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Friday, January 13, 2017
Episode 13,003
Length:1600 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the pub JJ presses Gabi for some answers. She denies Dario and Ed have bent the rules different than anyone else in Salem. JJ now knows he did something illegal. Gabi insists Ed has changed. JJ refers to his illustrious history. Gabi snaps to drop it ... Abigail is sitting at the park when Dario appears, pleased she has come out of hiding. She just went shopping for Thomas. He asks about things with Chad. So far so good albeit a tad slow. She feels badly about blackmailing him out of fear of being found before but Dario understands. He also hopes the damsel in distress will say nothing about his microchips. Chad happens by and suspiciously stops, growling what is going on here ... Deimos cannot kick Andre out without Andre warning him he shall pay the price for wot he did ... Nicole sits at the town square by the Horton plaque and happily plans her wedding flowers over the phone. She sighs white roses were to be for Daniel ... Nancy walks into Chloe's room and asks if her wide eyed awake daughter is able to hear her. Chloe stares into space. When she whispers mom Nancy is relieved but when she asks for her baby her face falls ... Nicole is now reading a magazine at the square when she sees a woman with a baby girl. She acts happy but feels the loss of little Holly from her life ... Gabi suggests JJ is being spiteful. The Deveraux denies it as he was ordered to this case. His superior refused to accept his conflict of interest excuse. JJ warns her he must and will investigate thoroughly. Gabi haughtily excuses herself to go to Sonny's ... Things get ruder between Andre and Deimos until Sonny intervenes. Andre updates Sonny on his prototype being his property that Deimos stole! Sonny looks at Deimos, who laughs he will not give it back with a bow. Andre seethes he had his chance. However he turned him down which means all bets are off. Sonny watches the two dangerous men face off with fury. Deimos wonders if that is a threat. Indeed. Gabi comes in time to hear Sonny threatening to get the police and decides to take Arianna to another room. Deimos talks consequences. Andre is not afraid and cackles the Kiriakis clan is weak without Victor. Deimos denies it. Andre laughs Sonny is a boy scout with good cheek bones. Gabi overhears Andre being warned by Deimos he will end up a squashed bug as she comes back downstairs ...

Dario acts glad Chad and Abigail are together. Chad gets sarcastic. Abigail insists he was the one who wanted her to come home to her family. Chad now gets a call from Gabi about Andre being in danger with Deimos so he takes off without explaining ... Meanwhile almost mom Nicole remembers the day Chloe offered to be her surrogate so she would have her miracle baby. Alas it was not meant to be. Nicole blinks back to reality and looks at her engagement ring. But still she mourns ...The doctor thinks things look well for Chloe but more tests are needed. Nancy is over the moon. Chloe weakly repeats she wants her baby. Nancy admits she took her to Chicago to be with Craig and Parker. Chloe has fuzzy memories of a snowstorm and being in labor. Nicole delivered the baby. Nancy informs her of the high blood pressure putting her in a coma. She shows her a picture of Parker and the baby to put her mind at ease. Parker just loves little Holly. Chloe now remembers Nicole named her after she asked her to. Nancy wants to know whether she knows why. Because Holly is Nicole's baby not hers. Fancy Nancy breathes a sigh of relief but Chloe's first reaction to her follow up suggestion she tell the truth is a firm NO. Nancy is surprised. Chloe wants more time though Nancy notes it is urgent before things come back to haunt them. Chloe demands she clarify. Nancy notes Brady seems to suspect Nicole is the baby's mother. Deimos could be involved. Brady even tried to secretly swab Holly's DNA! Chloe is shocked. Nancy assures her she switched the swab but Brady is not giving up. She suggests her daughter tell Nicole before dangerous Deimos does.

