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Episode 13,787
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kayla is toying with her salad when Marlena comes in from the cold. Marlena asks about Victor. He is better. Marlena is concerned about her. Kayla sighs cos of Steve … Kristen coldly asks Steve why he came. Cos of papa Stefano … Gina calls out Stefano’s name at the loft. John appears and suspiciously wonders … Xander is with awake Victor and calls him lucky. Maggie is home resting. He warns Ciara is posing a problem … Justin received the decision. Ciara woefully asks what it was … Kayla shares Jack’s view that this is a cold meaner version of Steve. And then there is that other woman matter. Marlena reminds her he might be on a dangerous mission … Slick Steve states he heard Stefano was in Salem and notes his daughter must know something. He barges in and she complains Stefano is not seeing anyone, just communicating with Chad. Plus he wants her DiMera shares so he only gives a damn about the stock not her. Stefano Steve slyly suggests she help him catch him … Hope claims she suspected Stefano had returned. John holds up a cigar on a pencil and points out he was here. Hope assumes it was overlooked by forensics. A reprimand is in order. John suggests she bag and log it. She does and gives him back the pencil. She counters she could have mistaken him …John drawls he has no problem breaking and entering if it means getting inside the mind of the phoenix. He asks her about ISA Steve. How exactly did she find him … Steve sits down and talks betrayal. Kristen hisses no way in hell will she help him expose her father! Steve praises her loyalty and talks stock but she gets back to breaking up Brady and Nicole. Stefano smiles knowingly. Ah love …

Kayla sighs she was so happy being with Justin before Steve returned to Salem … Victor confirms to Xander that Ciara confronted him about Jordan’s murder. But then he had a stroke. She suspects Ben is innocent and they are guilty. Justin has entered and snaps is she right … Ciara woefully visits Ben. He is happy to hear Victor will be alright. Justin shared the verdict with her. Drums of dread are heard … Xander warns Victa needs his rest. Justin calls him a lapdog. Xander denies he and uncle were involved in Jordan’s death and accuses Justin of fueling Ciara on. Besides Ben was found guilty. Justin shouts it was circumstantial evidence and his client does not deserve to die! He admits the ruling was … Victor waits … Ciara is sorry to say Ben’s conviction was not overturned. His eyes tragic, he tells her he is not surprised. Did he get commuted to life? Alas that too was denied. Ben weeps it is over. Ciara is speechless. He laments he will lose his life for a crime he did not commit …Kayla vows to accept Steve is with someone new. However, she is quite confused by his hatred. Marlena is sympathetic and points out their precious memories and children will not be changed by a divorce. Kayla is hurt he had no problem moving on … Steve claims he does not really care about Kayla being with Justin Kiriakis. Kristen calls them a super couple and sighs she only wants to be with Brady. Steve knows she will go after what she wants and that is something Stefano admired. She wonders how the hell he would know … John suggests Steve is acting strange. Matter of fact he is only nice to Marlena. Hope calls them old friends the same way they are … but hawkish John is getting closer to the truth by the Salem second …

Xander gleefully grins about Ben’s fate. Justin warns Victor he will not be able to live with himself after the man is offed for something he did not do. Ciara loves him and would never forgive him if he let it happen. Victor sighs … Ciara sobs she is scared. How to save Ben’s life? He cries tis too late and asks her to leave, forget about him … Kayla feels no love from Steve. Marlena admits she and John considered his behavior cruel. Kayla is bewildered why Hope brought him back. Marlena complains that one is odd as well. She caught her making moves on her man … Meanwhile said man John reminds Hope they are but friends. She senses a strange vibe and confesses her feelings caught her off guard. But as pros they have a job to do. Stefano could pose a threat and she needs his and Steve’s work. She and Steve want the same thing … Steve claims he has long been into the history of Stefano. He knows he loves his children. Kristen cries not her cos he is playing favorite to Chad. Steve suggests he must have had his reasons for not making contact. Kristen senses something and demands he come clean right here right now …

The phoenix rises. As Steve he states Stefano is wanted so he would need to lie low. He argues when Kristen came back she had someone else’s face. She cries she needed her father when she lost it all and he stayed away. She wonders why she is even telling him. He counters they have a connection, that is why … Gina/Hope misread John’s signals and he is sorry. She smiles forever the gentleman but worries about the distance between them. She could not bear to lose his friendship … Marlena updates Kayla on Hope moving in while she was away. Kayla thinks it does not sound like Hope to make a pass at John. Marlena found her with her blouse off. John had turned her down. Hope apologized but Marlena has her doubts … Ciara refuses to walk away. Ben stands and she stops him. She hugs him one last time. The guard snaps no touching. Ben exclaims he just lost his last appeal and faces death. Now he has nothing to lose. The guard steps away and they embrace like there is no tomorrow. Ciara vows to save him …

Ben is crying alone when Clyde comes in, having heard the bad news. He suggests he accept his help … Ciara storms into Victor’s room. Xander orders her away. Victor weakly speaks her name. Ciara argues she loves grandpa but she loves Ben, the innocent man they sent to the slammer … John casually claims the friendship will survive so long as Hope gets doc is the only woman in the world for him. Time to track down Patchman. Before he goes he assures her a man would be lucky to have her. After he is gone Gina grins his luck is going to change … Marlena knows she and John are strong. That’s a fact. The only threat is … Kayla knows. Stefano. She believes Steve and John can beat him. Marlena wonders whether she would ever take Steve back. Kayla sighs he is not the same man. She is glad for the man she has now and exits the pub. Marlena smiles … Kristen the cat grows impatient. What connection? Steve suddenly looks into her eyes and whispers he is her father. But does she feel the phoenix?

Xander orders Ciara out. She refuses. She knows what they did to Ben! She begs Victor. Xander grabs her arm so she threatens to tell Maggie about his signed confession and what she overheard, that they admitted they sent an innocent man to the slammer. Victor announces tis time to tell her everything … Clyde quietly suggests he bust him and Ben out of here … Marlena is with suave John at the pub, who toasts the most beautiful and brilliant woman. Like fine wine their love gets better with time. She toasts his ale with her wine and a smile … Gina looks up at Stefano’s portrait and decides it is time for Marlena to meet her end … Kristen kicks Steve out. He thunders he is no Steve, he is the great Stefano DiMerrra! He tells her to look into his eyes and she gasps …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday January 10, 2020