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Wednesday, December 6, 2017
Episode 13,226
1160 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Hope asks where Rafe was and he remembers his night with Sami ... Girl in blue Belle is baffled but Sami growls she gave back the half of the DiMera money she gave her ... Chad wants a word with Sonny to ask about a winning bid but Sonny sighs he is distracted. It is about Will, and Sami pushing too hard. He hates staying away as well. Meanwhile towel clad Paul is surprised to find Will at his door. He stammers he has questions. Paul suggests he get dressed first. Will flirts why the hurry and walks in ... At the pub Eric opens a box of family ornaments as Roman grins at the one little Sami made of a devil. Roman updates him on her latest stunt ... Belle notes the money was stolen. Sami hisses they have all been hurt by the DiMeras. Belle hits back with the terrible thing she did to Will ... Will is sorry for staring at Paul, who goes to dress. Will approaches the framed photo of Sonny smiling with Paul. Paul is back with pants on. Will wonders how happy he and Sonny were before he slept with him ... Sonny admits to Chad that he and Paul are on hold as he waits and waits. Chad gets Will was his once in a lifetime but that was then this is now ... Rafe gets testy with Hope but she begs him to stay ... Sonny confirms to Chad he is filled with guilt cos he had no clue Will was alive. Chad suspects he would still not be able to forgive Will for cheating ... Will watches as Paul puts on a tight purple sweater. He cannot deny the attraction. Paul points out he and Sonny are engaged. Will stammers he now knows they had history just like him and Sonny. Paul believes it is ancient history but Will wants to know if they were good together ... Eric is horrified by Sami's latest stunt ... Sami refuses to listen to lawyer Belle's lecture. Belle reminds her she could ruin lives ... Hope thinks Rafe is not meeting her gaze cos of her mention of Bo. She tells him she did not expect to find love again but then he happened and she did. However, she feared losing him. Rafe grins that is why she got cold feet about getting married? She is sorry and asks for a sincere open conversation. She loves and trusts him and asks for forgiveness. Rafe sighs to stop cos he has something to say ... about Sami. She assumes he means her confiding in Sami. Rafe regrets not being there for her - and then some!

Will teases he has no memory of being with Paul and wants to know. He states it might spark his memory. Paul agrees they were good. Will wants details of the history and how they met. Paul smiles Will was looking for a story that he happened to be attached to ... Sonny plans to make up for the past. He suggests he tell Will everything. Chad questions whether Will would come back to him and whether Sonny would even want that. Sonny admits Will is always in his head and his heart ... Will feels badly when he hears he seduced Paul to make him his byline. He thinks it makes him sound like Sami. Paul states they were a temporary mistake. Will questions how good his marriage to Sonny really was ...Belle and Sami argue about Marlena as well as Sami's methods. Belle blasts her for only giving a darn about herself despite what she says ... Sonny admits he loves both Will and Paul. And he made a promise for life when he wed Will. Chad asks what that means to Paul ... Paul informs Will he and Sonny would have been married by now. Will wants more answers. Paul admits he is no innocent either as he lied to Sonny about Will being alive... Eric and Roman will try to help Will. Roman states Marlena said Will needed space. Eric knows losing Will would send Sami over the edge ... Belle compares Sami to Susan and declares she is no different than the DiMeras. That means Kristen, Andre and Stefano too. Sami cries to reverse the statement. Belle believes her sister is about to lose Will again and can blame herself ... Rafe confesses he was bothered by Hope being commissioner. But she is the best cop for the job. He now sighs he has something important to tell her. He alludes to not living up to her standard. She deserves a better man. Hope blinks back the tears and tells him it sounds like he is saying goodbye ... Sami screams at Belle she never got over losing Will and kicks her out ... Will is amused all Paul did was keep his being alive from Sonny for one day. He now believes it might have been better if he had never told him. Will Horton was baggage even to Paul, he says, and he woefully suggests the guys would have been better off without him.

Roman suggests Eric could get through to Sami before it is too late ... Sami sniffles and looks at the woman in the mirror. Then she starts to throw things and screams like a banshee. More throwing and a breakdown ... Paul talks Will out of leaving Salem, where many love him. Will thinks Paul is just too nice. He is sorry he used and outed him. Paul appreciates it and notes he did know he was a reporter when they hooked up. He even permitted him to print the story. Will is glad it worked out alright. He also appreciates Paul not pressuring him. He feels he can be himself around him. Paul nods ... Sonny sighs he has to stop Paul from waiting. Will changed his life and he intends to stand by their forever vows. He and Paul are over ... Rafe alludes to mistakes but Hope only wants to focus on the future. She loves him and asks him to marry her. Rafe exclaims YES and they kiss. He can handle a long engagement as long as she loves him. She does and wants to marry him soon .They kiss in bliss ... Eric finds meltdown Sami sitting on the floor the way he was after he lost Nicole. He holds his twin, no words necessary, and she cries on his shoulder ... Chad is pleased when Belle drops by. She admits she had a bad encounter with Sami. Chad now asks her to help him find who the DiMera saboteur is ... Will opens the door and is sorry for staring. Paul smiles he felt flattered. Will asks to be friends, then suddenly grabs Paul in a kiss, closing the door. Seconds later Sonny arrives ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, December 6