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Friday, January 12, 2018
Episode 13,252
1480 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Chad bumps Abigail at the office and she lets him know Stefan summoned her. They talk management styles. Chad says to use her charm. She will do so slowly. Chad grins to go get him. Abigail enters Stefan's room and calls him out on eyeing her in a towel in her room. He reasons it was his room and wonders whether she told her hubby ... Chad groans when he walks in on Kate and Andre passionately kissing on the job ... At the Kiriakis mansion, Eve tells Brady he turns her on and he drawls they should head upstairs. Ding dong! That would be pest control cos she saw a spider. She opens the door to spider Vivian. Brady is less than welcoming ... Eli bears a bouquet of flowers for Abigail at work ... JJ gasps OMG you are pregnant! He overheard Lani on her phone at work. Lani ends the call and JJ jumps for joy and lifts her in a hug, delighted to be a dad ... Gabi admits to Eli she still harbors doubts about going with DiMera not Basic Black. Eli asks why then ... Kate's joy over her romance with Andre is cut short when Chad updates them on Theo's unfortunate news. He lets Kate know he now knows the real saboteurs were Stefan and Vivian ... Abigail gives Stefan lip though not literally. He gets himself a big black coffee and talks talents. She asks why the summons. He drawls what does she think he wants, as he eyes her again. He sits at his desk and suggests a press release to announce his new post as CEO. Abigail warns they need damage control, to end the negative perception of company chaos. Stefano tells her to sit else he shall crack the whip. She suggests he shove his whip so he starts over and politely asks her to take a seat. Abigail does, ever so demurely ... Chad informs Andre and Kate that he has engaged the services of John Black to investigate how they were compromised, down to the detail. Andre pauses ...

Brady tries to blow off Vivian, who taunts Gabi Chic is now a subsidiary at DiMera. That should start the shoveling of dirt on his coffin. Vivian is as vocal as ever. "Prepare to be buried!" ... Abigail admits it will be hard to humanize Stefan the corporate destroyer and Stefano style chess master. He wonders whether he is like him in other ways as well ... Lani wants to talk privately to JJ. He promises to be there 100 percent. She snaps to stop. JJ now does the abortion math. Lani lets him know she is not ready for this baby and sobs. She did not even plan to tell him. JJ thinks she had doubts about being able to count on him. She notes it is not about him ... Gabi sighs she hates Stefan but here she gets to report directly to Kate, whom she trusts ... Brady and Eve are glum about losing Gabi. Vivian rubs in the Titan loss and warns she and Stefan shall bring them to their knees. She gets catty with Eve, who glares daggers at her ... Andre would ratha John Black not be involved in the family business. Kate and Chad cannot help but wonder why ... Stefan lists all of Stefano's qualities. Abigail is unimpressed. Stefan decides he inherited the best of both his parents and asks if the same rings true for Chad. Abigail explains she and Chad believe more in the effect of one's environment. She now asks for more info on him for the press release. Stefan slyly suggests she already knows him on an intimate level ...

Back at the station JJ has something to say. He loves Lani and is ready to work things out but how does she feel? She weeps she feels the same way. However ... Chad does not get Andre's hesitation. Andre reminds him John's son Brady happens to be a Kiriakis and a competitor. Chad refuses to listen and tells them to watch the fireworks John and Paul will ignite. He walks out and Andre frowns ... Abigail suggests Stefan the provocateur is insecure. He laughs. She warns he sounds like a jerk for her press release so far. Stefan admits he wants no one's pity and his life reads like a Dickens tale. Abigail is listening. He muses Viv's manservant sent him to an orphanage and he was adopted and raised in the UK. Abigail notes he has no accent so he puts one on. Abigail asks why he left the glamor of his globetrotting corporate raiding life to come sit in the CEO seat at DiMera ... Brady warns Vivian she will not win. He threatens to shove her in a coffin if she goes near Maggie. Viv become venomous so he grabs her by the throat, his blue eyes cold as ice. Vivian gasps for air and her eyes begin to bulge. He releases her and she coughs. She growls and goes. Brady throws her her fallen designer bag and bellows after her to stay in her hole next time. Eve smiles like he is her hero ...

Kate asks why Andre is against John Black. He wants Chad to have concrete proof. Kate believes John will get the job done and adds she cannot wait to get revenge on he who betrayed her too ... Gabi gathers Eli might have worries about her working with Chad and assures him he has no cause for concern. Eli remembers his affair with Lani, how easily they fell in his bed together, how they awoke the next morning, sober. Lani was stunned but Eli took it all in stride, mad about JJ and Gabi's own private party. Back to the present. He assures Gabi she is the one woman he wants and then he kisses her ... JJ wonders what is the matter. Lani sniffles she cannot hurt him. He automatically assumes she has doubts about him as a dad. He considers this as a sign for their future. Lani snaps he has no idea ... Stefan stares out the window and states he came here for family. He also lists Abigail's family members, which makes her cringe. She reminds him he shamed Andre publicly and stole Chad's job. Not very family friendly! She now asks about his boarding school near Scotland. He pretends he went to Hogwarts but Abigail is not amused. He talks like a funny foreign cartoon character so she smiles a bit. He gushes God she has a beautiful smile. Ahem! There stands Chad with the door now open ...

Lani laments she does dream of having babies but this is not the right time due to her demanding job. JJ tells her she would be a wonderful mom. He saw how she got Thomas to stop crying. She cries he is making it even harder. JJ questions if it is cos of him. She tells him she would love to raise a baby with him and loves him. He wonders then why does she not want to do so now ... Kate interrupts the Gabi Eli kiss, there to check Gabi has no regrets. The girl grins life could not be better ... Viv visits Andre in his office and believes John Black is a buffoon but Andre believes there is a clear and present danger if he is even seen with her. They have to act like mortal enemies from now on. Vivian will do her best and walks out. Andre clasps his hands, the phoenix ring on one of his fingers ... Chad announces he does not approve of the way Stefan spoke to his wife. Stefan makes nice and offers his hand. Chad shakes it to humor him. Stefan likens them to the three musketeers. Chad smiles but he knows better than to trust a serpent ... Brady sighs sorry about his behavior with Vivian. Eve loved his ninja moves and he offers to show her more moves. They giggle and go up the stairs ... Gabi thanks Eli for helping her move the boxes. They kiss again ... Lani sits with JJ and he notes this is sooner than they expected but they did discuss having a family. He promises to do whatever she wants and begs her not to terminate the baby ... Andre rubs his head and pours himself more black coffee. Abigail and Chad enter and she tells Kate and Andre that she has precious few facts to report on Harry Potter Stefan. Chad thinks he could have even more secrets... Meanwhile Vivian warns Stefan that John Black has been hired by Chad. Apparently Andre now fears it will be found out that he and Viv are playing them all. The serpent lady smiles Andre has no clue he is actually the one being played. Stefan smiles right back ...
Oh oh!

All the drama in Salem on Friday, January 12