Days of Our Lives February 25, 2014
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Episode 12,282

- At the ornate Kiriakis mansion, a Greek tycoon is reading before the fireplace. Maggie the missus flounces in and gushes they are alone!
She places her arms around him. He wonders what she has in mind.
The redhead flirts she does indeed have something in mind. Bang! Belligerent Brady saunters in after slamming the door, wearing a black leather jacket and a scowl on his face to match his bad attitude. He demands to know if they are they having him followed! Victor stands up curses, and thunders at Brady, indignant at the charge. Brady rages he already knows he is keeping tabs on him at the corporate suite. The
Greek growls he is like a toddler with a tantrum. The angry guy in the leather jacket sarcastically steps away for a biz call from China. Maggie announces she is not having him followed. She asks Victor whether he
is. Pause.
- JJ presses Abigail about her secret. Abigail snaps to leave it alone. JJ wants to know the name of her older man! She stares and he deduces it must be bad. Abigail starts to scream and insists it is over anyway. He doubts that. She snaps it is not his business, then sighs it really is over,
she realized it today. JJ is sympathetic. He is here should she need to talk and now has some news that might give her a reason to be happy.
- At DiMera mansion, suited EJ wants Samantha to calm down. She screams his family destroyed her brother's happy holy life as a priest
and stomps around the room. EJ frowns. Sami slams her files down and blames Kristen, others. EJ is sorry. She starts to rage about Nicole now getting her hooks into Eric the good. If only someone had warned her what Kristen was up to! EJ has had enough and starts to go. She tells
him to wait and so he stops. He is admittedly exasperated she is on the warpath and assumes their reconciliation is ova. Perhaps she will kick
him out of their bed again. Sami exclaims how could he say such a thing! He reminds her it usually starts with her attacking his family, then he
too finds himself under attack. Sami grabs his arm to keep him in the living room with her and insists she is mad at all the other DiMeras, not him. She makes him sit and is sorry. He pouts as she assures him she
was upset about Eric and could not show it to anyone else. The talk turns lighthearted about ketchup. Sami whispers she does not want anything
to come between them, not Stefano or ketchup or that psycho ... er ... troubled sister. He teases she is so sweet! She gets on his lap and they cuddle. She dreamily states he can now tell her all is well and nothing
will come between them. EJ holds her in his arms and smiles warmly.
- Theresa the terrible knows not why Eric believes in Nicole but she is
surely no saint! Eric emotionally defends Nicole, convinced she is a good woman. Theresa warns him people do not change and reminds him that according to the family story, she tossed him aside years ago for a rich dude. But of course he can believe in her if he wants to! Eric pauses. Theresa knows what trouble looks like, and goes on to blast the likes of Nicole in addition to Jen and JJ. Eric does not wish to hear any negativity about Nicole the woman he loves and says so.
- Meanwhile Nicole flashes back to her shredding mischief. Alas it cannot be undone or can it? She gingerly opens the office shredder and takes
out the shredded bits of paper. She imagines giving Eric the unshredded papers, which she would lie had been anonymously sent to her. Eric would be cleared and he would embrace her. She tells herself it could work but is it possible to piece this together like in the movie Argo? First she needs to get it out of the office! She shoves the shredded paper into
a plastic bag and starts to carry it all the way to Dan's apartment.
- Dan and Jen kiss passionately and breathe heavily. He has missed this. Jen too! They decide to make up for lost time and take it to the couch. Moments later, Nicole interruptus! She exclaims what are they doing, the bag of shredded paper in her hand, then babbles like a nervous wreck. Dan and Jen stop kissing and look up.
- JJ tells Abigail his tale of Theresa, how wrong he was, and the fact that he came clean to mama Jen, who is now chez Daniel.  He regrets he was hot for the bad girl in the first place. He swears his sister to secrecy and sighs he can now live free of the witch who blackmailed him for months. Abigail is sorry for his tough time. JJ notes Dan the man was on his side all along. She asks about Jen's reaction. JJ the love guru thinks things will work out for her and the good doctor ...
- Nicole stammers Dan and Jen made up and do not need her here. Dan insists she stay. He will see Jen to the door. Jennifer assures the frazzled female it is quite alright and steps outside the apartment door with Dan. He apologizes. Jen just loves how he helps his friends and Nicole is
clearly in distress so he must help her! Dan drawls she and Eric have
been through much. He stammers he wants their first time back together to be special. Jen blushes and smiles. They arrange to rendezvous at his place tonight. He adds his feelings for her will never change and kisses
her again. Jen gets in the elevator and blows him one last kiss. Dan grins like a love struck school boy and gets back to Nicole, who hugs him. His reconciliation with Jen seems to give her hope that happily ever afters
do come true ....
- Theresa agrees Nicole will be off limits. She does not believe in love since people always let you down. Eric peers at her, though nothing can change his exuberance.
