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Episode 13,788
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Chad and Abigail are on their laptops on the bed. He wonders why no contact from Stefano and whether he even agreed to meet Kristen … Stefano rages to Kristen he is not Steve, he is Stefano DiMerrrra. She calls it a joke and tries to kick him out. Father phoenix reasons she came back as Nicole so why can he not be Steve … At the pub Kate is online looking for something on Evan and informs Roman she will save Sonny and Will’s marriage … Inmate Will reads a letter from Ari and sighs he misses her as well … Clyde whispers to Ben he either can die here or live on the outside with Ciara … Ciara urges Victor to help her. Xander wants her out of his room. She threatens to tell Maggie about what she heard. Victor asks her to wait and tells Xander the time has come to enlighten her …

Ben wants no part of Clyde’s plan. Clyde warns he is as good as dead but Ben believes Ciara will save him with the truth … Victor informs Ciara he and Xander did send someone innocent to the slammer. She wants Hope here and fumbles with her phone. Xander disagrees and explains it is not about Ben … Kristen wonders how it could be. Stefano informs her Rolf implanted his consciousness into Steve’s body. She starts to laugh. He assures her there is even more …

Roman questions suspicious Kate, who calls Evan the interloper. She believes Sonny and Will shall overcome. She asks Roman to do a background check. Jealous waitress Hattie watches them with their heads close together … Chad senses Stefano could get through to Kristen cos he was always her idol. He sighs he has no other option … Kristen accuses Steve of an undercover sting. Rolf is a genius but … she would need proof. He puts on his ring and quips the phoenix has risen … Abigail gets back on the bed and assures Chad she is on his side. He asks what she is working on. Ben lost his last appeal today. Chad is not sorry but Abigail wonders what if he is innocent … Clyde doubts Ciara will produce any miracle and begs Ben to let him proceed with plan B … Ciara is confused. Victor clarifies. He and Xander were referring to Will Horton … Will tapes Ari’s picture of the family to the wall though he believes he belongs in the slammer … Roman suggests Kate might never find anything on Evan. Hattie interrupts and asks the latest on he who shall not be named … Drums play as Kristen takes a closer look at the ring. Tis still not sufficient proof! Her guest refuses to go. She starts to call security. Stefano reminds her this was all her idea. She pauses … Roman asks Kate if she discussed Stefano with Hattie, who is sorry she spilled. Kate just shared that the cops were looking for him and had questioned her. Hattie calls Stefano Count Chocula. Roman solemnly states he should stay away from Salem and goes to the kitchen. Kate reminds Hattie no one is supposed to talk about the secret mission. Hattie admits she was afraid Stefano would come after her …

Stefano Steve states Rolf saved him from the fire. Kristen gasps it cannot be. He refers to the door marked SD in that warehouse. She cries why did he not come to her before he made contact with Chad … Abigail as a reporter has questions. She also feels for Ciara losing the man she loves … Ben cares not for Clyde’s plan B and believes Victor Kiriakis will come through for Ciara. Clyde calls him crazy for risking it cos they could go south and he could be with Ciara. Enter curious Will … Ciara reminds Victor that Will is in prison for killing Adrienne. She then wonders whether Victor and Xander caused her death and let Will take the fall. They deny it so she demands to know who killed Adrienne. Xander and Victor let her know she has been wasting her time assuming they know who killed Jordan … Clyde and Will exchange words. Ben thinks that is enough. Clyde claims Will ain’t worth the bother, suggests Ben consider what he said, and leaves. Will wonders what he meant … Chad holds his drink in bed and sighs he has waited too long. Time to take a stand with help from Kate, who has Andre’s shares. Abigail decides if she does not agree, they can look into her hidden agenda for it means she has one … Kate asks Hattie what ‘Patch’ said now. That the ISA fixed his eye and she should not stay at John and Marlena’s cos of Stefano. She seems to believe she has a chance with Roman so Kate tries to set her straight. No luck. Kate pours herself a shot … Stefano had to contact Chad first for he had no choice. Kristen wants to know why. Rolf took long finding the host and the transformation was touch and go. Kristen deduces he disappeared to recover. He was formulating a plan when he heard about her baby and it broke his heart. She sobs she lost her baby and was almost sent to the slammer. She felt so alone. Stefano is sorry he could not be here for her then but papa is here now. He places a kiss on her head …

Kate texts Stefano that Hattie is about to blow everything. Chad comes in to talk. He needs her help … Abigail is still at home and cannot help but wonder whether Stefano knows something about what happened to Jen. Might he be meeting with Kristen now … Kristen cries she was lost. He asks her to come home to the clan where she belongs … Ben updates Will on Clyde trying to help. Will is horrified to hear his last chance appeal was denied. He is slated to die. Will asks if anything can be done. Ben believes he needs a miracle … Ciara refuses to let Will languish in the slammer for something he did not do. Xander and Victor refuse to do anything. The Greek tycoon is now ready to tell her the story of what really happened to Adrienne …At the pub Chad makes nice with Kate and offers to help her put DiMera behind her for good … Kristen cries about what to believe as she paces like a confused cat … Stefano smiles they have both risen from the ashes. He calls her his beautiful daughter in Italian. She breaks down when he smiles she is still his girl. She wants to believe and sobs as he holds her close. Abigail is now outside the door, determined to see Stefano … Ben thanks Will for being a friend. Will feels Ben’s lot is unfair and wishes he could trade places with him. HE is the one who deserves such a punishment … Victor has told Ciara the whole sordid story. He tries to swear her to secrecy but she gasps she cannot keep her silence about Will and decides to go to him …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday January 13, 2020