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Friday, February 21, 2014
Episode 12,280

- Abigail has just announced with a wide smile that she wants EJ and
will not walk away. She believes he would not want her to. He gets tense about the girl who continues to wear her hopeful heart on her sleeve. He solemnly states it would be a mistake of her to assume ... She cuts him off, convinced he is in denial. He reminds her he happens to be engaged. She argues he and Sami are no longer sleeping in the same bed but then notices the strange look in his eye. She stops and wonders. He confirms they are now sharing the same bed. Abigail slowly turns away in tears
and sniffles she will not run out screaming ... EJ raises his hands and explains he was trying to be honest. She angrily demands to know why
he slept with her. For exercise only?! She dares him to be honest if not with her then himself. EJ sighs the reason he slept with her ... He stops and then bites his lip.
- At the town square, Eric gets defensive about Brady suggesting Nicole has been after him since he got back to town. Brady quips now that he and God are seeing other people, Nicole can get what her greedy little heart desires. Eric alludes to the fact that he and Nicole are soul mates. Brady warns him he no longer knows Nikki and certain aspects of her
will come back to bite him. He likens the situation to himself and Kristen and insists his heart will be broken, his life shredded to pieces too!
- Marlena repeats Chyka was alone with Nicole. Roman urges her to tell them everything. Nicole  points out Hope already has her full statement. She becomes offended they seem to be questioning whether she would have helped Eric. Roman is now paged to the station. Nicole stands up
to go as well, her eyes shifty, but Marlena declares they are not done.
She suspects Nicole is hiding something and wants her to sit down and give her the whole story. Nicole begins at the beginning. She and Dan tracked down Chyka and forced a confession out of him. Marlena asks how he escaped. There was an accomplice with a gun. Daniel went after that one, assuming Nicole would be safe with groggy Chyka.  Marlena notes Nicole and the dastardly DiMera doctor were aloooooone. Was there really not any evidence? Not one thing? Nicole looks down and lies Chyka got away before she could get her hands on any. Marlena calls
that unbelievable. Nicole claims to feel terrible about it. Marlena thinks
she should feel terrible.
- At the hospital, mama Maggie would like to know where Dr. Dan has been when Theresa approaches and snaps they need to talk and he had better make time! Maggie lectures her for her lack of manners. Theresa snaps she is being direct and adds she is leaving AA, She sarcastically notes Dan and Maggie are all about honesty, no! She gives Dan a bitter look. Maggie excuses herself. Theresa calls him a snake. Dan chuckles
he was delighted to help JJ and steps away. Theresa fumes. He ignores her, his attention focused on a patient's file.
- At Horton house, JJ announces he must tell mama Jen the truth. He cannot let another day go by without it! Jen soap stares. She fears the worst and wonders about calling a lawyer. JJ says no. This is not easy... The teen blurts out he lied! But she must keep what he now shares a secret. His future will rest in her hands! Jen is baffled. The boy laments
he was a fool and is filled with deep regret but he cannot keep his silence and continue to cause her unnecessary pain.
- Eric stands up, shoves his hands in his dark cloth coat pockets, and thanks Brady for the concern. Brady gets sarcastic and keeps going regardless. He quips he cares not what happens to him! Eric reminds him he was attacked. Brady gets sarcastically sympathetic about the gorgeous woman he has waiting in the wings. Eric wonders whether he is using. Jumpy Brady warns him that Nicole the kitten is gonna bare her claws! Eric thinks he is still angry. Brady snaps this feels good and wants more. "TALK TO ME!" Eric has had enough, says so, and advises him to stop lashing out and take some responsibility. But Brady believes Eric the
good has not owned up for what he really did. He slept with his fiancee and he could see how much he loved it! Eric sarcastically snaps of course he wanted to hurt him! Brady argues maybe he needed an excuse to leave the priesthood. He is going bed hopping from his fiancée to his ex! He gives him 6 months maximum with the she devil cos he will lose her and
it could not happen to a more deserving guy!
- Theresa accuses Dan of being a hippie player. Jenny must have known he could not live up to her oh so high standards. Dan growls she does NOT get to talk about the fair Jen. Theresa leers she will never forgive him for sleeping with her. Dan suggests he might tell her one day. He
now quietly threatens the girl to stay away from the people he cares about or else and goes on his way.
- EJ stammers there is no simple answer to Abigail's question. She insists she can do complicated. He sighs. She knows what she felt. He stares darkly. She is convinced he wanted her every bit as much as she wanted him and it was more than sex, the way they touched. She gets closer.
- At the club, Brady is now at the bar, awaiting a drink. Enter the Maggie. She sweetly asks how he fares as he orders a double scotch. She realizes he is drinking in the open now. The vodka was much easier to hide on the breath. He drawls he is not hiding. The devoted redhead smiles she loves him and promises to be here for him when he needs to pick up the pieces. Then she goes. Brady grimaces.
- Nicole points out she did manage to record Chyka's confession. Marlena is still miffed she let him slip through her fingers. Dan the man enters and defends Nicole, whom he feels should be praised instead of attacked in such a manner. She went above and beyond the call of duty and he
knows cos he was at that cabin with her ...
- Jen hopes this is not about Rory and Bev. JJ assures her it is not. It is actually about Theresa. Jen is even more worried. JJ decides to just blurt it out, for the sake of simplicity. I WAS THE ONE THAT WAS WITH HER WHEN SHE ODed! Jen pauses.
