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Thursday, January 11, 2018
Episode 13,251
1370 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Steve fakes he can see the menu at the pub and orders his usual with Kayla. Meanwhile Victor has a secret meeting at the Kiriakis mansion with Brady. He wants an update on the Eve mission ... At the club Chloe quietly confronts Eve about her so-called affair with Brady ... As JJ resigns at the station, Eli assures Lani she can confide in him. She tells him the sad news about Theo having to leave to South Africa and then there is that mistake they made ... Skaters Roman and furred up Anna arrive at the pub for lunch and decide to join surprised Steve and Kayla. Anna excuses herself to the ladies room. Roman looks like a man who won the lotto ... Hope discusses the guilt that emerges after one pulls the trigger with JJ. He lets her know he is getting help from Eric but is done with being a cop ... Eli thinks Christmas Eve was a past mistake. Lani gets emotional and blames herself they wound up in bed. Eli reminds her they had hit the bottle. There were other reasons. She gets mad he went and told her he had fallen for her. Eli assumes she now blames him but she simply seeks to understand. He would rather forget that night and not over analyze. Their mistake is over! She turns away and gets teary. Eli apologizes and adds they must move on. They can be friends. She scoffs and he reasons they were only together that one time. Nothing has changed. Lani begs to differ ...

Victor suspects Eve is the one playing Brady the smug seducer, who boasts she is merely his means to an end. He plans to do unto her as she did unto Deimos. He will wed her and steal her fortune. Vic warns Eve will demand a prenup so he will get nowhere near Deimos' assets. Brady gloats she is gonna cling to him. Victor alludes to the only way to be rid of her. Brady asks if he means she should off her. Sly Victor states he was not the one who said it ... As Eve has her cocktail and Chloe questions her intentions, Eve taunts she sounds a tad is jealous ... Back at the Brady pub Steve suggests Roman check Anna's purse cos she could be packin heat! Kayla asks if she is stable. Roman insists she is but then she returns to their table, only to announce they have a guest at the table. Tony! She places his urn down with a pat and Roman sighs. He already discussed her urn issue and had no idea she actually went around with Tony. She tells him only when appropriate. Kayla is sorry for her grief and suggests it is not the best way. But Anna the unconventional argues she is coping. She knows he is not alive. Steve gets sarcastic. Anna still blames Stefano for Tony's demise. She fumes the phoenix never paid for his crimes. Steve seconds that. Anna now asks him to go after Stefano in the name of justice! Steve uncomfortably clears his throat ...

Slinky Eve suggests Chloe still harbors feelings for Brady. Stunning Chloe simply fears for her old friend with a woman like Eve. Eve muses but Brady might be using her and following Victor's orders. She could be playing along and enjoying the wild ride. She does like the guy but her number one plan is to put Basic Black on top. He had better not be betraying her! Chloe warns she will fall for him for real regardless. They all do ... Eli wants to put the bad choice behind them. Lani laments she might lose JJ. Eli insists nothing can stand in her way now. Lani soap stares ... As tragic music plays JJ tells Hope he shall make each day of his life mean something ... Lani states there are surprises in life. Clueless Eli thinks they can let go. She reasons she will be reminded of what they did daily. Eli does not understand. He declares they dodged a bullet. No one is aware of their affair. Lani counters there could be consequences ... Steve patiently sighs so Anna wants him to hunt Stefano. Roman reasons he might not even be alive. Steve scoffs he was near the end anyway. Anna flashes back to the last time she saw him in prison and he laughed. She muses he is too mean and when she saw him in his cell he looked well. Steve remembers that was actually Shane Donovan in disguise but does not divulge that fact. He deduces Stefano is either dead or impossible to find. Anna now whips out a photo of him in Turkey taken a few months ago and he was clearly alive! Roman confirms that is indeed Stefano. Steve remembers Shane denying feeding pigeons in a park while in his Stefano disguise. He decides it does not matter whether Stefano is dead or alive. Roman asks Anna whether she is willing to throw her life away chasing after Stefano. Dangerous music plays ...

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Brady promises Victor it shall be a bloodless coup and Eve will go quietly. Victor reasons when he is rid of Eve ... Brady wants to know whether he will get back on top at Titan. Victor will consider. Brady now flashes back to telling Eve he was in with her scheme. He now gets a text from Henderson that Eve just drove up in the driveway. Brady has an idea. Of course Victor is up for more deception drama ... Lani loooooves JJ though she feels she might not be able to forget her one night with Eli. Eli thinks she must and gets a text from Gabi. He goes to get her flowers to celebrate her deal at DiMera. He lets Lani know he is here for her as a friend and points out she will get past this. When he walks out she cries ... Hope is happy to see JJ taking charge of his life. He thanks her for everything and they hug. She is proud. JJ exits with a smile ... Anna just wants justice for Tony whether they are with her or not. Roman wants her to be careful ... Hope calls Steve to the station to take a look at a case for her. Steve excuses himself. Kayla will drive him as she heads back to the hospital. Anna implores Steve to consider her request for the world would be a better place without Stefano ...

Roman warns Anna that he does not want to deal with vengeance in this stage of his life ... Eve removes her coat as Brady and Victor do bogus battle. Victor insults Eve and Brady gallantly defends her, warning grandad he will lose his company to them! When he walks out he sees Eve, who touches an earring and acts as innocent as a little lamb ... Steve meets Hope in her office and she hands him a file, seeking his input. She wants him to read the whole thing. Meanwhile she makes for the D.A.'s office with grateful thanks. Alas Steve cannot even see the words on the page. Something is very wrong ... Anna hangs onto to Tony's urn and reasons she has spent years suffering cos of Stefano. Roman lists the loved ones she needs to live for, including himself. He tells her Tony would want her to move on. She nods and he steps away to pick up their food. Anna whispers to Tony's urn she will not let go until his death has been avenged. Her eyes narrow ... Eve acts like she just happened to arrive and overheard. Brady sighs and is sorry about grandad. Eve grabs him in a passionate kiss but who is really hoodwinking whom?! Back at the station Lani quietly calls Kayla. She lets her know she has come to a decision regarding her pregnancy. JJ appears and soap stares, naturally assuming he is the daddy!


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, January 11