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Monday, December 4, 2017
Episode 13,224
1220 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kate apologizes to Stefano's portrait for what happened to Theo. She already informed Andre. She is still surprised Andre is keeping her secret. She cries to the phoenix to do something to save Theo and takes a drink. Lucas appears, also wanting a good stiff drink ... Steve has a coffee for Dr. Kayla. She sighs no change when he asks after Theo. She tells Steve that Tripp set up the vigil for good friend Claire. Steve sighs their son wants more from the girl ... Claire hugs Tripp at the square. Here comes hurricane Ciara on a bike looking as much a rebel as Bo back in the day. In fact that bike belonged to Bo. Claire hugs her. Ciara accuses her of cheating on Theo ... At the pub Hope remembers returning the ring to Rafe. She now gets out her phone ... Sami is sorry. Rafe assures her she is not alone. He feels her pain and she feels his. They both deserve happiness! He repeats Hope would not have wed him. Then they console each other with a passionate kiss ... Kate embraces Lucas, relieved to see him. She smiles Will lives. Lucas already knows and laments he does not remember his dad. He updates her on what happened, how his son was almost killed when Sami had him abducted ... Hope almost calls Rafe. Shawn and Belle come through the door and a happy reunion ensues. Meanwhile back at spitfire Sami's room, she and Rafe give into temptation ... Shawn explains they came cos of Theo, Claire and Ciara ... Claire denies the cheating charge. Tripp tries to explain she was upset, hence his hug. Ciara gets sarcastic about the vigil not helping Theo's coma. She lashes out at Claire for making sure Theo did not know how much she loved him ... Steve tells Kayla he is trying not to hound Tripp about wanting the wrong girl. Kayla praises him as a papa. Steve admits he also has a bad feeling about Kate ... Kate and Lucas get outraged together. Lucas notes now everyone and Will want Sami to leave him the hell alone ... Sami laughs and rips off Rafe's shirt. He certainly doesn't mind and they fall on the bed together ...

Ciara reminds Claire that she had feelings for Theo and demands to know why she intercepted her love letter. Things would have been different had Theo known she cared before it was too late. Tripp defends Claire, who is sarcastically sorry. Ciara threatens to make her pay ... Back at the pub Hope admits she was unable to get through to Ciara and feels a distance. Shawn reasons at least Rafe will be a good influence. Hope blurts out they broke up today ... Sami basks in the afterglow with Rafe and updates him on Sydney, who misses him. She admits Will was right to hate her. Rafe makes her feel better by returning her I missed you. Sami calls them friends. He agrees. She wonders what next. Rafe raises a dark eyebrow ... Kayla insists that Kate will not reveal Tripp made that hospital donation. Steve sensed Tripp was worried about it. Kayla notes she did not tell him of her conversation with Kate. Steve snaps how the hell did he find out ... Lucas wants to drink himself into oblivion to numb the pain. Kate cries and begs him to help himself in rehab. He hisses he wants no help. Kate cries to care about himself else his children could end up fatherless. She updates him on Theo being shot and the news seems to stun him into a few seconds of sobriety. Kate lets it slip it was her fault so Lucas wonders ... Shawn and Belle are both surprised and sorry that Hope and Rafe broke up. Belle the romantic suggests they try again. Hope was going to call him. The couple tell her to get to it, and go looking for Claire ... Rafe and Sami pillow talk. He points out Hope just broke off their engagement. Sami the fighter says to get her back cos they had a good thing. A man is supposed to fight for the woman he loves. Rafe whispers yeah ...

Claire tells Ciara she will not listen to her mean accusations. Ciara snaps she is done taking stuff from someone like her and puts her on notice. Then she drives off on her leather way. Claire is confused. Tripp tells her that girl changed ... Steve enlightens Kayla on his conversation with Tripp. Kayla wants to speak with Kate but Steve says to wait until he has all the facts from Kate ... Kate covers by claiming she feels responsible for Theo being harmed while working for DiMera. Lucas notes she did not make him do anything. Kate turns ... Ciara has a happy reunion at the pub with Hope. She is even wearing Bo's helmet. Hope tells her the motorbike days are over and takes away the helmet ... Claire heads home with Tripp, smarting from Ciara calling her selfish. Tripp tells her not to take it personally. Ciara seems mad at the whole world. Ring ring! Steve asks his son to speak with him some more about Kate DiMera. Tripp stammers how about tomorrow cos Claire needs him now. Steve agrees. Claire now urges Tripp to take care of himself. He compliments her for her consideration and they hug again. Knock knock! Claire is thrilled to see her parents ... Ciara blasts Hope for bugging her about Bo's bike. Hope tells her motorbikes can be deadly, as cousin David discovered. When she realizes Ciara has no motorcycle license she asks for the keys. Ciara says no, sarcastic about her being the commissioner and suggests they settle this with Rafe, cos he understands her. She wonders where he is ... Rafe thinks he should go but Sami slyly suggests he stay ...

Lucas looks at a picture of Will, puts down his drink and decides to depart. Kate says to stay and invites him to move into DiMera mansion. He turns her down flat. Kate weeps he has much to live for now that Will lives. Lucas laments he knows not who he is. He needs the booze to numb the pain until there is nothing left. Kate cries as he leaves, ignoring her pleas ... Suspicious Steve tells Kayla he will get answers from Tripp tomorrow ... Tripp politely gives Claire's friendly folks some space with their daughter. Shawn asks if she has seen Ciara. Belle sighs about the girl holding a grudge. Belle hopes the two friends can help each other through this tough time. Claire doubts it ... Hope changes the subject and demands the keys. She wonders why Ciara wants to ride Bo's bike. Ciara misses him, plus she is done being a doormat. Bo's bike empowers her. Hope soap stares. Ciara gets mad and shoves the keys at her. Then she storms out ... Shirtless Rafe assumes Sami wanted him to go after Hope. She tells him it would be a better idea tomorrow and says he can spend the night as a friend. Rafe lies back down and they snuggle serenely in one another's arms, just like the old days ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, December 4