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Thursday, December 7, 2017
Episode 13,227
1440 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Phone Claire cutely thanks Tripp and ends a call with the Salem Square server. Ciara walks in and spooks her, announcing she is moving in ... Steve wants a word with Tripp. Tis about Kate. He wants him to come clean ... Kate woefully asks sleeping Theo for forgiveness. Dr. Kayla overhears and wonders what she did this time ... Sami weeps she is no serene soul like Eric. He tells her he trashed stuff too when he was stressed over Nicole. Sami sniffles she still feels like a rotten mother for making Will relive his murder ... Paul pushes kissy Will away and gasps they cannot. Will wants to know why. All of a sudden, Sonny knocks and announces himself. His face falls when Will opens the door. Sonny senses something. Will asks Paul which one of them should tell him ... Eric refuses to let what Sami did slide. She cries and continues to complain about Will being mad. She did get him to remember the start of that night. Eric thinks she should listen to Marlena. She is not interested and kicks him out of her room in a hissy fit ... Kayla probes Kate about what she did. Kate acts vague and insists Stefano's version of DiMera has been improved for the descendants. She will pay anything for any treatment that helps Theo. Kayla quips Chad already has it covered. She now broaches the subject of Tripp ... Tripp tells Steve that Kate was just bugging him about the anonymous donation. Steve knows from Kayla that they never discussed that so what is really at play? Tripp pauses. Steve soap stares at his son. His keen eye misses nothing ... Kayla asks if Kate discussed the donation with Tripp. Kate denies it. Kayla doubts her ... Tripp tries to make light of his discussion with Kate the DiMera dragon lady. Steve warns him she is a powerhouse of trouble so he needs to know everything. Tripp confesses it concerned Theo ... Biker Chick Ciara boasts she took the spare key to Bo's bike when Hope confiscated hers. She is no longer a gullible girl. Claire questions why move back in. Cos Hope is too tyrannical. She angrily brings up Theo's love letter again. Belle gets sarcastic and lets her have her room. She will stay in Theo's. She now storms off to see her man ...

Brother Eric gets Sami to calm down and continue. He can see she is scared she will lose Will. She sobs about the mess she made. Eric insists Will forgave her before and he believes he will do so again, after he realizes she acted out of love ... Sonny politely asks Will to explain why he is here. Paul points out he wanted to hear about his past. Sonny wonders why from him. Will tells him only Paul could tell him some of the truth about what he did in the past. Belle had started the story. He now asks Sonny why he lied to him about their imperfect marriage. Sonny's eyes are filled with sorrow ... Steve and Tripp sit at the Horton plaque. Tripp tells him the whole story about overhearing Theo conspiring with Kate. Then the shooting happened and Kate blackmailed him for Theo's phone. She erased all her incriminating texts and messages to Theo. Steve concludes she sent Theo on his dangerous mission, she sent him to tragedy ... Kayla and Kate exchange more words. Claire arrives so Kate flounces off. Kayla is glad Theo's girlfriend is back for him. She goes and Claire gives Theo an update. Meanwhile back at the loft Ciara daydreams about Theo reading the letter and choosing her over Claire with a long kiss. Then she blinks back to reality and stomps on his framed photo with Claire, the wrong one ... Sonny states he did not want to overload Will as he had much on his plate. Will points out Paul was more honest and made him see he was to blame for their marriage problems. Sonny needs to talk to Paul. Will taunts he interrupted them in the middle of something. Paul looks mortified ... Sami admits she did another bad thing last night. Eric gets worried and wants her to unburden her soul before her latest soap sin spirals out of control ...

Tripp is sorry. Steve quips Kate was the one who was wrong and he is gonna do something about it. She should not have gone after his family ... Claire woefully apologizes to Theo for getting angry at him the night he was shot. Ciara has opened the door and hears every word ... Sami slyly states last night was nothing. Eric wonders. She laughs the law was on her side all night and returns to the talk of Will. She longs to let Will know how much she loves him before she leaves for the kids ... Paul opens the door and asks Will to go. Will gets sarcastic about him not trying to kiss his amnesia away and leaves. Paul is now listening, happy Sonny came to talk things through. Sonny is sorry he left him hanging. Paul waits for good news but it is not to be. Sonny is sorry to say that they are really done. He cannot let him have false hope. This is not what Paul was expecting ...

Ciara wants to know if Theo is improving. Claire asks to be alone with Theo. Ciara hisses she had lots of time with him whereas she did not. Claire excuses herself and asks her not to be a beech in front of Theo as he can hear everything. Ciara scoffs at her noble intent. Once alone with Theo, she woefully wishes he had been with her that night, for then he would not be here ... Eric sighs to Sami that she cannot force Will to forgive her cos he is as stubborn as she is! They laugh like twins and she leans on him again, grateful for his support. He tells her to be herself. Sami now brings up Nicole making a mistake and he sighs to stop. She insists he will find someone new. Eric urges her to deal with her own problems not his. They exchange I love yous and he tells her to clean up the wreck of a room. He will let her know when he has something on Will ... Paul thinks he did something wrong and it started in Memphis but he can wait. Sonny sadly states they will never wed for his heart belongs to Will, even if he never remembers him. Paul looks like he has been slapped by the cruel hand of fate. Sonny is sorry but his mind is made up ...

Claire comes across Tripp sitting at the square. She complains about Ciara trying to boss her around, then notices he is far away in thought ... Kayla sees Kate again as she had a board meeting. Kate blows her off, mentioning Tripp's dodgy donation. Along comes Steve, who notes she must feel torn up about Theo being in a coma. She agrees and walks away. Steve admits to Kayla he was trying not to reveal the rage he now feels ... Sonny tries to be nice but Paul does not wanna be friends. He wants a husband. Sonny whispers he wants to be with Will. Paul points out Will might not feel the same way ... Kayla asks Steve what happened. He spoke to Tripp and takes sweetness elsewhere to share the sordid secret he uncovered ... Claire wants to be Tripp's rock but he cannot tell her what is troubling him. She tells him Ciara is moving back in with them ... Ciara tells coma Theo that this is all Claire's fault cos if she gave him her letter he would be with her and not in a hospital bed. She kisses his head and vows revenge ... Sonny reasons he can wait for Will to remember. Paul points out he might still not want to start over with Sonny. Sonny knows the risks but can no longer leave Paul hanging. He loves him though they are through. This is the way it has to be. He apologizes and sadly leaves. Paul sits alone on his bed ... Will is reading the article he once wrote about Paul when Eric shows up at his door. He introduces himself. Will notes they will not get on well if he is anything like Sami ... Meanwhile Sami is dressed and gets a call that shocks her to her blonde core. IS HE ALIVE?! ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, December 7