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Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Episode 13,000
Length:1465 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At DiMera mansion as Chad finishes working on his computer, Abigail explains Jen has asked for Thomas for the night. She will take him over. Chad roguishly grins he is glad they will be aloooooone. He suggests they dine out together. It has been a long time since they had a date. Abigail the waif would like that. He takes her in his arms and kisses her on the head as she smiles with stars in her eyes ... In the prison yard Hattie warns Hope that Sheila and Coco are conspiring to kill her. It is no game. She huffs and puffs as she exercises to prepare for the impending rumble ...Meanwhile in Prague Rafe curses after a call from Shawn informing him that Hope decided to head back to prison. This means she is in peril. Rafe tells Steve and adds that clock is ticking faster. Steve assures him they will get Stefano soon ... Marlena is stunned that Anna actually attempted to shoot the man they suspect of being Stefano. Anna considers herself something of a Stefano hunter. Marlena quips she almost shot John's son! Anna is confused as she had not heard of Paul. Marlena is confused by her logic. Anna talks as if Tony were alive and explains she is doing this as revenge!

Hattie wants Hope to go back to the infirmary until Rafe captures Stefano. Hope offers to track Alfi's watch and find him for Hattie to get her released. She plans to procure a list of all who bought that classic pocket watch model from Geneva. Hattie fumes about how Alfi romanced and wronged her. She mentions his accent she could not identify. Suspicious Hope gets more interested by the minute ... Elegant Andre arrives at the mansion to meet with Chad about a certain matter. He complains about Dr. Evans and her one eyed sleuth hunting for Stefano in Europe. He wonders whether Chad heard from them cos if fatha is alive he has been stealing from the company, as per Kate's audit. In addition he set him up to rot in prison for a crime he did not commit. He calls it betrayal and warns cavalier Chad that DiMera could be destroyed ... Anna has what is left of her beloved Tony in an urn she carries around in her coat. Marlena thinks she needs help. Anna would rather see Stefano in an urn. Marlena tries to talk her out of killing Stefano. Anna snaps nothing will stop her and threatens to shoot HER if she stands in her way. She wobbles with the gun on her ...

Hope and Hattie's Alfi discussion ends when Hattie is summoned to kitchen duty. The lady guard warns Hope that Coco and Sheila want her dead. Hope asks to borrow her phone and calls a number she has written on a piece of paper. Hope asks Herr Groffman to supply her with a list of all who bought a certain Geneva pocket watch model ... At Horton house Jen gushes about getting Thomas for the night. She knows Abigail is nervous and gives her daughter a pep talk about love. Abigail notes nothing has been normal for her and Chad. Jen tells her tonight is the start of her new normal and it will be wonderful ... Chad puts on his coat and informs Andre he is meeting Abigail. Andre coos he likes that and wants them to work it out. Chad accuses his cold hearted brother of only using her. Andre admits he did at first but then he grew to admire her courage. He cares about her and can see why Chad would fall for her. He is fortunate the feelings he has for her remain reciprocated. Chad dismisses him as insane and takes his leave to be with Abigail. Now alone Andre giggles just you wait little brotha ...

Hope is horrified to hear that one of the names on the list of the Geneva pocket watch purchasers is one Andre DiMera ... On their date at the club Abigail and Chad attempt to converse. When they discuss parenting he mentions Gabi being a good parent and then stops what he was saying. Abigail gushes she is glad he can talk openly to her. Chad gazes at her fair face and suavely suggests wine ... Back at Horton house Jenny is showing the baby Thomas the Horton family photos displayed in her living room. Thomas chirps with excitement when she mentions his mommy. Jen now stops and sighs she is strong just like Hope, whom she worries about in prison ... Back in Prague. Rafe reasons he should go home to help Hope. Steve suggests he focus on finding Stefano first. Rafe drawls he is doing that. Steve wants no in-fighting. Just get the bastard ... Marlena manages to talk Anna down and the widow hands her the gun. Marlena mutters they might have lost Stefano forever thanks to her warning shot ... Back in Salem Hope is chloroformed from behind after dropping her shreds of paper in the garbage. She loses consciousness and collapses.

At the club, Chad admires Abigail placing oysters in her mouth as he eats his hamburger. She seductively states he makes her strong. They talk about love. She lets him know she did what she did out of love and still loves him. Chad starts to say he also ... then stops. The guarded DiMera who does not want his heart broken again solemnly states he wants her to be herself again - the woman he fell in love with and wants to fall in love with again. Abigail appears disappointed he did not make an actual declaration of love ... Anna complains to a nearby cop that Marlena stole her gun from her. He is aware of the attempted shooting and assumes Marlena did it. Marlena argues it was actually Anna. Paul arrives, having been outrun by the Stefano lookalike, as the cop arrests Anna as well as Marlena ... Hattie puts Hope in a dumpster. After she closes the lid Chet the employee emerges from the kitchen and wonders what she is hiding ...

Paul calls from the station to summon Steve. He and Rafe are on their way. Anna pouts at the policeman, demanding her Tony and a phone call. Paul warns her not to try and make demands now The Prague policeman with the French accent suggests she take her friend's advice ... Abigail assures Chad that she is not taking anything for granted. They enjoy their wine and each others' company. A romantic song starts to play. Chad wants to dance with her the way soap heroes do when there is no one else on the dance floor ... Jen shows baby Thomas a picture of Jack and tells him about their endless love. She emotionally explains Tom and Alice showed them how love should be ... Meanwhile Chad and Abigail slow dance to a song with the chorus "because you are mine." He holds her close as it ends and their eyes lock. Their lips long to follow ..

After a while Chad and Abigail return to the mansion. But he does not invite her to his bedroom. Instead he bids her goodnight. Abigail is disappointed ... Steve and Rafe get to the station in time. Paul and Marlena update them on Anna's actions. Steve is incensed she interfered. Rafe does not trust her and refers to her kidnapping history. Steve assures his partner they will still somehow find Stefano ... Hattie wants help getting Hope out, so she flirts with smitten Chet. He pushes the dumpster away and Hattie goes with him. As far as she can ... The Prague policeman tells the two ladies to come with him for processing. Rafe calls in a favor. Paul cannot comprehend how he could lose Stefano. Steve notes if he outran him he must have gotten more spry. Steve now gets a call from Resnik the blonde beauty, who made contact with their Stefano. She set up a meeting cos the man wants to deal arms ... The prison is in lockdown and Hattie is as happy as a clam. She wishes Hope a bon voyage wherever she is ... Abigail stands at Chad's closed door in her peach negligee. She longs to go inside as the romantic song "Because you are mine" plays in her head. At the other side of the door, Chad soulfully sits on his grand bed alone, thinking about love ...


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