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Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Episode 13,250
1375 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Steve steps out of the pub ending with an I love you to phone Joe. He sighs and starts to sway. Then his vision blurs and he sits on a bench, not understanding what the hell this is ... Kayla gives Lani a glass of water. Lani questions if she really is with child. Indeed. She wonders how far along ... Meanwhile Eli has summoned JJ to the station so that they may speak ... Gabi is standing by a Gabi Chic poster at the office. Stefan arrives and flirts up a storm about the view ... In their romantic room Abigail greets shirtless Chad with a whistle ... Downstairs Andre cannot help but giggle. Vivian asks why so pleased. He is smug and smitten. Viv drinks her coffee and questions his commitment to their partnership. Andre gets sarcastic about Stefan, who will only be temporary until they can take over altogether ... Chad gets mad hearing about Stefan again but Abigail stops him from heading for a confrontation ... Gabi is utterly creeped out when Stefan shakes her hand and does not let go. He is looking forward to DiMera working with Gabi Chic. She warns him it has not been finalized ... Steve stands up. John arrives and asks whether his partner is alright ... Chad vows to get proof against Stefan and give it to the board. Abigail warns him against acting on impulse ... Gabi notes she does not even know Stefan ,the new CEO. He tells her he has nothing to hide so fire away. She distrusts the DiMera. He suspects she really has cold feet cos she wanted to work under her ex ... Vivian heard that Gabi the fashionista felon has hesitated. Andre wants to fix it. She warns him to also manage his feelings for Kate. She could hear them all night long. He giggles and she decides it is best to have the diva distracted, especially on a short leash. Here comes Kate with a glow ... Eli has JJ's gun, which Gabi gave him. JJ remembers that tough night and tells him again Lani was wrong about him and Gabi. Eli is filled with regret and feels the need to apologize. JJ asks why. Eli flashes back to his fun Christmas Eve under the sheets with Lani. It was all about revenge ...

Kayla tells Lani she is not far along. Lani notes she was last with JJ in November. Kayla feels this pregnancy has only been for a couple of weeks. Lani looks less than thrilled ... John is back inside the pub with Steve and suggests they celebrated too hard. John shows off his new reading glasses. Steve quips he would need a monocle. They talk Black Patch and John hands him a case file for his consideration ... Lani cries it cannot be. Kayla suggests she open up and assures her doctor patient confidentiality is at play. Lani thinks she must know why she is so stressed. This is not JJ's baby ... JJ knows he already broke Lani's heart and he will never hurt her again. Eli feels he should fight for the woman he loves, even though he feels to blame about Theo ... Abigail has managed to smooth the storm that rages within Chad. They kiss in bliss and give into their morning passion ... Andre fawns over Kate. Viv taunts her eyes look like she had a long night. Andre gets Kate her coffee and she wishes Viv would vanish. Viv hurls insults. Andre advises her to move into the Taj Mahal. Kate agrees she belongs in a mausoleum. Viv scoffs Stefano's feeble minded son and his ho deserve one another. With that she walks out. Kate wants the woman gone. Andre would rather discuss them as a couple, their naughty night togetha. She appreciates and almost trusts him. Andre gushes today they close the deal of Gabi Chic. The world shall be theirs. She adds together and strokes his face after he sneaks another kiss ... Gabi is increasingly irritated with Stefan and his arrogance. He notes Chad the nice guy lacks the killer instinct required to keep a company on top. He talks Stefano's legacy. Gabi argues Chad wants to make the empire legit. Stefan concludes either she is with him or against him in his vision. She has heard enough and tells him to leave her the hell alone ... Chad and Abigail bask in the afterglow. She giggles last night Andre crept into Kate's room ...

Andre appears with Kate as Gabi announces she is taking her fashion business to Basic black ... JJ remains guilt ridden. Eli reasons him being back at work tomorrow might be a tad too soon. JJ now shares the hope that Theo will recover and he and Lani will move forward. He is hanging onto that ... Lani weeps to Kayla as she woefully tells the tale of how she came to be in another man's bed without protection once upon a Christmas Eve, how wrong she was. Kayla wonders whether JJ is aware of it. Lani shakes her head and notes she cannot tell the other guy cos he has a girlfriend. Kayla asks her what she wants, for that is what really counts ... John and Steve discuss Sonny, Will and Paul. John appreciates him looking out for his son and teases him about the drinks. Steve laughs, still carefully covering up the fact that his sight is failing ... JJ assures Eli he is getting sessions at the center. Eli lets him know he is here to listen, cos he knows what it is to be a cop. JJ thanks him and gets his gun back ... Lani laments she loves and wants to be with JJ. She cannot have the other guy's baby! Kayla mentions options. Lani cries even more, not wanting to consider abortion. Kayla notes there is also adoption. She is not alone and the pregnancy is in an early state so she has time to consider what works best for her ... Abigail is a hopeless romantic but Chad is less optimistic. She offers to wash his back in the shower. Chad jumps out of bed, the business and dirt digging of Stefan on his mind ...

Stefan insists Gabi would be better with him than Chad and leaves. Kate assures her she will work with her and Andre never mind Stefan. Gabi has doubts about Andre as well so Kate decides to have a word alone with her. Viv calls Andre for an update. He blasts her stupid son for wreaking havoc with their plans. Viv pauses like a lizard. Andre rages about Stefan making Gabi mad. She will speak to Stefan. Andre disagrees as he would rather give Kate the chance to fix it. Meantime Kate shows Gabi all the wonderful Gabi Chic products she has gathered. She praises her as a force of nature with a fab future. She hopes they can do it together. Gabi admits she only chose DiMera cos of her. But Stefan ... Kate offers to toss him in the river if he misbehaves ... Abigail gets a knock at her door and answers clad in a towel. There stands sardonic Stefan ... Meanwhile Chad meets John outside, seeking his expert assistance ... Kayla kisses Steve and sits at his pub table with a smile. She notices Roman made some recent changes on the menu. She knows why but would rather not elaborate and hands him one. Steve states he will have the usual ... Abigail assumed Stefan was at the office. He announces a meeting at his office in an hour. Abigail reminds him their room is off limits and shuts the door ... Chad updates John on Vivian, who brought Stefan to town. He seeks proof he is the saboteur ... Andre is pleased as punch when Kate brings back Gabi. He kisses the diva, declaring trust is the foundation of their marriage ... Meanwhile Viv too has received news of an interesting nature ... Gabi dreamily calls Eli, announcing she decided on DiMera. He wants to celebrate. After the call he sees Lani standing there with a long face. He wonders what might be the matter ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, January 10