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There is only one DaysCafe :)


Belle and Shawn the romantic honeymooners return home smooching ... Claire leaves Charlie an anxious message from Marlena’s ... Steve greets Rafe and Nicole at the hospital. Rafe reveals Charlie the denier decided to get a lawyer. Steve thinks that says it all. Nicole worries about Ava. Rafe wants to speak to her. Steve warns she was upset and sedated. Tripp is at her side as they speak ... At the station. Charlie acts sympathetic about Allie’s London story. However, he is in denial about everything, from being Tripp’s brother to meeting her before Christmas ... Nicole and Rafe discuss the DNA drama. Nicole had no idea her drinking buddy had had two babies. She is worried and wants to see her ... Ava is asleep with Tripp at her side. Enter Steve. Tripp doubts she is ready to give Rafe a statement and updates him on her hallucination of Charlie attacking. Steve notes the cops now have him for questioning. With any luck they will keep him ... Marlena wants to make dinner, but Claire is fed up waiting for John and decides to go to Charlie. Just then John comes home ...
- Shawn and Belle wonder where Claire is. Belle believes she is with Charlie and they should give them space. Shawn senses something strange about the guy ... John drawls to petulant ponytail Claire that Marlena wanted her to stay away from Charlie cos he poses a clear and present danger. They have reason to believe he attacked Allie ... Tripp wants to go get DNA from Charlie, so he gets cleared but Steve warns not to take the law into his own hands. They must be patient ... Charlie plays the role of the good guy with his usual smoothness. But when Allie brings up his baby son, he gets rattled and seems ready to say something ... Claire cries the DNA was already a match with Tripp, so John tells her of Angelo admitting Ava Vitali has a son Charlie, who would be Tripp’s half brother. Claire cries it cannot be and accuses them of ruining her perfect romance. When John explains Rafe is interrogating him she storms out ... Tripp gets hot under the collar just like Steve in the old days. Wise Steve of the present points out tis best to leave the work to the police. One must wait for justice ... Nicole is shocked when Rafe informs her of Ava’s hallucinations. Tripp and Steve emerge from her room. Alas Ava is now asleep and was not clearheaded enough for questions. Nicole goes to see her friend. Rafe returns to the station. Steve urges Tripp to keep far from Charlie and invites him to the cafeteria ...
- Marlena has green tea for herself and John, who has left Claire a message. He exclaims to doc that Ava Vitali was discovered in Charlie’s apartment bound and gagged on a chair! ... Stylish Nicole visits now groggy Ava in her room. She wants Tripp. Nicole assures her he is with his father and fine. She heard about Charlie. Ava is sorry to hear that her niece is Allie, the girl who was attacked. She whispers she wants to help her son. The good one ... Claire interrupts Allie and suddenly emotional Charlie. She fibs to Allie John said it was fine she be here and asks for a few minutes with her boyfriend. Exit unhappy Allie ... At their family home, Rafe updates Shawn and Belle on who Charlie really is. Claire's folks are horrified. Rafe has Charlie at the station and John alluded to Marlena being with Claire right now. Belle breathes a sigh of relief. She agrees Shawn should go with Rafe to grill the creep. She will go to their daughter ... Ava feebly recounts her confrontation with Charlie to Nicole and hyperventilates he killed Tripp too. Nicole tenderly tells her that part was just a hallucination. Ava breathes a sigh of relief. Nicole asks her to continue. She confronted Charlie for framing Tripp and then he said ... Charlie is touched Claire still considers him her boyfriend. He hopes she believes him. She looks him in the eye and implores him to say it isn’t true and he is no Vitali! He calls it all a misunderstanding. She is anxious to believe him and yet ... Allie found him familiar from the start! Charlie insists on his innocence. Claire cries in confusion. He looks her in the eye and swears he hurt no one. Does she believe him?
- Marlena anxiously sips her tea in the living room as John concludes Charlie is more than likely Allie’s attacker, given what he did to Ava. Belle bursts in, wondering where her daughter is ... Charlie the smooth talker acts like he and Claire are soul mates and begs her not to let the doubters steal their love. Shawn races in and drags his daughter out. Charlie sighs and stares into space ... Ava lets Nicole know that Charlie admitted he was the real rapist, not Tripp. When she refused to keep her silence, he knocked her unconscious. She gasps she must see Tripp. Nicole assures her the good son is safe and promises to help him. It will all work out ... Belle learns Claire likely went to the station, where Shawn will no doubt keep her away from Charlie ... Claire now argues to Shawn that Charlie is not Ava’s son and does not even know her! Shawn announces Ava was discovered bound and gagged at his apartment. Claire soap stares. At the same time Charlie warns Rafe he will only talk with his lawyer in the room. Rafe warns Mr. Guilty he will have to answer his questions soon ... Allie sits with Nicole at the pub and admits she slipped into Charlie’s interrogation room. She sighs he denied everything. Nicole has something huge. She just saw Ava Vitali and Charlie admitted to her that HE was the one who assaulted her in London. It literally changes everything ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, January 12, 2021