- EJ smoothly suggests they let this go. Abigail gasps things that are worth it can be messy. She feels they feel the same way despite the problems. She understands he is engaged to Sami ... EJ shouts she is saying that like it does not matta! Abigail argues he came to her regardless and therefore wanted something more. She gets closer, looks into his eyes, and insists
he wants her right here right now. EJ fights his attraction but it seems to be a losing battle.
- Brady picks up his double on the rocks, then slams it down. He is about to leave the club when Theresa slinks his way, places her hand on his arm, and offers him some company. He peers at the pretty girl.
- Dan insists Nicole was all about helping Father Eric. Marlena questions her agenda, her own plan. Nicole gets sarcastic about Marlena suspecting she tried to stop Eric from being reinstated as a priest. Dan dramatically disagrees Nicole would have done any such thing. He recounts what happened and adds Nicole could have been killed. But all she cared about was getting evidence to exonerate Eric. He thinks the blonde owes her an apology. Marlena primly apologizes, thanks her for trying, and flounces out. Nicole is very grateful to Dan the cheerleader.
- JJ tells Jen the whole sordid story of getting some weed and taking it to Theresa's place once upon a fateful night. He admits he had a thing for her and she was giving him mixed signals. She then offered him a potent sexual stimulant but he took very little. She, however, was drinking in addition to downing the drug, and then she passed out! That was when
he called DANIEL.
- EJ inserts his hand into Abigail's open jacket and breathes heavily. Their eyes meet. Then he pulls back and orders her to leave. She refuses and repeats he wants her. EJ gasps wot people want and wot they act on are two different things. She takes his face in her hands and breathes they do not have to be ...
- Eric joins Daniel and Nicole at the pub and sighs things are getting weird in his world. Dan wonders. Eric updates him on his decision to leave the Church. Dan gives Nicole a look. She gets uncomfortable.
- Jen takes it all in as JJ updates her on how Dr. Dan saved the day. He revived Theresa, got her an ambulance, saw the drug paraphernalia, and told JJ to pretend he was never there. Daniel lied to keep him out of prison. Jen now understands why they seemed tight. JJ continues. And then there was the cover ... Jen points out Dan was already involved with Theresa anyway but JJ insists that was not the case. He and Theresa never slept together! Jen gasps why did he not tell the truth then?? JJ elaborates. The sexy message from Theresa came out and people wanted to believe it. Jen is still upset he did not tell her the truth. JJ explains he
did not want to make her have to lie in court. Jen is overwhelmed. She does not get why Theresa kept quiet and pretended not to remember. JJ calls her psycho jealous. Jen wants to know more. JJ mentions her video blackmail. Jen is horrified. He hastily adds but he stopped her in her blackmailing tracks with his own video of her trying to steal money. They agreed not to use the videos against each other. Otherwise they both go to prison! He urges his mad mother not to go after Theresa cos if she knew she knew it could all go to hell. Jen assures her son she will not do anything to cause him any problems, but why tell her this now? JJ thinks she belongs with Daniel and not the phony salesmen. Daniel stepped up and saved him for HER! He loves her, he still does! Jen blinks.
- Dan asks if that was the epiphany Eric mentioned. He mutters it was. Dan realizes Nicole and Eric need to be alone and discreetly decides to depart, explaining Parker is on his way back. Eric swears him to secrecy until he has told the whole family of his life altering decision. Dan gives Nicole a hug, takes his jacket, and goes. Eric shares that so far he has
told his parents but he suspects Caroline will be harder. Nicole notes they love him. He does believe they all want him to be happy. Right now he is looking forward to their future together, nothing else matters. Nicole holds his hand over the table and gushes he is right ... All of a sudden, Roman the commissioner returns and asks for a word with Eric. Nicole tells him to read the statement she already gave Hope. Roman snaps he seeks a word alone with his son. And so Nicole exits in her boots and mini, only
to run into Marlena, who is evidently not finished with her yet!
- Brady and Theresa are drinking like fish at the club and exchanging tales of woe. She muses she broke up with AA today. He thinks he broke up with his ex priest brother today. He laughs then Maggie showed up. Theresa tries to call her a shape shifter but cannot pronounce the word. They agree they are the only fun people in town. She thinks their lives should be just like a music video, full of excess and success. Brady
drawls he liiiiiikes it and they toast to drinking.
- EJ almost kisses Abigail, shakes his head, and withdraws. He cannot
hurt Samantha in such a manner. If she found out ... Abigail insists she does not have to find out, They can be careful! They start to kiss in the office.
- Roman is intense. He asks if Eric is absolutely positive about his big decision to leave the priesthood. He is indeed. Earnest Eric is convinced
it is God's will, since no proof to exonerate him could be found ...
- Marlena seeks clarification. Nicole accuses her of not believing her. Marlena does not deny it,
- Brady boldly orders as many drinks as the server can bring. Theresa flirts she likes him a lot when he drinks.
- Outside at the town square, Maggie runs into JJ and hopes at least he is not screwing up today! He boasts he has actually done something right
for a change!
- Dan is home alone. He ends a call with Chloe, who is keeping Parker a while longer due to his cold. Dan agrees it is for the best. He stands in his apartment alone, disappointed - that is, until Jen shows up at his door. Their eyes lock. Romantic piano music plays in the background. Just a few notes. Sweet and simple ...


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