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Episode 13,807
1280 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Rafe calls Shawn long distance and lets him know he and Roman split up to cover more ground. He is stunned to see Kate … Chad and Abigail have taken Stefano Steve’s portrait to Kristen’s room … Fake Marlena breaks away from kissy Stefano, snapping what was he doing … John hallucinates Marlena. Passionate Gina plays along. They kiss but then he sees she is Gina and gasps in horror … Will is sorry for Ben being condemned so soon. Ben feels like a dead man walking and declares he decided to accept Clyde’s offer to break out … John notes Gina is no Marlena. Gina gushes Marlena is gone. She waits for him to make love to her … Stefano Steve suggests he and Marlena console one another. She stops him and stammers kissing is not the solution. Stefano frowns … Rafe wonders why Kate is in Prague. She remembers updating Hattie on how Stefano promised they would rule DiMera together but now Marlena is in danger. Kate claims she is here to search for Stefano. Rafe only has Gina on his radar … John is confused and calls out for doc. Gina refers to all their wonderful evenings. He replies to Hope they are friends only. The princess plans to prove him wrong … Kristen acts surprised about the portrait and admits it might look like Stefano’s. Chad and Abigail suspiciously ask whether this is what Stefano looked like when she met him. Kristen pauses … Marlena argues Kayla is her friend and she feels uneasy kissing Steve. He drawls they are single now. She is still smarting over John and does not want Steve Johnson! Stefano suddenly makes up his mind to reveal his real identity. Fake Marlena is all ears …

Will wonders. Ben explains Clyde knows what he is doing and he is going to disappear. Will wishes he would not abandon Ciara. Ben trusts him and thanks him for everything. They seemed such unlikely friends. Ben is also grateful for his forgiveness. Will feels what happened to Ben is unfair. Ben invites him along … Kate sits with Rafe at the café and feigns surprise when he states Rolf brainwashed Hope into believing she was Gina. She is assumed to have Marlena and might also be with John. He now drops a bombshell. Steve Johnson has been compromised. Kate soap stares ... Stefano the great and powerful ego removes his patch and points out he is a new man. Marlena notices his new eye. He was playing the role of Steve Johnson but he is really another essence. Marlena snaps what the hell and then gasps in horror when he shows her the phoenix ring. He murmurs tis good to be back … Gina purrs they made love in the past. Groggy John denies it. She reminds him they were under the sea. He gasps she is not Hope. She gushes she is his Princess Gina and never stopped loving her hero! He peers at her and asks about Hope. She took over her body thanks to Dr. Wilhelm. Now she is alive and can love him again … Chad and Abigail remind elusive Kristen that Steve was with her when it was believed she was with Stefano. She lies Stefano still looks like Stefano. Abigail and Chad do not let up. Abigail argues Kristen used to wear a Nicole mask so … Kristen quips Stefano is not Steve’s body type. Chad and Abigail point out a different personality could be in Steve’s body. Kristen alludes to Abigail’s mental issues and insists to Chad she would tell him if Steve was Stefano. He strongly suggests she spill the truth …

Kate has questions. Rafe enlightens her on Anna trash talking Stefano and Steve racing to his defense. It stands to reason if Hope is not Hope perhaps Steve is no Steve … Stefano explains to Marlena how he came to be in Steve’s body. Marlena wonders why he would want to return to a life of crime and risk prison if he wanted a fresh start. Because what he really wants, what he desires is HER. She gulps like Hattie when he calls her his queen of the night … Kristen enjoys her drink and suggests the dynamic duo search her room. Father did not share any plans with her. Chad warns her they will find out the truth. She replies they are wasting their time. Chad sarcastically leaves her with the gift of Stefano’s portrait and knowingly smiles. Exit Chad and Abigail … Marlena warns Stefano she hates him and will never be with him so he wasted his time. Stefano is bemused but believes her lightness is drawn to his darkness. He reminds her of the opera. She reminds him of the cage he locked her in. He boasts it was gilded and blames the pawn for coming between them. She calls John a knight. He lies he is not alive and keeps trying to seduce her …

John gets away from Gina and denounces her for drugging him. He has always loved only Marlena when he was of sound mind! Gina claims she killed her. He warns he will make her pay and seeks a way out. She stops him, warning there is no way out … Will thanks Ben but cannot break out. He admits he is at a loss regarding Maggie but a life on the run would be giving up on his daughter and his life with Sonny. Ben gets it. Will wishes him luck cos he deserves to be free. Ben wants the same for him. The guys hug. Clyde tells the girls to break it up and gets mad when he hears Ben told Will everything. Will assures him he is on Ben’s side. They are fine friends … Ben and Clyde are soon out in the prison yard. Clyde bought them time by bribing the guard. He tells Ben to be his lookout while he cuts the fence … Will informs the night guard that Ben is asleep when he comes by for nightly roll call … Kate argues Steve used to be rude and wild but Rafe believes he was brainwashed. They must find him, John and Marlena. Kate sighs Steve was not brainwashed by Stefano cos he actually is Stefano! Meanwhile Steve wants Marlena to give into temptation and offers a taste of being with a DiMera. They could be the king and queen of the night. He kisses her neck and she turns. Then she jumps and kisses him like Hattie … John growls at Gina to step aside. She reminds him he is drugged. He denounces her again. Gina warns she will not let him live without her and dramatically holds up a dagger. He was not expecting this …

Clyde is almost finished. He assures his nervous son they will soon be free … The suspicious night guard lifts up Ben’s blanket. There is no one there so he calls in an escape in progress … Kristen is sorry to tell Stefano’s portrait that some people are onto him … Rafe is flabbergasted. Kate claims she can make everything right but Steve is definitely Stefano … Hattie starts to make out with Stefano and then stops. She cannot betray Roman for he is the only man for her! Stefano rages this is not the real Marlena … Gina lets out a war cry to attack but real Marlena throws open the door and orders the beech away from her man! She has arrived in her yellow jacket to save the day …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, February 7, 2020