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Episode 13,804
1220 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Justin is with Ben. He will try to buy him more time. Ben has high hopes about Ciara getting the goods on Xander and Victor. Justin sighs they convinced her they did not set him up. Ben wonders then who did … Sonny and Evan are at the square. Sonny suggests hot cocoa. Evan takes his with marshmallows and whipped cream. The nanny notes his charge is on a play date and Rafe is not home. They should go to his place. Sonny smiles they have been together a lot and hopes he will not tire of him. They kiss. Ciara arrives and cannot believe it … Kristen is stunned when Brady admits he and Nicole are not together … At the pub Nicole has just said the same thing to Eric and wants to explain … In her room Sarah stuns brave heart Xander by professing her love … Kristen believes Brady and Nicole just broke up. He notes they were not real. Kristen needs another drink. Brady points out Nicole pretended they were dating when she came to work at Basic Black … Nicole admits to Eric she wanted to hit back at Kristen but then he returned! He wonders why the charade continued … Ben digests and needs to see Ciara. Justin is still working to get him out. When he stands to leave he sees Will, who admits he is taking time to think about the divorce papers … Ciara stammers she was surprised to see Sonny kissing someone else. Sonny informs her that he and Will are divorcing. Ciara gasps then he has not seen him. Sonny wonders. Ciara starts to say something but then Ben calls. Oh Ben, she sighs the same way Hope used to sigh Oh Bo. He wonders what is going on. She will be there shortly … Nicole begs Eric to believe her. He does. She gets emotional about how they have been connecting and decides to depart. Eric stops her … Brady admits Kristen seemed too mean, hence his desire for distance. She slaps him …

Evan has his arm draped around Sonny at the square. Sonny teases it might take his clan some time to get used to them being together. Here comes surprised Justin. Evan discreetly departs. Sonny confirms they are dating. Justin just came from Will and he has not signed the divorce papers … Ciara sits across from Ben, sorry she let him down. He wants to know what Victor and Xander said. Who was the innocent person they sent to prison? Wil steps up and softly suggests she tell him … Kristen asks why Brady came clean now. Because he saw her sorrow when they visited Rachel’s grave. He should not have been so hard on her. He does not love Nicole. She questions him on their future … Eric emotionally states it felt like a stab to the heart when he heard Nicole was with Brady. He admits he just kissed Sarah which was wrong … Sarah assures Xander he was on her mind when she stopped anything from happening with Eric. He is her rock who makes her laugh and loves her baby girl, whom he also saved. Xander warns her he is no hero … Back at the pub Eric explains he and Sarah stopped their kiss, which was not real. Nicole is his heart, his life and his home and he needs her in his life. Nicole cries tears of joy … Kristen knows she is no heroine and remembers how Brady blamed her for losing the baby. He believes no one was to blame … Sarah gushes handsome clever Xander is her arrogant hero. She teases him for his faults and sometimes being dopey, then lists her own flaws. When she announces she loves him, he romantically kisses her with all his heart. He teases tis not the time to talk. She wants to check on Mickey but with him. She already got Eric to accept he will be in her and Mickey’s world …

At the pub the poignant scene between Nicole and Eric continues. He officially forgives her, tenderly touches her cheek and then he kisses her. A piano tinkles. Nicole is happy at last … Evan asks Sonny why Will has not signed. Sonny suspects it means nothing … Ben has heard from Ciara that Maggie was the one who caused Adrienne’s death. He is happy for Will and wonders why he has not spoken with the authorities. Alas Will cannot ruin the redhead’s life. Ciara warns him Sonny seems to be moving on. She saw him and Evan kissing. Ben insists Will do the right thing for himself and for Ari. Will excuses himself. Ciara weeps to Ben she is sorry she let him down by going after the wrong lead. Jordan’s real killer is still out there. Ben her rock holds her close. He praises her and loves her even more than before. She sobs she loves him and vows to keep digging. She has requested his police file. A missed lead could lead them to Jordan’s real killer …

Evan sees an envelope from child welfare to Rafe and acts strangely stressed. Sonny reasons Rafe is too perfect to have a problem and goes to get a glass of water. Evan opens the letter. It is about their alert to Rafe regarding an issue with Evan’s background check. Evan starts to sweat … Sarah and Xander marvel how peaceful Mickey looked. She is worried but her black knight promises there will be a match. She thanks him for his support. Always. They kiss and fall on the bed together … Kristen has her bracelet and is still bewildered what happened to her miracle baby. She wishes she could turn back time. Brady tenderly tells her tis time to move forward and takes her hands. They can do it together. She asks if he means it and then he kisses her. An angel harp plays. He weeps he was so unhappy without her and assures her this is real. They deserve another chance. Tis music to her DiMera ears. He grins he has to go but he will call her. Another kiss and he heads out. Kristen is over the moon. Brady too …

Nicole repeats she is sorry to understanding Eric. Sweet music plays. He is sorry for how he treated her. She and Holly give him joy and she is the love of his life. He holds her face in his hands and reminds her to remember. Then they passionately kiss, reunited and it feels so good … As they make out Xander and Sarah exchange I love yous … Wistful Will imagines Sonny coming to say he loves him and kissing him through the bars. He blinks but there is no one there … Evan hides the letter in his pocket and kisses Sonny when he returns. Then they head to his room … Ben looks numb, having heard from Justin. He has three weeks left to live. Ciara hugs him like there is no tomorrow …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, February 4, 2020