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Episode 13,810
1220 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Nicole marvels she is in Eric’s arms again. He declares she and Mickey are his life. He loves her. They kiss in bed … Xander and Sarah snuggle, having just made love. They kiss in bliss … Kristen informs father’s portrait that as Steve he seemed a longshot. Brady arrives for the breakfast date but wants to talk biz first. She opens the door and deals with his reaction to the strange Steve portrait … Stefano Steve makes Kayla ignore the phone and asks her to hide him … Justin visits Victor in his room. The Greek tycoon’s release is tomorrow. Justin asks if he helped Ben’s prison break … Ciara helps Ben into the DiMera gatehouse. They can hide here. He orders her to go … Victor wanted to keep Ciara away from Ben not help them! Justin is curious how he convinced Ciara that Ben was not the innocent man he and Xander set up … Ben is a fugitive but Ciara loves him. She orders him to undress … Kayla suggests Steve contact the cops cos Stefano’s men are dangerous. She will call Roman. He stops her by taking her hand … Kristen admits Chad and Abigail brought her the portrait. They believe Stefano might now be impersonating Steve. Brady points out she impersonated Nicole. She is relieved he forgave her. The talk turns to Mickey and she wonders whether there has been any word on a match … Victor is indignant and sighs Ciara is stubborn like Bo was, doing the right thing for the wrong reason. Justin just hopes she was not involved. Victor hopes Ben is long gone. Ciara can move on as did Justin with Kayla. Justin admits he will always love Adrienne but Kayla taught him to love again. Victor wonders whether Steve being back bothers him …

Steve warns of the dangers for John and Roman. Stefano’s goons are after them! Kayla is relieved Marlena is in a safe house. Steve drawls Roman is with her. He must take down Stefano alone this time but he needs a place to stay until he is ready. He wants her to hide him … Xander assures Sarah their prayers for Mickey are going to be answered. She praises her hero for having so many tested. Now she gets a text. The results are in. He will contact Maggie and she calls Eric, who announces he will see her at the hospital. Nicole wants to accompany him … Brady believes they will have the test results soon. Kristen would love to be a match to prove she changed. He believes she has and is hooked … Salem patient Ben’s leg is still sore. Nurse Ciara is sorry. They remember when they were together in the cabin and she suggests they find another cabin to hide. He does not want her to take the risk but she refuses to leave his side … Justin complains to Victor how cold and cruel Steve was with Kayla. The Greek gets he loves her. Indeed … Kayla disagrees due to the danger. Stefano drawls not your call, woman, then adds he is a free agent. No one would mind if anything happened to him. She brings up brother Jack. He asks if she still cares too …

Kristen recalls how the nuns in Italy comforted her. Brady wishes she had leaned on him back then. He gazes at her and then he kisses her … Ben would hate to make Ciara live the life of the fugitive but she insists he is her life … Victor approves Justin found love again. He believes Adrienne would approve of Kayla. Justin teases he sounds like he has a heart and departs … Kayla assures Steve she would not want him dead and suggests a lower risk plan. He tells her to trust him. He must he hidden until he can make his move and defeat the phoenix. Will she help him? Justin tries to open the locked door and worries. Is everything alright?? .. Eric and Nicole join Sarah and Xander at the hospital. Sarah reads the results and sadly states they are not a match. Xander innocently asks about Brady and Kristen … Steve hides behind another door as Kayla lets Justin in. He suggests they spend time together at the condo and slow dance. She replies her report might keep her here all night. She will come home as soon as she is finished. They exchange I love yous, he kisses her and goes with a grin. Steve thanks her … Sarah sighs Brady and Kristen are also not a match. Xander wants to keep searching, hugs sad Sarah, and steps away to update Victa … Sarah asks Nicole to tell Brady but Nicole notes they were not really together. It was a ruse to keep Kristen away, but that was wrong. Now they are closer than ever … Passionate Brady gets a call from Eric about not being matches for Mickey. Brady is sorry. Eric is grateful they got tested. Kristen feels for the child …

Victor curses he was sure one of Mickey’s biological parents was a match. Xander talks Tate … Sarah teases Nicole and Eric, who confirm they are a couple again. Sarah congratulates them and gushes she and Xander are together and deeply in love. Eric soap stares. She stammers and goes to find him … Victor ends a call with Theresa, who is having herself and Tate tested for Maggie’s sake, He senses something. Xander gushes Sarah his dream girl loves him. Vic scoffs she will stop once she finds out he switched the babies. Xander notes that is why she can never know. Sarah arrives and asks what he means … Kayla loathes lying to Justin and suggests he could help Steve too. Stefano Steve disagrees due to the danger and requests scrubs so Stefano’s spies will not see him. Sweetness agrees and steps out. Stefano slyly deletes all of Roman’s messages from her phone … Ciara teases Ben needs her with that bad leg. He loves her too dang much and is tired and hungry. They remember how happy they were here once upon a time and she romantically kisses him …

Nicole consoles disheartened Eric and gets emotional about their miracle. Mackenzie will get one too. Eric leans on her … Xander smiles sweetly and lies he was referring to a surprise playhouse he wants to have built in the garden for their little girl. Sarah calls him too much. Victor sarcastically agrees … Kristen holds Brady’s hand and prays for Mickey with all her heart. Besotted Brady is impressed by her better path. He will mourn Rachel Isabella always but her love brought them here. Kristen agrees and adds they should go slowly. Brady kisses her and goes. Kristen gushes to father’s portrait that she has a chance with Brady now … Kayla comes back with scrubs and offers to help Steve put them on so he does not pull a stitch. Stefano Steve agrees … Ciara spoon feeds Ben and asks him to forget about tomorrow, just be them today. He agrees and kisses her as sweet music plays …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, February 12, 2020