Days of Our Lives February 24, 2014
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Monday, February 24, 2014
Episode 12,281

- At the pub, Caroline is ready to see Eric and assumes this is important. He explains it is as he is leaving the priesthood! Caroline sadly sighs. He insists this is his choice. He did some soul searching and this feels right. He asks her to be happy for him. Easier said than done.
- Marlena has questions outside the pub for Nicole, who thinks she is merely seeking someone to blame. Marlena gasps but Eric loved being
a priest so what happened! Sami walks up in time to learn that her twin brother is leaving his holy calling and exclaims WHAT! Marlena explains he arrived at the decision on his own but Sami turns her raging eyes on Nicole and snaps it is HER doing! Nicole denies the charge. Hurricane Sami accuses her of sabotaging the interview that could have exonerated him. She knows this was her doing and she will find out and undo what this witch did! Marlena tries to stop her. But Sami is unstoppable. She rages Nicole has always been bad for Eric, When they were young, she broke his noble heart! Eric comes out and urges his sister to leave Nicole alone. He takes her elsewhere to explain. Nicole sarcastically thanks Mar for helping. The blonde snaps NOT to call her Mar.
- Abigail and EJ are kissing in the office. She has just assured him they can be careful, no one needs to know. EJ gets her on the boardroom table and kisses her, paws at her. He grins this is wot she wants and she gasps yes as he kisses her and states this is how it will have to be!
- Theresa toasts to liking Brady as they drink at the club but her face falls when JJ appears. She stands up to go. Brady promises not to let anyone ruin her day and makes her sit back down. Theresa grimaces at JJ, who
is now at the counter. He assumes someone connected to harmless JJ must have irked her. She grimaces there is nothing to tell. Brady the boozer thinks he should ask him. As though on cue, JJ stands by their table.
- At his apartment, Dan breathes what is Jen doing here? She breathes
she had to see him. They gaze at each other. She gasps she knows, she finally knows! He claims there is nothing. Jen laments she should have seen the signals. She implores him to let her in so she can enlighten him! He does. Jen places her hands on her hips and dramatically declares she knows everything! He walks toward her and wonders. She emotionally states JJ told her what happened. It amazes her that after all her son had done, he jumped right into the fire to save him! He singlehandedly kept him out of prison and there is no need to lie about it anymore. Dan thinks JJ should not have said anything. Jen gets choked up about the great love he has shown her through this. Dan emotionally replies her son does not belong in prison. He knew she would be lost without JJ. The medicine man gets teary eyed and choked up as he admits Jenís wellbeing means more to him than anything.
- EJ starts to unbutton Abigail's top and sarcastically says they can do it here all the time and in the hospital too, how about in an alley! He keeps kissing her like a man out for a good time and she frowns. He pulls her close and gasps he can have his way with her up against the wall too.
She slips out of his grasp and screams to STOP! EJ naughtily drawls he thought this is wot she wanted! No, not like ... this. He points out the conference table is where he will soon be seated and he will rememba. Abigail admits she was not expecting this, He snaps then wot was she expecting! She stammers she wants to be with him but ... He asks the naive girl wot she thinks an affair looks like. Abigail blinks uncertainly
at the man of the world before her.
- Sami follows Eric to the town gate, insisting he must see Nicole for her manipulations! He refuses to let her trash talk Nicole and insists it was HIS decision to leave the priesthood, He urges her to listen and so she sits down. Eric sighs.
- Marlena politely explains she did not feel Nicole deserved to be raked over the coals by Sami, but Sami is sometimes impossible to stop. She explains they were caught off guard and perhaps could have been more gracious but they have been so focused on Eric finding evidence and
now this! Nicole notes there was only what Chyka said, nothing more. Marlena proceeds to press her about what she knows. She feels Nicole
is acting almost guilty whenever she asks for details. Nicole gets defensive and warns her not to shrink her.
- JJ would like to talk to Theresa. Brady the boozer blows him off. Theresa orders her new boy toy to get them another round and so he does. JJ sits and suggests she take it easy. He boasts he is no longer
afraid of her! Brady is back with the drinks and asks JJ how the park is. He knows what he was doing at that part of the park! JJ believes he told the judge and stands up. Brady sips his fresh drink and slurs lucky he stayed out of the slammer cos he would have been someone's snack! JJ agrees he is lucky. Brady suggests his mom deserves better. JJ agrees
with that too, sarcastically tells them to enjoy their breakfast and steps away. Theresa flirts she liiiiikes the way Brandy handled that! Brady the billionaire heir grins.
- Dan stammers the whole situation is still a mess. Jen promises she will not make it worse. She admits she might have done so before and is grateful for Dan the man being in her son's corner. Dan thinks he is a great lad and they laugh he did not make it easy. Dan is impressed by his will to be the son the fair Jen deserves. She whispers he always will be and steps closer, adding Dan cares about him. He says yeah. She breathes he has no idea how much that meeeans to her. He does indeed, for as a parent, he wants Parker to be happy and safe. The same applies to Jen's children. She gushes she is lucky to know a man like him. Dan gasps she should go and steps away. Jen realizes he wants her to leave. Dan hangs his head. They must protect her son. Jen explains she already knows about the video Theresa has but as she understands, the wicked girl
was neutralized. Dan sighs she is a loose cannon who keeps on getting worse. Jen wonders. Dan complains she is crazy obsessed with Jen and that is why she went after him. Jen wonders whether she is that irrational. Dan is not willing to take the chance. She could still send JJ to jail and cost him his license. It would destroy Jen and he will never ever let that happen. Jen is clearly touched.
