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Episode 13,805
1220 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the club, Julie welcomes girl in pink Gabi with Eli to reception plan and gushes she loves JJ is best man. JJ nods, looking decidedly distracted. Julie the official officiator notices … Lani leaves an anxious message for little brother Theo, who is still hard at work trying to disable the app that could blow Julie to smithereens. Kristen knocks on the door… Breathless Brady remembers kissing Kristen and smiles at the square. Maggie greets him, grateful he got tested for Mickey. He sincerely hopes his brother will not lose his baby the way he did … At the pub, post kiss Eric assures Nicole he forgives her. The future is theirs. She calls Mackenzie his priority. He smiles her too and they kiss in bliss … Romantic Xander stops and checks this is wot Sarah wants. She is sure cos she loves him. He passionately kisses her. He then calls her perfect and beautiful. If only Mickey was well. Sarah agrees. All of a sudden the baby cries loudly and she hits the ground running … Brady explains he is still on the registry. Maggie marvels Kristen was tested, which was very sweet. She senses the situation between them has improved. Brady does not deny it … Kristen gets an update from Lani on Gabi’s white wedding. Kristen scoffs at the rock Eli gave her. Lani just wants to neutralize the app. Kristen talks plan … JJ assures concerned Julie all is well. He adds he wants Gabi to get what she deserves and she thanks him. But Gabi stops smiling when Julie mentions a little problem with her pacemaker … Sarah brings the baby to the bed. Shirtless Xander is happy to see her. Sarah loves the way he calms them both. He holds Mackenzie and tells her his version of Little Miss Muffet. He only wants happy endings … Nicole and Eric cannot stop kissing but when she suggests they head upstairs he thinks not. She pauses … Eli gets worried. Julie notes she just needs a new battery …

Kristen is in to neutralize Gabi. Lani thanks her. Kristen quips of course, cos she is her only friend. She marvels she and Brady might be on the road to a reunion. He confessed he and Nicole were not together and he still cares … Brady opens up to Maggie about the memory of his and Kristen’s late daughter bringing them back together. The redhead is sympathetic and cries how can one move forward from tragic times … Eric asks Nicole whether he can return with her to ‘their’ apartment. She loves the sound of that and they kiss again … Maggie still feels badly about being drunk the night Sarah was in labor. Brady blames Summer. The redhead confesses she cannot remember what happened after she drank too much. She woke up the next morning feeling like hell. Brady thinks it is best she went to bed and did not get behind the wheel … Xander and Sarah admire little Mickey on the bed between them. Xander assures her they will find a match. Even Brady and Kristen agreed to be tested. Sarah does not like the sound of that. He wonders why … Kristen insists she will get it right this time and so will Eli and Lani. She sips her white wine. Lani hates that Eli is marrying that girl Valentines’ Day. Kristen claims he will not … Gabi offers to postpone but Julie assures her she will be fine after she gets the new pacemaker. Gabi gets more nervous by the Salem second … Eric loves the new pillows Nicole put on the couch. She is his home always …Sarah feels badly as Kristen and Brady lost their baby that fateful night. Xander would rather not remember. Sarah cannot forget …

Before she heads home, Maggie informs Brady that Victor has been asking about him. He visited him when he had his surgery. She feels Brady was unfairly fired after he lost his child and replaced by Xander. But Victor loves him and she thinks he loves him back. Perhaps there is hope. She gives him back his hanky … Kristen suggests she get Gabi’s phone. Lani sighs the app is on many devices. All she can do for her now is pray. Kristen toasts to bringing Gabi down. She promises her pal she too will have her happiness. Exit Kristen …Julie recounts how Lani broke Eli’s heart when they were supposed to wed. This time she will not be watching live feed from a hospital bed, she will be front and center as he gives his heart to the darling girl who gave her her heart. JJ snaps he has to go. Gabi senses something … Sarah takes the angel back to her bed. Xander will be waiting and kisses her sweet dreams … Eric praises Nicole and also Brady for getting tested. She points out Xander really pressured Brady. Eric is not surprised since he cares for Mickey. Nicole suspiciously states Xander was too fixated even on Tate! Eric feels they have better things to do and gives her a sweet kiss, leading her to the bedroom …

Sarah returns to Xander. He finds the stuffed animal left in the bed, which Eric bought at the airport in Boston. He vows to do right by Sarah and the little girl. Always. She loves him so much and proves it with a passionate kiss. Her Mediterranean Romeo responds … In the bedroom Eric breathes Nicole is beauuuuuuuuutiful. She is the love of his life. She loves him right back and they hungrily kiss … Brady is surprised to see Kristen at the square. She acts like it is a chance meeting … JJ claims he has to go to work and takes off. Gabi wants to leave as well. Eli and Julie remind her they have to taste cake and go over the seating plan. He asks what is really going on …

Nicole and Eric cannot get enough of one another in the candlelight … Sarah snuggles with Xander in the afterglow and he assures her they will find a match for Mickey. He promises … Brady smiles Kristen cannot push him away. She suggests they start low key. He quips a bagel date at the office. She giggles and agrees to be at his desk in the morning. Then they go their separate ways … JJ joins Lani with news. Julie must get her pacemaker replaced so this could be their opening. Lani exclaims Gabi will have no more power so all is well. JJ is sorry to say Gabi already knows and is probably plotting her next move … Back at the club, Gabi lies she needs to call the DJ. Julie goes to get the cake samples. Sweet tooth Eli follows. Gabi phones her flunky about Julie’s new pacemaker and points out she must have complete control of this one too. Matter of fact she demands it …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, February 5, 2020