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Episode 13,809
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Shawn summons Jack and Jen to the station. He heard from Rafe and warns Hope might be Gina again … Kate and Rafe wake up John, whose head is sore. He knows Hope thinks she is Gina and now she has Marlena. Rafe takes off to track them … Gina orders Marlena to open her hotel room door. Once inside she holds her Hungarian dagger. Marlena argues she was hoodwinked by Rolf and adds Gina is not even alive! She thinks she was hypnotized. Gina just has John on her mind and then Stefano. Marlena admits he might not even know she is gone … Back in Salem, Chad has just accidentally shot Stefano. The phoenix falls and Chad gasps DAD … Kate gives John water to drink. He wonders what the hell she is doin in Prague. She came with Marlena because there was danger. He is desperate to find doc and insists she help him up. Then he topples … Gina hears Hattie is now with Stefano and warns he will explode … Chad is sorry and searches for his phone. Stefano hits him on the head with his gun and staggers out. Chad is down and Abigail rushes to him …

Jack and Jen digest what Shawn has shared. There is more. Hope is presently in Prague and might have abducted Marlena … Gina ends a call. The plane is waiting on a private airstrip. Marlena suggests they first check on John. Gina woefully concedes defeat with his affections and orders her to the door. Marlena opens it to Roman. Gina smiles like Hope, hiding the dagger behind her back … Kate performs CPR on John … Shot Steve is waiting for Kayla in her office and begs her to help … Abigail helps Chad up, He feels fine but the door seems to be bolted. He asks Hattie what she knows … Steve staggers. Kayla wonders what happened. He calls it a little bullet wound and she tells him to lift up his shirt. She thought he was in Europe with John. He lies they returned so John could rescue Marlena from Stefano. That was when he took a hit but no one must know he is here … Jen blames herself for giving Rolf lab access. She flashes back to the night Hope interrupted her with his flash drive … John stands up. Rafe returns with nothing. John drawls they must find doc before it is too late … Gina as Hope whispers to Roman that Marlena is in danger. Roman drawls she is indeed but from her for she is Gina! She lets out a war cry, sends Marlena flying across the room and bolts. Roman rushes to Marlena’s side …

Hattie informs Abigail and Chad that Steve has Stefano’s mind so they must consider him Stefano. Chad is not surprised given Rolf’s history. Abigail realizes Hope has been Gina, hence her mind boggling behavior. Hattie gushes Marlena and Kate will get John, defeat Gina and come save them. Abigail glumly wonders when. Chad wants to warn everyone about Stefano … Steve locks the door, claiming Stefano is out for blood and begs Kayla to remove the bullet here in her office… Jen now remembers that she saw details of Rolf’s plan to make Hope Gina again that fateful night at the bistro. She had warned Hope, who hissed too late and sent her flying off the balcony. Betrayed Jen is in tears … Rafe catches Gina outside and demands to know where Marlena is. At the hotel! He growls he is hauling her back to Salem. She gets away and then trips. When she wakes up she wonders why he called her Gina … Jen explains to Jack it was really Gina who pushed her. Shawn wants her statement. Jack hugs woeful Jen and assures her Hope loves her. That was not her. Thank God his Jen is alright … Chad and Abigail deduce Kate was a spy for Stefano. Hattie tries to defend her. Stefano plays people …

Kalya gets the bullet out for Steve. She recalls the first time she had to patch him up and he refers to the emergency center. She reminds him it was his basement apartment, baffled he got it wrong … Marlena just wants to get to John. Roman wants her checked out first. John appears at the door and shakily hugs the woman he loves … Hope acts surprised they are in Prague. She was sleeping a long time. She informs Rafe she found the lair and Rolf was there. Rafe explains he turned her into Gina to make her do Stefano’s bidding, break up John and Marlena. She gets upset she hurt John and he hugs her. Her eyes are cold as ice …

Hattie feels like a queen on the throne. Abigail and Chad are not sure that was really his father. She loves him. He loves she keeps him grounded. They kiss in bliss … Steve slurs the bullet is messing with his head. Kayla wonders why he became so suddenly cold. He replies people grow apart. She recounts how close he said he felt with her just before he left the last time. Where did that wonderful man go? She calls him a shallow SOB who knows nothing about love. He sarcastically thanks her. She gets upset he even forgot about their kids. He counters they are grown up. She scoffs she feels sick when they mention his name. Steve apologizes and makes light of the past. She agrees to keep to safer subjects so he will not stress. He appreciates it … Marlena helps John sit and he updates her and Roman on Rafe and Kate, how Rafe is searching for Gina. Roman will call in and Marlena reminds him about Hattie and Stefano. John sighs Steve was shot dead by Rolf. Marlena explains Steve is alive and really Stefano … Hope acts upset and asks Rafe to hold her. She raises her dagger but Kate comes running and snatches it from her sinister hand… Jack has tea to calm Jen. She wishes she had known that was Gina sooner! Jack is relieved she did not for she would have offed her … Rafe is aghast he was duped by Gina again. She hisses the Hope he loves is gone … John now understands why strange Steve had the phoenix ring. Marlena adds Gina was working with him. But no one comes between them for long. Reunited always. She snuggles on his lap with a smile … Abigail is sitting on Chad’s lap. Hattie is bored and sighs at least Stefano was a good kisser. Shawn bursts in with his gun and wonders where Stefano went … Stefano Steve thanks Kayla and stands up. He apologizes for causing her sorrow. Her phone rings with an important warning from Roman and he urges her to ignore it. Stefano Steve needs one final favor …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, February 11, 2020