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Friday, December 1, 2017
Episode 13,223
1100 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Hope picks up a picture of herself and Rafe as she cleans out her office. She holds it close. Meanwhile Rafe has seen Sami back to her room. She complains about Will hating her. Rafe is sympathetic and tells her to give him time. Mama Sami states they are all overreacting over what she did. Rafe is astounded she actually got Ben to attack poor Will all over again. He is not sure how to react ... At the hospital Abe finds out Lani and JJ are really over. Abe is relieved. She is here for the family now. They hug. Val enters and asks for a word alone ... At the square Claire and Tripp tell curious JJ there is nothing new to report on Theo. JJ is so sorry. Claire wonders how it all happened. JJ laments he must live with what he did and departs ... At the station Gabi and Eli disagree about whether or not JJ was justified. Eli suggests JJ only assumed Theo had a gun as he was a black kid with a hoodie ... Jen supports Hope in her office and assures her Rafe would not steal her job but Hope cries they broke up for real ...

Sami blames Ben for stopping just when she was about to make a breakthrough with Will. Rafe warns her she broke tons of laws firstly by breaking Ben out. Sami wonders whether he will rat her out to his commissioner fiancee. Rafe sighs Hope is no longer the commissioner or his fiancée ... Val sadly states she has been giving Abe space though she wants to be here for him from now on - unless it bothers him that she is to blame for Theo's unsuccessful surgery. She cries on his shoulder and he hugs her ... Gabi thinks Eli is barking up the wrong tree as JJ has a black girlfriend. Eli talks racial bias and what is happening in the world they live in. White kids breaking the law get excuses but not black kids. He believes it was in the back of JJ's mind that the black kid with the hoodie meant danger. Gabi refuses to believe it as JJ is a good guy. Eli will try and take her word for it and asks her to join him for a bite. She blasts him and leaves instead ...

Rafe complains to Sami that his work issue with Hope became personal ... Hope updates Jen on the exchange she had with Rafe, how it went to the topic of Bo ... Rafe sighs to Sami that Bo is Hope's soulmate so that is that ... Hope informs Jen she loves Rafe but is not ready for marriage. Jen is sorry to hear he ended their relationship ... Sami tries to be upbeat but Rafe thinks he and Hope are really over. He tries to tell himself it is for the best ... Abe praises Val as a great doctor and a great woman. He needs her now ... Gabi comes to see JJ. She brought him a burger in a bag plus his fav fries. He wonders why she is not with Eli. She cannot deny they had conflicting opinions. JJ notes he and Lani are over. The guilt about gunning down Theo was getting to him ... Tripp sits with Claire at the square. She hates feeling this helpless about Theo and the others who are suffering. Tripp gets an idea ... Claire texts Lani and Abe. She is amazed by the good response on social media about the candlelight vigil Tripp suggested for their Theo. She hugs him in thanks ... Gabi assures JJ that she knows he did not intentionally harm Theo. She mentions the almost firing thing and JJ asks what she means. She updates him on Abe firing Hope for refusing to fire JJ. Thank goodness Rafe the new commissioner convinced Abe not to fire JJ. JJ blames himself for ruining Hope's career ... Jen tells Hope it might not be over. Hope laments she does love Rafe but is afraid of losing him the way she lost Bo ...

Sami and Rafe drink and keep talking in her room. She can relate to Hope being reluctant in romance as she lost the love of her life. Sami is through with love and has family and friends. Rafe does not think she really wants to be alone ... Jen urges Hope to find Rafe and tell him she was afraid of heartbreak. Jen the romantic believes they can still be ... As they down another drink, Rafe tells Sami not to give up on love. Sami gets upset about failing her son and cries on his shoulder ... Outside the candlelight vigil gets started. Claire greets Theo's family and loved ones to pray for him to return to them. She begins with a moment of silence ... Gabi thinks JJ did not intend to hurt Theo. He weeps but he did and now Lani could lose her brother and Abe could lose his son ... Abe emotionally thanks all who came to show their support. He shares a sweet story about Theo’s courage and determination in getting on the student council. He weeps he is proud of his son and wants him to defy the odds again. Val runs to him and he cries on her shoulder. Claire sings a soulful song she wrote just for Theo. Lani is moved and starts the swaying of lit candles. Tripp watches the girl he is hung up on as she cutely croons for another guy, how she wants to hold his hand again. Everyone is in tears ... Meanwhile Gabi and JJ weep in each other's arms ... Abe thanks Claire and tells her how lucky Theo is. Lani hugs her as well, then Val. Eli squeezes her hand and Tripp hugs her, stating she sang beautifully. All of a sudden a chick arrives on a motorbike. Tis wild child Ciara and she is not smiling ...

Thanks to Jen's encouragement, Hope is ready to go to Rafe and tell him how she feels. Meanwhile Rafe and Sami are sitting closer and telling each other they deserve happiness. Rafe admits it hurts Hope would never have married him. Sami lets him know she is always here for him and their faces come together in a kiss. Rafe feels he is no superhero. Sami wants romantic bliss. Right now that is all they long for, something just like THIS!


All the drama in Salem on Friday, December 1