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Wednesday, January 11, 2017
Episode 13,001
Length:1460 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the club Deimos toasts Nicole with champagne thankful for her love. She appreciates his understanding of her Holly heartbreak but this is about them! Nicole decides she is done with the Chloe drama and feels she should not obsess over being a mom to Holly since her old pal is unable to wake up. Deimos thinks she should not let go. Nicole wonders ... Anna is aghast that Steve and Rafe left her and Marlena at the Prague police station. Marlena lectures her and hopes the fellas find Stefano before he vanishes. Anna fears they might vanish unless someone comes to save them. Enter Carrie and Austin. Carrie sarcastically smiles about her surprise finding her here ... Rafe and Steve are waiting for details from Resnik on Stefano's arms deal. They discuss what happened to Hope, unaware of the latest development ... Back in Salem, Shawn and Ciara help Kayla at the pub. Detective Raines arrives with a search warrant. Hope escaped. This is the first they have heard of it! But he will find nothing here to help his case ... Hope jumps up from the dumpster and punches out Hattie's helper, who falls to the ground out cold ... Anna implores her legal eagle daughter to help them. Marlena worries about the baby being left. Austin assures her they have an excellent nanny. Carrie is cross at Anna for ending up in such a jail again! Marlena explains why they are searching for Stefano. Austin hopes they find him to help Hope. Carrie will get them released. They wish Anna would stop firing her gun at people and be more of a grandmother to the grandson she hardly visits ...

Nicole concludes Nancy is acting too extreme keeping her from Holly. Deimos being with her reminds her they are on a date and she goes to powder her nose so they can dance. Once alone Deimos makes a call concerning Brady. He demands they have someone from Chicago follow Nancy so he can find an opening and get the DNA he needs to prove that is Nicole's baby! Nicole returns as a slow song plays and asks Mr. Kiriakis for a dance. They slow dance and he eyes her with intensity. She thinks this is perfect. He calls her perfect! She notes they are perhaps perfect together and he holds her closer. He emotionally vows to take away all her past hurt and give her the world. Anything is possible. She shuts her eyes and smiles ... Paul returns with an update for Rafe and Steve at the European hotel. He tells them the off the beaten path restaurant where the meeting with Stefano will take place. Paul has his equipment and Rafe suggests a rooftop sniper. He wants Stefano dead or alive in Salem ... Kayla cannot believe Hope broke out of prison. Raines searched high and low in the pub but found nothing. Shawn disagrees his mother poses a danger to anyone. Raines threatens to charge them if they help her. In his book the Bradys are done making up the Salem laws as they go along .. Hattie's helper stands up. He claims he wanted to help his friend is all. Hope assumes he is Sheila and Coco's man and tries to lift a rock. However she is too frail to fight, and doubles over, still feeling pain from the knife wound she sustained in the slammer. He soap stares ...

Deimos walks Nicole to the square, where they are aloooone. He wants to continue that slow dance ... The gang are relieved when Carrie informs Marlena and Anna that she got them released though Anna was released into HER custody this time. She is coming to Switzerland! Marlena embraces Carrie and Austin and heads back to the Stefano adventure. Anna refuses to leave unless Tony is with her. Austin and Carrie look at her like she is a loon ... Shawn is shocked by the fact that Hope fled. Kayla cannot comprehend it either ... Meanwhile on the outside Hope tries to hit the helper with the rock, then falls and hits her head, effectively knocking herself out. Chet had no chance to explain he was actually on Hattie's side ...

Contact man Rafe updates Paul and Steve on Anna and Marlena. Steve gets a call from Kayla and explains they were just checking out a location where Stefano is expected to make an arms deal. Kayla has to tell him that Hope is on the lam. Steve calls it crazy and Rafe takes over the call. He wants to know how it happened. They do not know the details but the news came from Raines. Rafe wants Shawn on the phone and barks what the hell happened. He suspects she was scared. Shawn did not expect her to try and escape. Rafe shouts at him for not being able to read her better ... Chet sees blood and starts to panic. He begs Hope not to die and fears he will be blamed. Then he bolts ... When Nicole gushes she could dance with Deimos forever he asks her to marry him. He reasons they make the perfect happy couple who could not find happiness until they found one another. She is the most beautiful woman he ever met inside and out. Now that she loves him back, there is no need to wait! Nicole melts as he promises to give her the world and make her happy forever. He urges her to say yes. She blinks a few tears and smiles yes she will marry him. Then they kiss in soap bliss not once but twice. Deimos suddenly realizes he has no ring for this perfect night. Time to change that ... Carrie sighs Tony is not alive anymore and Austin confirms it. Anna wants his ashes back from the Prague policeman. Carrie will look into it ... Shawn suggests Rafe stop yelling. Ciara takes the phone and insists Shawn could not have done a thing as no one saw it coming. Rafe thinks something spooked Hope after he saw her. Ciara suggests he focus on finding Stefano and Rafe agrees. After the call Ciara admits she is also afraid for her missing mom. Very afraid ...

Deimos drags Nicole toward a boutique that sells antique jewelry. She notes they are closed but he steps away to do something about it, feeling magical ... Carrie hands Tony's ashes to Anna, who hugs her in gratitude. Carrie quietly urges Austin to humor her mother but he hates how she treats her daughter. When they turn around Anna has already taken off ... Meanwhile Marlena returns to Rafe and Steve with an update on Anna. They have an update on the arms deal meeting for Stefano. But there is more. Rafe sighs Hope escaped from prison. Steve solemnly states there is a manhunt in Salem. Rafe worries the cops would be willing to capture the fugitive dead or alive ... Shawn assures Ciara and Kayla he can track down Hope, Salem PD be damned. Then he will hide her until they have Stefano ... Hope is lying alone unconscious outside, blood on her head. It is cold. She needs a hero ...

Deimos gets Janet the jeweler to come to the square with antique rings. He tells Nicole to choose one, the one that she really wants. Nicole is overwhelmed and chooses a classic. Deimos promises the check tomorrow. Janet wishes them happiness and gives them their privacy. Deimos now gets down on his knees and asks Nicole to marry him, promising to make all her dreams come true. She cries yes and he places the ring on her finger. Then they kiss ... Shawn growls he is going home to get his gun. Kayla cannot talk him out of taking action. Ciara goes after him, agreeing all the way ... P.I. Paul informs Marlena they will be watching and assume Stefano will not have any people to protect him. Steve states he spent all his money already and could not send home for more. However they must not be cocky cos this could be their last chance ... Rafe calls Raines and accuses him of not giving Hope a fair shake. He is horrified when he hears Raines authorized the law to use force with the fugitive. Roman was not allowed any involvement ... Meanwhile sleeping beauty Hope is still on her back in the cold. A gloved hero whose face is not shown gently lifts her from the ground ...


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Andre and Deimos. Tempers flare! Dario finds out the device is gone. JJ wants to grill Gabi. Brady has a very telling reaction.


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, January 11