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Thursday, January 12, 2017
Episode 13,002
Length:1503 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the club, Dario is ready to get to work to give the appearance of a regular establishment. Ed arrives and quietly rages Myron's drive was stolen right from under his nose in the office after he stepped out. In addition, all the data they had transferred from the microchips was erased. Everything they had is gone! Dario cannot believe it and wants to know who was lurking. Ed admits he left Kate alone for a while ... At her cafe table Kate flashes back to Andre ordering her to steal back his microchips or else Eduardo would pay the price. Her eyes are soft with sorrow ... At the Kiriakis mansion Maggie wins another game of scrabble with semi-retired Victor. Nicole and Deimos waltz in with their engagement announcement ... Meanwhile Brady speaks to coma Chloe as she sleeps. He starts to tell her how bad it will be for her that she hid Nicole's baby from her and alludes to Deimos being dangerous. Then he snaps and shouts at her to wake up. Nancy runs in and wonders why he is shouting. Brady bellows she knows exactly why so she bans him from any further visits. Brady is now officially off the approved visitation list... Jump Street JJ has his first investigative assignment - to find out what Club TBD's real business is. Real restaurants do not secretly ship handbags with murky manifestos ... Maggie admires the classic vintage ring Nicole has on her finger. Deimos drawls his fiancee is also classic. The gals excitedly go to update Henderson the manservant. Victor makes a snide remark about Nicole becoming a Kiriakis again and Deimos deduces he does not approve. Victor wants to discuss Daniel and his manly memory. He notes Dan was not the kind of man a woman would ever forget ... Nancy returns to Chloe's side and cries with stress over her Holly secret. It is unfair to keep Nicole's baby from her. However, she will continue to put her daughter's best interest first ... Dario is furious that Ed permitted himself to be played by the likes of Kate Roberts. Ed would rather not believe it. As Dario rages Gabi enters and overhears. She assumes Ed and Dario stole something from Kate and Chad. The girl glares daggers at her dad as Dario becomes broody in the background ...

At the station JJ states he was hoping to help find Hope. Raines refuses and snaps he has to know what Hernandez has been smuggling into the USA. He warns the young detective to tell no one of the investigation ... Back at the club Dario wants his sister to butt out of their business. Ed explains he will talk to her and Dario storms out. Gabi sighs she was under the impression her father was finally going legit. He notes he did not have enough funds, hence his one-off move to make money for the business he knows will make la familia proud of their name. He points out he also wants to give Arianna all the things he was unable to give his kids. Gabi accuses him of stealing and actually shaming the Hernandez name ... Meanwhile hot head Dario calls amused Andre and demands a meeting ...

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Deimos agrees Daniel was a terrible loss. Victor insults Chloe and concludes she might keep Parker from Nicole if they marry. Deimos gets mad and rages Chloe has no right to keep Nicole from any child ... Now that they have shared the happy news with Henderson, Nicole and Maggie chat in the foyer. They discuss Daniel and Nicole confesses Deimos cannot ever replace him in her heart. Maggie says the same about Mickey. Nicole knows Deimos comes with ... baggage but Maggie thinks she should just be happy. Nicole cries she lost her dreams of a family with Daniel. Maggie assures her she will have new dreams as Mrs. Deimos Kiriakis. The women share an emotional embrace. Enter Brady, having overheard. Maggie excuses herself to attend to brunch. Brady suggests the engagement was sudden. Nicole insists it is what she wants so he gives her a bland hug and lies about it being a good thing. Nicole thinks his hug was not real so he gives her a real one. She gasps she needs his support. Deimos appears and says the same ...

Back at the club, Ed argues an opportunity came his way. What he did is no different than what the Kiriakis and DiMera clans do daily. Gabi wants a better kind of life than dirty business dealings. Ed will not do it again. This was his first hard step in making their lives great. He now excuses himself as he has somewhere to go. Gabi pouts at her table. JJ now calls her about an important matter. He must see her to speak about something involving her family ... At the park a powerful meeting is about to happen. Dario vs. Andre! Dario pulls a gun on him and talks tough. Andre smirks his usual condescending mmmm to the hot head who has grossly overestimated his ability to play in the big leagues ... Deimos kisses Nicole as Brady grimaces. Nicole gushes she has to tell Chloe her good news. Once she is gone, Brady updates Deimos on Nancy banning him. Deimos growls he will get her out of the way and takes a call. Brady gets a bad feeling and feels a twinge in his heart. The noble heart that once belonged to Dan ...

At the pub JJ tips Gabi off about papa Ed and brother Dario being investigated for smuggling down at the docks ... Meanwhile Dario demands what Kate stole from them on Andre's behalf. Andre notes it belonged to him before Ed stole it and knows not where the device is. Dario threatens to shoot him until Andre's henchman appears with a gun on him accompanied by a not so subtle warning. Andre leers let this be a lesson about wading into deep wata. He elegantly departs ... Brady now sees Maggie. Baby it's cold outside ... Brady admits he yearns to protect Nicole the way Daniel would want him to. The redhead can relate. However, she believes Dan would be happy for Nicole. She hopes in her heart of hearts that Deimos has changed for real ...

Nicole tells coma Chloe she is marrying Deimos. She misses Chloe and Holly too, the sweetest girl in the world. She wishes Nancy would let her see her ... Andre approaches Kate at the cafe. He praises her for angry Dario told him the drive with their data was stolen. He laughs he even had a gun. Mission accomplished! Kate declares she did not do it she simply could not. Andre wonders then who ... Kate points out only one other person was aware of what was happening. The snake set out to destroy them ... Deimos the snake smugly pours the bubbly for a toast with brother Victor. He boasts about his underhanded acquisition for Titan and tells him he stole the hard drive, but has not had it decoded yet. Hernandez was smuggling some kind of valuable data. Victor warns him Hernandez was an assassin before. Deimos reasons Ed was wrong to use Titan to smuggle. He cackles he can now watch the fireworks. So he thinks ...

When Deimos is later alone, Andre enters the Kiriakis mansion and accuses him of theft. Deimos states he is busy with engagement plans ... Andre insists he stole his property and that technology is the future of the DiMera company and family! Naturally he will do what he must to retrieve it. He stares at him with cold eyes ... At the pub Gabi plays dumb. JJ warns her this will blow up so she should tell him what she knows. He senses she is keeping something from him ... Ed confronts Kate at the park and calls her out for never caring. She understands what he means but she did nothing in that matter. She reminds him he stole from DiMera. Kate cannot say who did it so he calls her cowardly. In the end she storms off. It seems the romance went sour before it started ... At the square soulful Brady is walking and wondering why hates the idea of Nicole marrying Deimos so much ...

Back at the hospital, Nicole informs her sleeping friend that Deimos loves her and she loves him. She implores Chloe to wake up for her, for Parker, for Holly who needs her mama. She regrets Nancy not letting her see the sweet baby she named and notes she must move on. Then she kisses Chloe on the forehead and woefully walks out. All of a sudden Chloe's eyes fly open. Back at long last! Dangerous drums play ...


Ahead on Days of Our Lives:
Chloe is wide awake! Deimos and Andre go gangster on one anotha. Chad sees Abigail with Dario. Gabi helps JJ in his investigation.


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, January 12