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Episode 13,803
1220 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Sad Sarah and Eric lean into a sunlight kiss … Xander urges Brady to arrange with Theresa for Tate to be tested. Brady is suspicious. Kristen walks in on the conflict … At the gatehouse Chad and Abigail wonder why Steve has a portrait of himself posing with the phoenix ring … Marlena is a mess. Obsessed Steve vows to take care of her as John asked. He hugs her and she warns him he will not … John is a mess over losing Marlena. Obsessed Gina is sorrrrrry as he falls to the floor and hugs him with a smirk. He raises his handsome head and declares he does not believe her … At the station Roman cannot reach Steve or John long distance. Rafe updates him on Shawn searching. He knows Hope would not willingly hurt Marlena but … Roman wonders where she took doc. Rafe has an idea … John cannot accept that Marlena is gone … Marlena snaps at Steve to get out and blames him for her husband’s death … Abigail wonders who the artist was. Chad wonders why it was painted. They can ask Ciara if she saw it. Abigail knows her uncle would not approve. Chad actually thinks he modeled for it. Abigail adds it looks recent. But what does it mean? He muses father will not meet him face to face and reminds her that Kristen got Nicole’s face from Rolf. What if father did the same and is now being Steve?

Stefano Steve insists he tried to save John. Marlena is mad he did not protect him or let her accompany him. She could have comforted him and held him as he breathed his last. Steve is sorry. She blames him for his arrogance and carelessness. She no longer knows who he is … Hope/Gina is sorry. John suspects Stefano made her hallucinate. Stefano was crazy about Marlena. She insists he snapped. John wants out and demands the file she used to unshackle him. He tries without success to open the door. The princess pouts … Nicole blasts Kristen for barging into her apartment. Kristen snaps the door was open, she needs a signature to close a deal. Nicole signs and shoves it back. Then she kicks her out. Kristen stops and asks if Tate is unwell. Brady replies he is alright. Xander gently asks her to stay … Sarah feels badly about leaning on Eric, who admits he leans on her too. All that matters is Mickey being alright. They embrace again. She notes he is not mad at her for keeping the secret of her baby but is still mad at Nicole. He points out she was in pain. They are both afraid and start to smooch …

Xander updates Kristen on Eric and Sarah not being a bone marrow match for Mickey. He loves the little girl and would like everyone tested, including Kristen, who graciously agrees. Nicole gets sarcastic. Kristen reminds her she lost a child and no one should endure what she and Brady suffered. Xander thanks her from the bottom of his (wicked) heart … Gina tries to open the door but their only tool conveniently breaks … Rafe believes Gina might be hiding Marlena in Stefano’s hiding place. He and Roman are almost on their way … Steve keeps going with his 'I tried to save the now late John from Stefano' story. Marlena apologizes for lashing out for she really blames Stefano …Chad knows it sounds nuts but Stefano might have disguised himself as Steve so he could come back. Abigail argues there is a big age difference. She then remembers finding Kristen with Steve instead of Stefano. Chad wonders why he would hide it from him that he was wearing Steve’s face. It sounds like a fantasy. Chad decides to demand the truth from Kristen … Brady has something to say to Kristen, who is in a hurry to head to the hospital to be tested … At the Kiriakis mansion phone Xander informs Uncle Victa that Brady and Kristen will both be tested. He also pressed Brady to get Tate tested. Tate is likely the best chance as he is half brotha to Mackenzie. He now runs upstairs to check on Sarah, who has Eric in her bedroom. They are both in a state of semi undress when he opens the door …

Roman gets an ISA call. Someone who looks like Hope boarded a flight to Prague last night. In addition Marlena’s passport was scanned at the Prague airport. Marlena’s purse and personal effects were left at the house. Maybe Hope made her travel light. One call later Rafe and Roman are en route to Prague … Marlena could just kill Stefano! She suggests she and Steve go before Gina comes back. The door is locked! He blames Gina and assures her he is here. Marlena senses something is very wrong … Gina urges John to rest his injured head and gushes she is going to help … Nicole had her test already. Brady meets up with her at the hospital and states he is still on the national bone marrow registry, cos of Chloe some years ago. Nicole cannot believe Kristen acted out of good faith by being tested. Brady agrees she should tell Eric the truth – that they are not together. He needs her support now … Xander hangs his head. Sarah insists they were desperate but nothing happened here…

Brady is alone when Kristen comes out from her test. It is hard remembering the night they lost their baby girl. Brady thanks her for being tested for the daughter of the family she hates. She assures him she hates not his clan and wonders what he wanted to tell her. He suggests he walk her home. They can talk on the way … Abigail warns Chad that Kristen would lie to him. Chad plans to play her and Stefano against each other. Abigail refuses due to the danger. He gets it as Rolf is involved but they have no other option … Rafe calls Shawn to let him know they are leaving the country. Roman tries to call John … Marlena reasons all Gina wanted was John, she did not need Steve to help her find Stefano. Stefano Steve explains …John mutters many times they believed doc was gone. He knows Stefano is capable of anything. Until he sees her body he will not believe she is gone … Steve suggests he was used to throw the scent off from Stefano and Gina. Just like the old days. Marlena doubts John is gone … Abigail agrees with Chad. Nothing is impossible with Stefano DiMera … Brady sees Kristen home and has something to say about himself and Nicole … Nicole finds Eric at the pub. She is so sorry he and Sarah were no match for Mackenzie. She and Brady were tested too. He quips thank him when she heads home to him. Nicole now announces she and Brady are not and were not together … Sarah gushes she no longer loves Eric, she is in love with Xander! The big guy melts ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, February 3, 2020