Abigail agrees Dario's microchips are not Chad's concerns and hopes they will stay friends. He teases there is a wait list due to his popularity. She hits him with a giggle and is glad she saw him. She thanks him for his earlier help with her panic attack and he smiles no big deal. She smiles his secret is safe with her and walks away. He watches after her ... Andre and Deimos talk tough as Gabi listens at the living room doors. Chad arrives and insists Gabi go. He will get Arianna out soon. He now enters for Andre and Deimos tells him Andre did not play nice. Andre snaps someone stole his toys and alludes to things becoming less civil, since Deimos has behaved badly. Gangster Deimos does not seem to realize Andre is a snake who strikes more than he postures. Action shall be swift ..

JJ sips his coffee at the pub as sister Abigail joins him with a friendly greeting. JJ wants nothing to eat and she notices he is distracted. He unhappily talks things being tense with Gabi. Abigail assumes the problem was her and/or Chad. JJ pouts about his promotion and tells her his new conflict of interest case involves some shipments at the docks concerning the Hernandez and Kiriakis clans. Abigail suddenly changes the subject to the menu ... Sonny seeks an explanation. He deduces Deimos stole Andre's technology as accused. Deimos does not deny it. Sonny snaps there should be no secrets within the clan. Deimos boasts how lucrative the microchips Dario got from that handbag turned out to be. Tis super hacking technology called the Orwell. Sonny suggests it could be dangerous. Deimos notes the DiMeras discovered it but they intercepted it. Sonny wonders what comes next. Deimos believes they will somehow get out the bugs Andre had not trusted anyone to get out and announces this will be their new dynasty. Nicole appears and asks what she walked in on ...

Nancy speaking of retaliation from Deimos gives Chloe stress. Chloe cries she has to hold her baby one more time. Nancy reminds her the baby belongs to Nicole. Chloe cries she knows but needs to see her and wants this to end. Nancy agrees ... Chad blasts Andre at the mansion for going gangster on Deimos. Andre tells him he knows Deimos stole his technology and his prototype will work. He intends to do what he must to retrieve it. Chad urges him not to be rash. Exit Andre to make a mysterious call. Abigail enters and wonders. Chad tries to tell her all is well with a hug but dangerous music plays ... Deimos flirts with his fiancee and distracts her with a kiss. Sonny steps away. Deimos feels life is beautiful and gushes it will get even better ... Chloe cannot remember Nicole's phone number at the hospital. The nurse leaves to get medication for the confused patient so she unhooks herself to make her great escape. She needs to see Nicole now ...

Back at DiMera mansion, Master Chad admires the boss baby clothes for Thomas. Abigail innocently asks why Gabi called him. He admits it was about Andre arguing at the Kiriakis mansion. He feels he was acting wrong. Abigail worries about Sonny, about what would happen with more bad blood between the two fierce families. Chad reassures her and mentions trying a new restaurant tonight. She offers to cook for him instead. He gushes he will give the chef the night off ... Alone again, Sonny asks Deimos about his wedding plans. Deimos now gets a call that makes him exclaim WHAT. Sonny frowns and wonders. Deimos rages one of their ships was sabotaged and all cargo lost. They immediately suspect Andre. Deimos vows revenge. Sonny gets worried look on his face. They are inching closer to an all out war ... Gabi summons Dario to the park and warns him JJ might be onto him. She updates him on the investigation. Dario is enraged. Gabi begs him to withdraw before it is too late ... Ding dong! Nicole opens the Kiriakis door to woozy Chloe. She is elated she is awake but nervously notices the hospital bracelet. Chloe announces there is something big she needs to tell her now, never mind that she fled the hospital without getting a discharge. Nicole waits to hear her big news ... Abigail asks Chad what he would like. He says a surprise so with a smile she heads to the kitchen and reminds him not to peek. Alone, Chad sits on the sofa with a sigh and reaches out to Gabi with a thank you text. She reads it at the park and touches her hair with a smile ... Chloe starts to stammer but then notices Nicole's new engagement ring. That is not Daniel's ring! Nicole gushes she and Deimos are engaged. She hopes she will find it in her heart to be happy for her. Chloe decides she needs to sit down after all. Nicole opens the doors to the living room as Deimos rages on the phone about wanting to kill Andre DiMera with his own hands. The two woman soap stare ...



All the drama in Salem on Friday, January 13