- Marlena demands to know what Nicole is so scared of. Nicole flashes back to the files that proved Eric's innocence and now plays innocent herself. She only wants Eric to be happy! Marlena's eyes are filled with suspicion.
- Eric tells Sami all about Brother Timothy, his spiritual advisor at the
holy retreat. But he discovered himself that this is God's will. Sami thinks it is more like Nicole's will. Eric patiently explains how Nicole and Dan tracked down Chyka and got his confession at the cabin on tape, which
he unfortunately escaped with. There is no more proof. Sami shouts but they know who he is! Indeed, a dastardly doc on the DiMera payroll who admitted he was working for Kristen. Sami stammers did he say more? No, and then he got away. Sami nods. Eric laments had they gotten Chyka for real, they would have also gotten anyone who helped him and Kristen too ...
- Abigail says she can see what EJ is trying to do but what happened between them was more than just sex! EJ admits it was, then starts to say how much he feels for Samantha. There is no other woman in the world for him. Abigail bitterly notes he wants to act like they never happened.
EJ enlightens her on how he feels. After Samantha walked away, he was lost. It was wonderful that Abigail was there and he was thankful. She screams it was not a service! He gets angry at himself for cheating on
the woman he loves more than his own life. This cannot happen again. EVA! The young girl in the black outfit looks ready to cry.
- Theresa tries to pick up the bill. Brady teases he is rich. She flirts she will get it next time, flashes a smiles, and slinks out. Sonny solemnly approaches the table and Brady requests another drink. Sonny gives his fellow Kiriakis a dark look and wants to know if he intends to drive himself home. Brady rubs his handsome unshaven jaw with a sigh.
- Jen refuses to love in fear anymore!
- EJ is sorry and admits Abigail deserves more. She gasps to stop when
he calls her beautiful and cries he does not have the right to tell her anything! If she told Sami about them ...  EJ quips she would ruin his
life, hers, the lives of their children, plus she too would be miserable. She blinks and he adds it is of course her choice. Regardless, he is not doing this again. He takes his briefcase, coldly and cordially wishes her the best, and exits. This is the end of the affair. Abigail falls to pieces .
- Marlena sincerely hopes that what Nicole is claiming about trying to exonerate Eric and not harm him is the whole truth. If not, Sami will not be the only one out for her blood!  Eric steps out, touches Nicole's arm, and asks his mother what is going on. She whispers nothing and politely excuses herself. Eric hopes Nicole is alright. He jokes he bears good
news. Brady has already told him off and he suspects they are now in the clear. There are no tough family members left. Nicole suddenly blurts out she did a bad thing! He tenderly takes her hands and interrupts he feels badly about his family getting to her. She thinks she does not deserve his kindness ... Just then Theresa comes around the corner. Nicole is not in the mood to deal with her and goes on her way. Theresa now learns from Eric that he has decided to leave the priesthood. Theresa does not seem fussed and calls Nicole a beeeech. Eric defends her without hesitation.
- Brady admits he has had enough and pays the hefty bill without batting an eye. Sonny offers to call him a cab. Brady opts to walk and Sonny watches him saunter out.
- JJ comes home to flustered Abigail, who is searching high and low for her credit card. She aimlessly looks out the window. Brother JJ asks her to confide in him about what is really bothering her. Abigail turns around.
- EJ arrives home to the mansion and stares at the family picture of himself, Samantha, and the children on his phone. Seconds later, Sami storms in with the news that Eric has quit the priesthood and she knows for a fact that the DiMeras are to blame!
- Jen removes her cardigan and laments she was a fool to give up Daniel after the sacrifices he made! He breathes it was the only way. She had actually believed he hated her. He confesses that was the worst part. Jen gets closer and sweetly suggests they go back in time ...  if they can.
She blinks her baby blue and regrets how she misjudged him. She would understand if his feelings had changed. They gaze at each other with longing.
- Abigail airily states she is stressed about work but JJ announces he knows. He knows all about her older man! Abigail freezes.
- Sami stands before EJ in her blue dress and praises Eric for not blaming her. EJ thinks it would not be fair but she points out she lives under the same roof as the DiMeras. She vows to make the DiMeras pay for what they have done this time! EJ is rendered speechless.
- Brady comes back to the club for his forgotten gloves. Sonny notes it is colder than he thought. Brady slurs did Sonny call Victor or Maggie cos someone was following him. Sonny assures him he called no one. Brady wonders.
- Eric calls Nicole a wonderful woman who helped him on his journey. Theresa would be lucky to get to know someone like her!
- Back at the office, Nicole worriedly wonders how to fix things. Maybe there is a way to cover up ...
- Jen and Dan get closer and she sighs she was wrong to think the worst of him cos he is the best! If she killed what they had, she is truly sorry. Daniel stares and reaches out, grabbing her in a deep passionate kiss.


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