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Tuesday, December 5, 2017
Episode 13,225
1460 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Brady is looking for missing tyke Tate and bellows to Maggie and Victor that someone stole his son ... Paul is with John after his morning workout. He wants to talk shop. John wonders why so wired. He wants to keep his mind off Sonny and Will ... At the pub Marlena and Will meet Belle, who gushes and hopes he will remember her soon ... Hope is on the phone with son Shawn, who is keeping an eye on wild child sister Ciara. After the call Eli arrives, surprised to see her. He is sorry about what happened. She came to speak to Rafe. Eli wonders who his new partner will be. They are both baffled by the fact the new commissioner has not yet showed up at the station. In fact Rafe is in Sami's bed dreaming of Hope dumping him. Sami touches his arm. He stirs and calls her Hope ... Victor and Maggie try to guess which family member is with Tate but hot head Brady calls the cops ... Hope is really worried about Rafe and tells Eli ... Rafe apologizes to Sami. She smiles and makes light of their night together. Rafe teases her for her take on reality. Sami wants to stay in bed and have fun all day with room service. She loathes what is waiting for her. Rafe still cannot believe she got the serial killer to go after her son. Sami sighs. She has several people to say sorry to today starting with her son. Rafe agrees. She now urges him to go to Hope. However, he thinks Hope must hate him for the words he spoke. Ring ring! Shirtless Rafe looks at his phone. Hope! Sami says to take the call. Alas he does not ...

Eve returns to the Kiriakis mansion carrying nephew Tate. Brady takes his son back and blasts her. She innocently explains she took him to the park for the ducks. Brady checks his son. He is alright so Maggie takes him to the kitchen. Brady now confronts Eve, who suggests he is not sober. She is Tate's aunt. Brady rages not to touch his son without asking permission. There is no love lost between them. Eve taunts she found Tate alone anyway. Eli arrives and wonders. Brady announces he is reporting an abduction ... Passionate Paul suspects Sonny will never forgive him for keeping Will from him. John knows Sonny loves Paul but Paul is feeling negative. John notes love can conquer all. He tells his son to trust in what he has with Sonny. Paul fears he ruined any chance they had ... Belle breakfasts with Marlena and Will at the pub. Marlena gushes she has got to check in with John and steps away. Belle is surprised to see Will enjoying French toast and teases him for the time he was four and tossed it at her. Will smiles she is so nice and nothing like Sami. Belle smiles but they were so close. Will is flabbergasted. Belle lets him know how loyal his mother is. Will quips she almost got him killed ... Rafe was uncomfortable about taking a call from Hope while in bed with his nekid ex. Sami urges him to keep their secret. Rafe reminds her he is no liar. Not usually. Knock knock! Tis Hope at the bedroom door and there is no way out! Rafe is ready to face the music but not Sami! Hope keeps knocking and asks her to open the door so they can discuss Rafe. Sami opens the door in her robe ... Will updates Belle on Sami watching Ben try to strangle him again. She is shocked and relieved he is alright. Will adds Sami got mad at Ben for stopping cos she was hell bent on making him remember. He calls her a beech. Belle agrees she was wrong. But Sami is Sami. She fights for those she loves. Will wonders whether Belle would send a serial killer after her kid. No. But she points out she has made mistakes just like Sami and Will, who made a BIG one ... John gives Paul a pep talk about fighting for Sonny. After all they are still engaged and he would be within his rights! Paul points out Will is also John's family. John assures his SON he is on his side. Always.

Eli hears that Tate is back. He wonders if Brady wanted to file a false report. Brady insists that Eve kidnapped him. Eve gets sarcastic about planted amulets. Victor tries to keep the peace. Brady changes his tune after the amulet talk. Eli becomes suspicious Eve is still living where she was not wanted. Victor grins it is a big enough house, trying to smooth things over. Brady is sorry for wasting Eli's time. Eli tells them he was planning to drop by anyway as he is after statements regarding the death of Deimos. From Brady. Brady looks like he has been hit by an amulet. Eli explains Eve has a solid alibi, which means the amulet was planted by someone in the house. They all know the killer had the amulet. Victor argues there are many in the house. Eli has narrowed the suspect list down to Brady, Brady and Brady ... Belle gets tight lipped realizing she should not say more. Will presses. Marlena returns and Will updates her on the mistake Belle said he made. Belle wants to let it go as does Marlena for the moment. Will is after answers and assures his aunt he can handle the truth. Belle blurts out he cheated on his hubby. Will wants a name. Marlena admits it was with John's son Paul ... John tells Paul all about Sami's crazy scheme with Ben. Paul is horrified ... Hope asks Sami for help finding Rafe. She has no idea he is hiding in the bathroom. Sami is stunned to hear he is the new commissioner and starts to babble. Shirtless Rafe listens as Hope begs Sami to tell her if she knows where he is. She wants to make things right. Sami pushes his phone under the bed with a foot and tells Hope it is probably not that bad. She gets her to say she loves him, aware Rafe can hear every word. Sami is sure he would want to hear from her and Hope wonders how can she be sure ... Paul is appalled by Sami's stunt and gets the sordid details. He feels sorry for Will ...

Wil calmly states so he slept with the guy Sonny is now engaged to. He now believes Sonny was not up front with him about their happy marriage and takes off. Marlena wonders why Belle would tell him such an inconvenient truth ... Eli tells Brady he'd better cooperate. Brady notes he did not do it. Victor quips that is a fact. Brady blinks at him, still covering for Nicole. Naturally he does not share Victor's venom for her ... Sami states she knows Rafe and has seen how much he and Hope are in love. She tells her she might find him at the pub or the gym. Hope thanks her with a hug and leaves. Shirtless Rafe emerges and thanks Sami for her words. Sami tells him to go to her. He thanks her again and she wishes him happiness for both their sakes. Then she pats his chest and walks away ... Belle explains Will was calling Sami a monster. Marlena is mad as that was not the way but Belle disagrees ... Victor grumbles Brady has got a solid alibi as Brady was recovering and he was with him at the house all night. Eve suggests they hired the killer and they must know who it is. Brady gives her a very dark soap stare ...

Victor calls the widow of his brother hysterical. Eli will return later for a list of all who were at the house and goes on his way. Eve has words with Victor and warns Maggie she is living with two killers in the house. Then she walks out. Maggie demands answers as she knows Brady and Victor know something. She is met with silence and gets back to Tate. Brady believes Nicole's name will not come into the investigation. Victor warns him that might need to change ... Towel clad Paul is perplexed to find Will at his door ... Belle visits Sami and wants a sisterly hug. But Sami is still furious about what she did ... Rafe summons Hope to the park. She wonders where he was all night. Rafe pauses ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, December 5