- Dan notes Nicole is upset. She does not deny it and adds she is also confused. She anxiously admits she might not have done the right thing and therefore requires his help! Things happened so fast with Eric! Dan knows and deduces they are moving ahead together. She thinks so. Dan assures the glum girl she did her best to prevent Chyka from escaping. Nicole starts to say something about Chyka getting away ... Dan thinks
it is not right he escaped but maybe she should accept her newfound happiness that resulted. Knock knock! Tis Eric, there for Daniel He gazes at Nicole lovingly.
- Sami keeps flattering EJ, kisses his neck and wonders whether she can stop groveling now. He muses she was not groveling. He gazes at her in wonder and admits he never knows what is coming or going with her.
She astounds him! Sami teases then there is nothing left to say. EJ kisses her like he means it.
- Maggie suspiciously questions Victor on his claim that he is not having Brady followed. Brady returns from the biz call and boasts he did good with China. Victor snaps he is glad it is not interfering with his drinking and storms out. Brady boasts he is not using coke and only had a few drinks. Maggie notes it is not even lunch time. He glowers to go to hell and goes on his belligerent boozing way.
- Dan discreetly takes his leave to run a few errands. Eric and Nicole are all alone. Eric perceives his dream girl is upset and Dan seemed to think they need to talk. He hopes she is not having second thoughts about
them. She gasps actually she is. He blinks in bewilderment.
- EJ and Sami fall onto the grand bed they share again and he unzips her blue dress.  They kiss and he pulls the dress off, then she unbuttons his shirt. They gaze at each other and continue their passion.
- Jen is back at Horton house, explaining to Abigail and JJ that she and Daniel will be talking, spending time together tonight. They are so happy for her! Jen advises them to be careful around Theresa though. She praises JJ for bringing them back together. Now their family is good
again and there are no secrets!  JJ gives Abigail a look and she cringes.
- Dan shows up at Theresa's apartment. She tries to shut the door but the macho medicine man forces his way in.
- Nicole stands near the bag of shredded paper and laments she is not good enough for Eric. He suspects Sami and his mother made her feel insecure. He will hear none of it! He holds her in his arms and marvels how good they feel together. She sighs even when they were younger
he made her feel beautiful. He tenderly touches her face and calls her beautiful inside and out. After all she has done for him ... it all feels so right. However, he will not rush her into anything. Being with her is not rebound. Nicole notes it was not a real choice, though, and questions whether he would still choose her over being a priest if it was his choice
to make. Tough question.
- Theresa rolls her eyes and slams the door. Dan and Jen are getting back together! He warns her if she hurts Jen or the kids, he will crush her! He growls he hopes he will not regret saving her sorry behind and now walks out. Theresa stares.
- Jen insists she and her kids have proven they trust each other. Abigail suddenly excuses herself to make a mysterious phone call. JJ quietly suggests Jen talk to her. Jen loves he is so concerned about his sister.
He grins it is great not to be the one who needs to be worried about for
a change and goes to run some errands. Jen settles dreamily in the armchair. Life is good.
- Shirtless EJ and Sami bask in the afterglow in their grand DiMera bed. He solemnly assures her he is deeply sorry about wot happened to Eric. The good man did not deserve wot happened. She thanks him for the sentiment and for waiting for her all this time. Other men would not have been as patient! She kisses him and a phone buzzes. EJ glances nervously as Sami wonders whether they should answer.
- Brady pauses outside the club door, tells himself he has better things to do than drink the day away, then realizes he does not.
- Eric evades the question by stating he would rather not hear about a hypothetical situation. This is real and he has no doubts! Nicole softly states her feelings for him are real, though he did not exactly answer. Eric suggests a date tonight. She wonders what to wear. He talks bowling and then claims it was a joke. He jokes when happy like now! She kisses him on the cheek and goes to get changed, Eric removes his coat and is
about to take a seat when he spies the bag of shredded paper and peeks
- Sami notes her phone was making noise. Tis a text from Ciara, who wants her to make good on her promise to take her shopping for earrings. They will meet at the town square in an hour. EJ passes when she invites him and drawls it is a tad presumptuous of Ciara. Sami gets closer and now asks how he would feel about a May wedding. EJ is surprised that came out of the blue, but if a May wedding will make Samantha happy, then a May wedding it shall be! They kiss in bliss.
- Back at Horton house, Jen faces her daughter, who assures her she is fine in spite of JJ's worry. Jen sighs that one is only as happy as one's unhappiest child. Abigail insists she is happy, tells her mom to focus on her happy with Daniel, and they hug. Abigail smiles strangely.
- JJ runs into Dan at the town square and notices that bouquet of Jen's favorite flowers. Dan thanks him for everything and they shake hands. Dan holds the bouquet in his free hand.
- Back at the house of Kiriakis, Victor picks up Brady's picture and sighs. Ring ring! He confirms to his contact that HE was just here.
- Outside the club, Brady calls Theresa and invites her to hang out. They can go anywhere she wants but not the club. She asks him over and he accepts. Then he turns and nervously glances over his shoulder ...
- Nicole rejoins Eric, excited about their date, but he is holding her bag, with some of the shredded paper in his hand. He demands to know what
it all is. Nicole diverts her gaze. Time to think fast!


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