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Episode 13,806
1260 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


In the Prague café, Rafe and Roman realize Stefano and Gina are probably working together plus she has Marlena! Time to tell John and Steve. They have gotten confirmation from the hotel they were guests but they cannot be reached … As Gina watches John struggling to open a window to get to Marlena, Marlena tries to open one of Stefano’s sealed windows. Stefano Steve impatiently texts Rolf to get his queen what she needs to become his … He asks Marlena if she is alright. Rolf texts back. All systems go … Cute Kayla and Justin have dinner ready. Ciara arrives in tears … Clyde comes across Ben reading a note he was sent regarding his last supper … Gina acts angry when a tray is left and the door hastily locked in a matter of seconds … Marlena knows Steve is hiding something … Kayla sits with Ciara on the sofa as she cries about Ben. Justin sighs the judge set the date. Ciara had no Hope to turn to. Kayla is here for her. Ciara asks Justin if there is anything they can do. Alas all appeals were denied and there is no new evidence. Ciara blames herself for wasting time on following the wrong lead. She tells Kayla she wrongly assumed Victor and Xander were responsible for Jordan’s murder but she was dead wrong … Clyde tried to warn his boy … Ben sarcastically states he must plan his last meal. Clyde says to join him on his great escape …

Gina pretends to give up so John rages to be strong! She hugs him and suggests they have the food they were left. John suspects Stefano wants to poison them … Roman senses John and Steve walked into a trap. Rafe explains the last two people who saw them are coming. Enter elegant Tony and Anna. Tony marvels everyone has come to Prague looking for Stefano … Steve puts away his phone and fibs he got no signal. Marlena senses a lie. He takes out his phone and warns she will not like this truth …Gina argues with John about Stefano wanting them dead and suggests they keep their strength. Then she sips some water and he gasps. She states they will soon know if it was alright. John holds her … As Anna sips her coffee Tony updates Roman and Rafe on wot he told John and Steve, that Stefano sought his shares but he was suspicious when he refused to meet. Anna gushes he gave them to little brother Chad. Roman wonders whether real Stefano contacted him. Tony was not sure. He admits their meeting with John and Steve was cut short. Anna scowls Steve was insufferable … Steve shows Marlena pictures of John shot at close range that he took seconds after. John is gone …

Ciara turns down dinner. She has to save Ben … Clyde recalls how as a boy Ben would even take the blame for others. He wishes he would not make the same mistake and lose his life. He cries to not let them kill him for somethin he did not do! Ben shakes his head. Tis too late. Clyde claims he can bust them both out and Ben can go on the run with Ciara … Kayla asks Justin if there could be any overlooked leads. He suggests he and Ciara go over the facts. What was Jordan doing in her last days? She came after Ciara with a poisoned cupcake and took off with her baby when she seemed busted. Justin adds then it is assumed she broke into the gatehouse to go after Ciara again, only to end up strangled by a scarf. Ciara sighs then Ben was accused. They conclude her two goals were to get her baby back and hurt Ciara but she failed on both counts. Or did she?! … Ciara suggests the baby’s father might have a motive … Anna recounts her clash with angry Steve to Roman and Rafe. Tony adds Steve defended Stefano and said how much he admired him … Marlena blasts Steve for taking such tragic pictures. He lies he loathed having to document what Stefano did. Marlena is suspicious he escaped. He alludes to getting lucky. Marlena gasps John is gone and gets unsteady … John worries what the water will do to Gina. She notices he is losing his strength and suggests he rest. He opens his own water bottle and drinks up …

Ciara notes they never found out who David’s father was. Jordan was very secretive. Kayla notes she had her baby in California so he would have had to come a long way to plan her perfect murder … Ben feels he and Ciara have no future. Papa quips they could be the next Bonnie and Clyde … Roman asks Tony and Anna to let them know if they hear from John, Steve or Stefano. Tony agrees but Anna does not as there is no reason for them to be drawn into the DiMera drama. Rafe elaborates. They suspect Stefano made Hope believe she was Gina and she is holding Marlena hostage … As Marlena digests that John is dead, Steve lies his last wish was that he keep her safe. He coos come to me and strokes her hair as she sobs on his sinister shoulder … John vows to get out and prays that Marlena … Then he falls down and Gina rushes to his side … Back in Salem Kayla and Ciara suggest they track down David’s father. Kayla thinks the man might even know who hated Jordan enough to off her. Justin will get in touch with his contacts …

Ben does not want Ciara to go down in a blaze of glory with him. She already had to go up against her powerful grandfather and would have to abandon her life to go on the run with him. Maybe someday they’ll be together. Meanwhile she is still his reason to live. Clyde concludes he is in … Gina helps John sit. He slurs the water was drugged. She replies only his was as he stares through the fog … Tony feels for Marlena. Roman believes Gina brought her here on Stefano’s orders. Tony is here to help and assures them he and Anna will remain in Prague as long as needed. They depart and Rafe notes Steve does not sound like himself. Hope might not be the only one … Steve whispers he would do anything for Marlena. She pushes him away and snaps what the hell … John hallucinates that Gina is Marlena and holds her face in his hands …Ben agrees to break out with Clyde … Kayla and Justin have dinner and she praises Ciara for her devotion to the man she loves … Ciara gets a call from Clyde, who tells girly girl tis time for a talk … Roman wonders whether Steve was brainwashed by Stefano again. Rafe deduces if so then John is in as much danger as Marlena … Marlena sounds like Hattie as she rages she needs justice against that murdering SOB Stefano. Steve promises they will get justice together and then grabs her in a kiss … Gina pretends she is Marlena and asks John to make love to her. They kiss as she clutches his face like a vampire …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, February 6, 2020