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Friday, December 8, 2017
Episode 13,228
1330 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Sonny is at the square leaving Will a phone message. He wants to talk. He now spies Victor, who is having coffee. The Greek growls to sit cos he has something to say about Will ... Paul woefully looks at his returned ring in his room. Brady arrives and asks Black Patch to do some work. It is all about Eve, the wicked widow of Deimos ... Maggie is miffed a man is moving a chest from the mansion. Eve smugly states she is also getting rid of some figurines. She tells Maggie her taste was archaic tacky. The redhead is ready ... Eric informs Will they used to get along and defends Sami ... Sami comes down to the station, where Lucas is scraped up from his car spinning out of control when he was drunk driving. Sami is livid he is wasting his life ... Will reluctanlty lets Eric in. Eric gets it is hard not remembering Sami. Will quips he is quite relieved his memories of his mom were erased. Eric explains losing her first born sort of made Sami snap. She is frantic to make things the way they were ... Hurricane Sami talks tough with Lucas and wants him to help himself as their son is alive. Lucas admits he only wanted bail when he called. Sami refuses to help him until he starts to help himself. She means it too ...

Maggie stares down at Eve, who apologizes and states the sofa may stay. Maggie muses she is a guest but Eve warns she could cause trouble for Brady and Victor, given Brady had the amulet that Deimos' killer snatched ... Brady complains to Paul about Eve and her brand of blackmail though he gives no details. Paul asks what he wants. The scandalous scoop but it has to be hush hush. Paul glances at his returned ring and agrees ... Sonny updates Victor on Will not knowing him. Victor hopes he and Paul are alright. Sonny sniffles he ended their engagement. He wants to try again with Will. Victor reacts with disbelief and disdain. He rages Will would have broken his heart again if they had reconciled before but Sonny wants to remember the old days. Victor feels he should file for divorce. If not he faces the return of their bad history ... Will sits with Eric and asks if Sami has always been crazy. Eric explains she gave birth as a teen and did her best as a mom. Her childhood was hard especially cos she saw something. Will wonders what it was. Their mother cheating on their father while they were still wed. Will is somewhat surprised by the story of Marlena and John carrying on while she was still Roman's wife. Eric admits Will sometimes reminds him of Sami with his reactions ... Sami threatens self-pitying Lucas she will leave him in the slammer to sober up. She brings up their kids and snaps he needs to smarten up for the sake of their son ...

Paul makes notes and asks about Eve. Brady tells him about her going after the profits of Jack's book when he wanted the proceeds to go to veterans. She sued Jen to steal from the noble veterans. Brady notes Victor is nervous and swears Paul to secrecy. He says not to even tell Sonny. Paul sighs no chance of him speaking with Sonny ... Sonny assures Victor he will still be a good CEO. Victor questions his decision making ability if he takes Will back and likens it to Brady's love addiction with Nicole. He concludes Will is the worse of the two ... Eric informs Will that he once shot EJ. Will wonders why he is not in prison. Eric points out EJ got better and Lucas pretended he was the one who pulled the trigger. Will is flabbergasted. Eric says not to judge Sami so fast. Try and connect, try and hear her out. Will wonders whether she will have him abducted if they do not get along. Eric doubts it and declares his sister is in pain. Will is listening ... Sami laments to Lucas that Will hates her so he has to be there. Also, the kids are expecting her for Christmas. Lucas will be the one who is around for him. Lucas slurs he longs to be a father but he cannot get sober again. It all got so much harder ...

Sonny explains to Victor that he is trying to fix his family for Arianna, who is Will's daughter. Victor accepts that but warns if he makes one mistake he is out. He reminds him Brady was demoted but is not out of the game ... Brady is stunned when Paul updates him on Sonny dumping him. He takes it all in when Paul complains Will went and kissed him ... Sami urges Lucas to remember the kids when he feels the need to drink. He cries over his romantic heartbreak. Besides he is no rock. Sami tells him he is and she and the kids are counting on him. She begs him to try for Will. Lucas is listening ... Elegant Maggie wants Eve to consider she is not wanted at the mansion and suggests she get her own place. Eve gets a drink and declares this is all cos if Victor and Brady making her life miserable. An eye for an eye! Maggie takes a deep breath ... Brady wants to hear more. Paul tells him of Will's flirtation. Brady believes Sonny is being stupid. Paul believes Sonny loved them both. Brady sighs he knows how it hurts to be dumped ... Lucas cannot lie. Sami asks him to try one day at a time and start with today. Try like he did before. She gives him a pep talk. She cries about the cuts on his face and begs him to take it one day at a time. They can talk daily. If not then she will turn her back on him ...

Maggie knows Victor and Brady are no murderers. She tells Eve off for trying to take over. Eve warns her she is not done. The redhead warns her not to forget the Kiriakis clan stick together and Victor always wins. That means she might end up with less than nothing ... Sonny is a committed businessman and he believes his personal life is his own business. Victor warns him of the bad publicity Will brought in the past. Sonny insists Will means much to him. Victor sarcastically wonders whether that Sami Jr. is even capable of love. He warns him it does not look well so far from his patriarch perspective ... Brady tries to make Paul feel better and hugs his brother. Then he goes. Paul tries to take his focus away from the personal ... Eric and Will discuss Susan. Will tells him what she said about Sami turned out to be true! Eric tells him she is not trustworthy and asks him to give his real mother a chance ... Lucas has a headache and a hangover but Sami will not let him off the hook. There are lots of people he can lean on, lots who love him. She shoves him a phone and counsels him to call one of them now. He knows who she means ... Brady returns to the Kiriakis mansion and downs a drink like he needs it. Eve watches from around the corner ... Maggie meets Lucas at the station, so happy he called. She tenderly tells him to talk to her. Lucas cries he is an alcoholic. He needs Maggie's help. Done ... Paul weeps over his and Sonny's picture on his laptop and then starts his search of Eve Donovan ... Sonny has arrived to see Will. Eric is sorry to say he just missed him ... Sami opens her door to Will. She soap stares and he pauses like a lost little boy ...


All the drama in Salem on Friday, December 8