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Episode 13,808
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


The escape goes straight to hell in a matter of seconds … Restless Ciara remembers Clyde’s call asking her to assist in saving his son … The alarm goes off and Clyde keeps cutting the fence … At the square Abigail and Chad mull over the strange Steve portrait. The original framed phoenix was in Stefano’s hideout. Meanwhile Hope has not returned his call. Time to contact Rafe … In Prague Kate enlightens exasperated Rafe on what she has long known – that Hope is really Gina working with Stefano, who is pretending to be Steve. She is here to help! Rafe is mad. Kate boasts before she left Salem she arranged a switch to stop Stefano … Stefano rages Hattie is no Marrrrlena when she raves about Roman. If looks could kill … Gina is about to attack John with her royal Hungarian dagger … Marlena interruptus! Gina holds her dagger to groggy John and threatens to off him … Ciara paces and sighs. Then she remembers Clyde’s call again. They were Ben’s last hope. He told girly he was gonna bust Ben out tonight …. Clyde cries for Ben to go first so he makes his way out in the barbed wire opening … Stefano gets his jacket on and tries to regain his composure as Hattie blasts him. He claims he and Marlena have a connection and demands to know who helped her, then deduces it was Katarrina. She shall pay …

Rafe hates hearing that Kate got Hattie to play the role of Marlena. He wonders about her plan. It was to stall Stefano while the real Malena goes to rescue John … Gina has her Hungarian dagger to John’s neck. Marlena assures him she loves him. He faints on Gina’s shoulder. Marlena can see he needs help but Gina and her dagger stand in the way … Gina gave John something to make him slow down and threatens him again. Marlena plays along with the black nails princess … Abigail realizes both Hope and Rafe are away. Chad already knows where Stefano’s hideout is and suggests they head there together … Hattie explains Kate was worried, hence her about-face. Stefano fumes she kept his secret so she could rule DiMera at his side. It also irks him she confided in Hattie, who believes as waitresses they have a bond. Kate found Marlena tied up at the hideaway and took action. Stefano wants to know more. She went to save John. Hattie hisses Stefano will end up in the slammer! He warns her she signed her own death warrant … Gina orders Marlena to answer her questions. Who helped her? Marlena has faithful friends and notes Gina has none … Kate wants to head back to the hotel, where Marlena was looking into leads. She wishes Rafe would let her leave for she really wants to help. Rafe orders her to call Marlena cos he wants proof she is safe …

Chad and Abigail break into Stefano’s hideaway only to find Stefano Steve trying to choke the life out of Hattie, who flails on the throne as he growls … Ciara has a bad feeling as she has not heard anything. Clyde trusted her to save his son, who was not even aware she would be involved … Ben will not leave without Clyde. A guard orders them to freeze. Clyde runs toward him and orders Ben to go now … Back to pacing Ciara. Clyde insisted he would spring his son tonight so if she loved him she would help … Clyde gets back to Ben, who has been wounded in the leg. Ben suggests he leave him behind but this is the one thing Clyde intends to get right for his boy … Kate cannot reach Marlena. Rafe wants to hear what Stefano offered her for spying and keeping his secret. Kate remembers his promise to let her rule the DiMera Empire at his side after he won. It was too delicious to turn down. She gasps they have to get to the hotel. Rafe reluctantly accompanies her … Gina finds out Marlena’s friends do not yet know she is here and coldly threatens to kill her. Marlena counters then John would hunt her down. She would rather avert a tragedy and suggests she be her hostage so she could escape. Gina considers … Chad pulls Steve off Hattie. Abigail rushes to Hattie, who gasps he is no Steve. Steve orders his son to unhand him. Chad’s blue eyes stare at his father, who touches his face with tears of torment …

Stressed Ciara writes Hope a text about a decision she has to make … Clyde pushes Ben out but refuses to go with him … Kate and Rafe find Marlena’s bag in the room but no Marlena. Rafe finds a notepad … Steve confirms he is Stefano DiMera. Chad is hurt he seemed to trust Kristen with his secret more than him. He plans to take him to the police for attempted murder. Stefano calls Hattie a liar. Chad thinks he is the liar. He insists his son will have it all as soon as they reclaim DiMera. Chad has his doubts. Stefano wants him to have his phoenix ring. He and the descendants are his legacy, his family. He did it all for them … Clyde hastily hands Ben a paper with an address where someone will be waiting. He pulls out his gun when more guards arrive and yells at Ben to go …Gina is surprised by Marlena’s sacrifice. Marlena believes she will be able to trade her for her freedom if they get caught and insists her and John’s love shall overcome. Meanwhile Gina just might get her freedom … Detective Rafe finds the address where Marlena has gone. He and Kate are on their way … Abigail argues she and the children are Chad’s family, not the phoenix. Chad turns him down and is ready to take him in. Betrayed Stefano bellows no one will stop him! He pulls out a gun. Abigail cannot believe he would kill his son so Stefano aims the gun at her and warns he would shoot her in a heartbeat …

Rafe and Kate finally find groggy John and wonder where Marlena and Gina went … Chad protects his wife and warns Stefano to drop his gun. Hattie is horrified when he leers he would not hesitate to eliminate Abigail. Chad would never forgive him! Stefano taunts she already murdered his son Andre. Hattie begs him to stop. So does Chad. Stefano decides he has more pressing matters and makes for the door to find Marlena. Chad tries to stop him and grabs for the gun. BANG! Stunned Stefano has taken a hit … As Clyde is cuffed he whispers for his son to run free … Ben walks through the misty night, limping. He arrives at the meeting place. A light shines in his eyes and then Ciara removes her helmet. She smiles hi. He gasps hi and grins right back …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, February 10, 2020