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Monday, January 16, 2017
Episode 13,004
Length:1544 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the pub Claire is selfying herself like crazy when Theo sits with her. She lowers her voice and explains she spied Val, who is in the ladies room, and plans to get a damning picture of her with whoever her date is. Theo replies smart Ciara was right so he no longer considers Val a threat. Claire gets catty and reminds him he is supposed to be her boyfriend ... In her room Adrienne reads the online news about the downed Titan freighter. She senses a big story. Justin drops by in his leather jacket for an unannounced visit. He teases her for looking green and holds up two lunch bags to choose from ... Meanwhile at Kiriakis mansion phone Deimos rages about wanting to kill Andre DiMera, ignoring Sonny's suggestion that he stop. Chloe and Nicole have arrived and overhear. Nicole steps forward to confront her fiance over what she heard. Deimos downplays his business talk. Chloe quips he must be in the business of killing people ... Adrienne looks hot in her red silk top. Justin proudly produces a bottle of hot sauce to spice things up. The seafood smell makes her feel sick so he gets out the chicken instead. The cardboard tasting chicken needs hot sauce but all it takes is one squirt to sting his eye. Adrienne attends to him by pouring some water over the burning eye ... Claire suddenly takes selfies of herself and boyfriend Theo and wants to text some to Ciara. Theo becomes impatient with her immature behavior. Kayla comes in and joins lunch date Val. She also greets Theo and Claire, who appear uncomfortable ... Slick Deimos tries to change the subject but Chloe quips she knows what she heard. There could be kids nearby! Nicole sides with her friend. Deimos leers Chloe claims to be concerned about kids but look what she did ... Sonny is unable to stop him. Chloe blinks with worry about what he might know. Nicole asks to talk to her fiance aloooooone. Chloe leaves the living room. Deimos accuses Andre of sinking the Titan freighter. Nicole wants to know what he knows about Chloe, what he is hiding ...

Brady is glad to see Chloe in the foyer and she updates him on what Deimos said. Sonny decides the time has come to take Ari out of the Kiriakis mansion. Things are getting intense and will get worse before they get better. Brady wonders why Chloe came. To see Nicole. Brady concludes she came to talk to Nicole about Holly. He gives her a knowing look ... Theo gets irritated with Claire for ignoring him and caring only about her selfies and the comments they get. She snaps he sounds like he thinks she is shallow. Theo thinks what she is doing is shallow indeed. Claire pouts he is being mean. He sighs and she agrees to turn off her phone but one unexpected comment horrifies her. It is a racist comment about their photo. Theo rages he is going to reply. Val the wise woman suggests he wait ... Sonny takes Ari to Adrienne. He is surprised to find Justin in her room, as they laugh like the old days. She goes out with her granddaughter and Sonny wonders whether something changed. Justin pauses to answer a call from Lucas, whom he agrees ought to take Adrienne to her next chemo appointment, They are getting along well. After the call, Sonny voices his surprise that his father and his mom's fiance sound so chummy. Justin explains they are on the same side and are doing it for Adrienne's sake. They need no more fighting. Sonny sighs that a new fight went and found them thanks to Deimos ... Nicole does not consider murder an acceptable business practice. Deimos makes light of his words. Nicole exclaims Chloe heard and could keep the kids from her. Deimos notes she needs to be with Holly and promises to give her her miracle family after they are married. Nicole urges him not to go after Andre and incite more violence. Naturally he humors her and hugs her with his promise. However, he does slyly suggest she should not trust Chloe ... Brady waits for Chloe to tell him the truth and assures her he wants to help her do the right thing. She feels woozy and suddenly faints but he catches her in his arms like a soap hero ...

Brady summons Dr. Kayla as Chloe is put on the couch. Nicole is at her friend's side. Deimos grimaces ... Back at the pub, Val believes it is best to ignore ignorant haters altogether or reply as a team but take time to carefully word said reply. Val knows love is stronger than hate. Theo and Claire are touched by her support and agree to do just that. Theo decides to stay as he has something to say to Val ... Kayla checks out the patient who fled the hospital while too feeble. She wants to take Chloe to the hospital away from this place where she can almost smell the stress. Chloe is awake. Nicole assures her she will see her at the hospital soon and asks her to hug sweet girl Holly for her. Deimos rolls his angry eyes. Brady stares with intensity ... Sonny has told Justin all about Ed and Dario igniting the war over the ground breaking technology, the fact that Deimos and Victor are also involved as they also wanted it from Andre ... Adrienne returns and wonders what happened. Justin advises her to let it go. Sonny agrees and excuses himself to daughter Arianna. Adrienne asks Justin to come by for another food date following her next chemo session. He states Lucas will be with her then. Then the time after that, says she. Agreed. She thanks him and they hug. Justin exits her room a happy man. Adrienne smiles with stars in her eyes ... Nicole wonders what made Chloe collapse. Brady explains she heard Deimos bellowing bloody murder. Deimos overreacts again. Nicole wants to see Holly at the hospital with Chloe. Brady offers to drive her ... Deimos promises to be good and embraces his fiance ... Nancy takes Holly to the hospital to see Chloe the returned patient, who seems to have changed her tune about telling Nicole the truth. Ever. Holly's girlish gurgles fill the room ...

Before leaving the pub Claire apologizes to Val for acting like a hater ... At the hospital Nicole tells Brady she will not choose between Deimos and Chloe but she loves seeing Holly. She asks what he knows. Kayla interrupts and notes the Salem patient needs to rest. Nancy is with her so only one patient at a time. Brady sincerely hopes Nicole will get her answers but stops short of telling her, as it is not his place ... Nicole goes in and Nancy protests her presence. The baby sleeps and Chloe opens her tired eyes. She tells her mom they must speak in private so Nancy steps out. Nicole gushes about Holly the miracle baby girl and asks what she wanted to tell her so badly. Chloe fibs she wanted to warn her about how dangerous Deimos is but now she has heard it from his lips so ... Meanwhile Brady broods outside the room. He is caught between a rock and a hard place ...

Salem Spectator owner Adrienne calls about investigating the Titan sinking story. It sounds almost as catastrophic as the Titanic ... Justin reappears and she asks him to stay while she sleeps. He takes off her shoes and gets her comfy on the couch but he looks worried about what lies ahead. No smooth sailing in Salem ... Theo gushes he appreciates Val being so good about what went down. He announces he no longer minds if she should decide to stay in Salem. She thanks him sweetly ... Chloe suddenly looks like she is on the verge of confessing to Nicole but then she sees Deimos texting her and politely apologizes. Nicole is happy holding Holly and suggests they refrain from speaking about Deimos. She feels her friend will eventually come around and she will have it all. Meanwhile Nancy warns Brady to keep Deimos at bay from her daughter or else she will treat him accordingly! ... Sonny returns to Deimos and states he is against retaliation. Innocents will be caught in the crossfire ...Deimos the cutthroat Kiriakis leers it is too late. This is already all-out WAR and everyone is IN.


Ahead on DAYS: Carrie and Austin are frantic to find Anna before she fires her gun. Too late! Hope realizes Eric was her hero.

How lovely to see Theo realizing sweet Val is on his side. Addressing ignorance on Martin Luther King Jr. Day was timely too. In Kiriakis world we are now looking at in-fighting as Sonny is a lover but Deimos is a fighter. Deimos will be shown up for his cold side while Sonny will shine ... and then the gals do some good, meaning Abigail and Gabi, the more profound princesses of Salem. Stay Salem tuned!

All the drama in Salem on Monday, January 16