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Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Episode 13,005
Length:1600 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the pub, Kayla still has doubts about Joey's perfect plan for Jade. Here comes new Jade! She fumes she had a fight with the girl she was staying with so she has to move out. Joey thinks the timing could not be better and takes her by the hand to show her what he means. Kayla sighs in exasperation ... Meanwhile in Prague, city of petulant policemen and retro wallpaper, Austin is on his phone trying to track crazy Anna and her urn. Carrie hates the c word. Austin gets hung up on after he explains the woman he is looking for has an urn in one hand a gun in the other. Carrie cannot reach her missing mother on her phone and cries ... Steve sits in the hotel lobby with Marlena and complains about Anna attempting to interfere. They have been unable to locate her and he is livid she could compromise the investigation. Marlena wants him to calm down. They are both bothered Hope has gone missing and fear for her safety. They glance over at Rafe, who is on a long distance call with Salem ... Rafe is on his phone with Shawn, very worried about the woman he loves. They both want Hope to be found before Raines and his officers who were ordered to use force get to her. Shawn knows his mom would do something to reach Ciara if she was alright. The fact that she has not gives him a bad feeling ...

Sleeping beauty Hope wakes up in a pretty bed. A man with his back now turned has been tending to the wound on her head. He notes she was fortunate to have been found by family and now faces her. Tis Eric, sporting a beard and a serious look in his eye. He assures her she will be safe here. Hope breathes a deep sigh of relief and closes her tired eyes ... Shawn phones Ciara and informs his stressed sister there is nothing new to report. She asks him to meet her at the pub later so they can talk. She wishes her mom was in the hospital ... Eric gently dabs Hope's face. Hope tells him her tale. Eric listens with silent sympathy. He seems to be a different man, a serious soulful man who keeps it all inside and is filled with mistrust. But Hope is family so he trusts her and she trusts him. She wants to know why he has not taken her to the ER, given her head injury. He quips to keep her away from the police and prison ... P.I. Paul updates Rafe, Marlena, Steve, Carrie and Austin with news. It turns out the man they assumed to be Stefano was not him. Rafe suspects it was a trap set up by the real Stefano ... Joey, Jade and Kayla enter the new apartment the teens will be sharing together. Jade is over the moon. Kayla explains she and Steve will pay her rent but there will be rules about studying. Ciara emerges and says hi. Jade snaps what is she doing here. Ciara states she already lives here. There is clearly no love lost between the two ... Rafe rages about Anna. Austin assures Rafe that he and Carrie can certainly locate Anna on their own. Marlena reminds them they are all on the same side and decides to stay at the hotel with Carrie and Austin. Rafe, Steve and Paul are off to spy on that meeting with the arms dealer that might produce Stefano. Who will be there no one really knows ...

After telling Eric her own story, Hope gets tired. She tells him to tell her his story, then shuts her eyes, feeling unwell. Eric watches her with worry. Her head hurts. That is not a good sign. He knows she needs medical attention ... Jade is mad all the teens will be staying under the same roof be there - meaning Theo and Claire too. When she calls Hope a fugitive Ciara says shut up. Jade will either get the loft or room with Claire. She prefers the loft to Claire and her crazy texting. Kayla suggests Joey show her the loft. Once alone with Ciara, she tries to make her feel better about Hope and gives her a hug ... Steve, Paul, and Rafe are set up in an alley beside the meeting place. Resnik is on the inside waiting. The guys remain outside. Paul has live stream of this supposed meeting with Stefano. Rafe asks Steve to check the roof for any snipers ... Back at the farmhouse Hope's head gash does not stop bleeding. Eric gives her something for the pain. Desperate times call for desperate measures ...

Ciara leaves to meet Shawn. Kayla complains to Joey that Jade was insensitive about Hope. Joey claims he considers Jade just a friend now and wants to help her get her life back. Then he will become a guy she used to know. Kayla hopes so but remains concerned ... Back in Prague the Mod Squad wait with bated breath as they watch the hidden camera live stream on Paul's monitor. No Stefano has been spotted so far. Paul now points at footage of an approaching limo. They see someone get out but then Anna runs into the picture with her gun until ... BANG! ANNA STRIKES AGAIN! Paul and Rafe race around the corner from the alley ...

Jade asks Kayla to stay for lunch to show her appreciation. She will fetch turkey sandwiches from the deli. Kayla accepts. Joey wants his worried mother to know he really needs to do right by the girl given what he did to Ava. He feels he deserves no free pass and wants to be a good man ... Meanwhile in Prague, Steve the good man has a gash on his shoulder, which was grazed by Anna's bullet. Rafe brings him back to Carrie and Austin's hotel room with Anna. Marlena takes Steve into the bathroom to wash his wound. Paul remains outside as a lookout, having covered their tracks. Rafe is furious. Anna assures him she too is mad since she missed her mark. Rafe tells Anna to keep quiet but she babbles she was a bad shot because she was holding Tony. Anna wants room service. Carrie wants her to shut up. Austin takes a much needed drink to steal his nerves since he has to deal with mother DiMera again ... Eric decides to sew Hope up himself since there is no other way. She has fallen asleep again. He seems to have given up on God as he did not even mutter a prayer beforehand, unless he no longer prays out loud ...

Anna snaps at Austin she said she was sorry and don't be rude about her Tony remains. She wants revenge against Stefano. After all he is responsible for the death of his son. Austin shouts to stop shooting at people. Anna pouts Rafe took away her gun. Austin has had enough of this Prague misadventure. This time has come to cart mother DiMera home to Switzerland. He and Carrie will take turns staying in the room with her until morning so she does not give them the slip again. Anna sulks ... Steve wants to look for Stefano. Rafe tells him they lost whoever it was cos the luxurious limo sped off when Anna whipped out her gun. Marlena thinks Steve might still need medical attention but he feels fine. Paul rejoins them and points out the coast is clear, there are no cops ... At the Brady pub Shawn tries to talk Ciara out of putting school on hold. She cannot concentrate until Hope is found. He is sympathetic since things are looking bad for them with Hope missing. However, they should take one day at a time until they know more. He suggests he help her finish moving into her new place and they put off the quitting school talk until tomorrow. Agreed. They have not forgotten how hard it was when they lost Bo ...

Eric proceeds to cut a piece of fruit for Hope until ... the sound of someone banging at the front door stops him. The cops! ... Paul calls Kayla about Steve's bullet wound and assures her he is alright. Kayla tells Joey, who senses she wants to see him. He tells her to go to Prague. He will be fine here on his own. Meanwhile back in Prague Steve is mad Paul went and called Kayla behind his heroic back. Rafe now returns from his search of the area with something to show the Mod Squad that might change their luck. Tis the key to a safety deposit box he found on the ground next to where the limo had stopped. Stefano made a mistake! They grin in unison. The game seems to has turned in their favor. For now ...


Ahead on DAYS: Chad summons Sonny and Dario
but a backup plan is needed.

Eric is intriguing and once more has us hungering to hear his story ... Meanwhile there is still no actual Stefano sighting and Anna waving her weapon around supposedly scared off the possible "Stefano" in the limo who conveniently dropped the key to his safety deposit box. Tis a wild good chase to be sure. The real question is not where's Stefano but who is the mastermind of this game and are there any accomplices hint hint!

All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, January 17