the rest ...

Abigail is happy to get a hug from Chad at DiMera mansion. He tells her he was with Gabi to thank her for forewarning him about Andre's run-in. Abigail assures him she does not mind but stops smiling after he kisses her and excuses himself for a call ... Gabi meets Dario at the outdoor square cafe to discuss the impending war. He sternly suggests if she wants to help she should tell her boyfriend to back off from their family business ... Ed denies any wrongdoing. JJ begs to differ and demands answers. Ed reminds him of his own questionable track record with two of his daughters. Detective JJ somberly states he is not done investigating his business dealings at the docks but it is not personal. He saunters out and Ed rubs the nape of his neck, noting it is very personal ... Paul and Rafe return to the hotel. Both having found nothing. The property Paul checked out was abandoned. Rafe woefully wishes he had stayed in Salem for Hope ... Eric flashes back to that ledge on floor 39 of the hospital. The girl sat and called herself a screw-up. Eric let her know he too had made mistakes. But always there is God's love and miracles. He asked her to trust him and take his hand so that they could go inside, She did. Hope takes his hand in the present and he hangs his head ... Gabi gets mad at Dario for asking her to tell her ex what to do, especially when he is a cop. She suggests he and the others who are doing anything wrong should stop before it is too late ... Jen walks at the park on her phone, asking for confirmation on a rumor about the club bribing customs officials. JJ happens by and gives her a dark stare for betraying his confidence ... Back at DiMera mansion Abigail overhears Chad on the phone with Sonny, insisting they sit down to meet with Dario before there is blood. The old school men like Andre and Deimos settle business scores with guns but they need to talk. Chad now calls Dario for a meeting. He is in. Dario warns Gabi not to get involved and goes on his way. She also goes on her way, with fierce footsteps ...

Jen assures JJ she was doing her journalistic duty. But the detective warns her to stay out of the danger and walks away. Jen now works her phone again for all the dirty docks scoop ... Chad, Sonny and Dario confer at the empty club. Chad seeks a fair solution without bloodshed. Sonny too. Suspicious Dario seeks a promise that his and Ed's less powerful company will not be left behind and he wants it in writing. Chad and Sonny's eyes flicker for that is not the DiMera or Kiriakis way ... Meanwhile Abigail and Gabi accidentally meet up at the office they have both sneaked into. Each wonders what the other is doing there ... Rafe has the ISA put surveillance on the two abandoned properties Stefano owned but only has it for 24 hours. Paul notes they need more. Rafe gets back to the topic of Hope, how he worries the cops will shoot before she has a chance to speak ... Shawn gets the email about Hope and wonders where his mom is ... The end of Eric's story is that the girl's father, who helped governed the state, gave him a pardon for saving his daughter. Hope wishes he had gone home. But Eric is bitter and does not believe in goodness anymore. He lied to save the girl is all. Besides his mother has left the country. Hope lets him know why Marlena went to Europe and adds she would love to have him home. Eric snaps to stop talking about his life and leaves her to rest. Hope reaches for her family photo again and her eyes close as it falls from her grasp ...


Ahead on DAYS: Deimos takes matters into his own hands, Brady confronts Chloe, Eduardo wants Kate back and the girls have a backup plan.

A wise CEO once told me that timing is everything. The timing of Rafe receiving never-ending clues that lead to the promise of a Stefano sighting overseas coincides with the timing of Hope's attack and subsequent escape from prison. Hope and Rafe are no longer on the same continent and the Salem cops have carte blanche to shoot her on sight. Tis the kind of timing that would delight not just Stefano but also Andre the divider and conqueror ...

All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, January 18