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Friday, December 29, 2017
Episode 13,243
1470 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Glam Abigail gets a kiss from Mr. CEO Chad. He has love on his mind while she is the DiMera PR princess ... Paul enters the festive club. Chloe is sorry to say they are closed for a private party but she agrees to give him a beer. He takes a drink and she tells him she is sorry about Sonny. He wants this year over already ... Tuxedo Sonny helps Will fix his bow. Will admits he is anxious about not remembering the people at the party tonight. Sonny promises to be by his side and sneaks a kiss ... At the station tuxedo Rafe admires Hope in her green dress and sneaks a kiss. Ciara bursts in and announces she has something to discuss ... Dapper Andre sips his drink at DiMera mansion and admires colorful Kate, who wonders why he is so withdrawn. He remembers Abigail advising him to admit his love. He claims he has Stefano on his mind. Kate suspects the sabotage could be something started by Stefano ... Vivian's hands unzip a garment bag. Tonight is the night of nights ... Eve is back from her workout and ready to undress in her room. Shirtless Brady arrives and announces they will be crashing the DiMera bash tonight ... Jenny needs help with a stuck dress. Date Eric to the rescue. Jen blinks as he suggests tonight will be a new beginning. Then they leave together ... Chad praises Abigail for her planning tonight. She wants to celebrate everything. What they have overcome, what awaits ... Vivian has help putting on her pearls and pats still unseen Stefan's hand ...

Hope asks Ciara if she is upset about Theo. Ciara starts to cry about his rejection. Rafe reasons they can be friends. Ciara scoffs. Hope assures her daughter she will love again and her next great love will come. Ciara sarcastically states like Rafe. Rafe wonders why she really dropped by. She shows Hope the motorbike license she obtained and asks her back for the keys to Bo's bike ... Eve has her doubts. Brady believes he will be able to distract Andre and Kate, which will give her time to take Gabi aside to make a new pitch. Eve considers and sits by him on the bed. She likes the risky underhandedness and loves the way he thinks. Together they believe they can beat the DiMeras. They clasp hands in unity ... Abigail and Chad are happy to see Paul at the party venue and she wishes he would stay. Paul knows it would be too tense and takes his bitter leave. Outside he runs into tuxedo Will and Sonny. Sonny states what a surprise. Will watches ... Hope says no to giving Ciara keys tonight. Ciara takes a hissy fit and takes off. Rafe assumes she wants to go after her but Hope thinks it would be best to go to the party and let her cool off ... Will innocently wonders whether Paul is going to the party. Paul pretends to have other plans. Sonny states he is happy for him. Paul leaves and Will frowns he feels bad for him ... Kate and Andre appear. Andre warns Sonny that DiMera will bring Titan to its knees in the new year ... Chad and woman in red Abigail are soon greeted by a more charming Andre. Kate gets her chance to talk to Chad alone. He refuses to accept her apology again. Abigail the hopeless romantic presses Andre to profess his love for Kate ... Tuxedo Brady pours himself a drink and thinks how clever he is conning Eve, taking steps to be rid of Sonny so Victor will see only he can be the CEO Titan needs. Eve comes down in her glittery black gown and they head off together ...

At Doug's Place hostess Chloe is a tad disappointed that Will does not recognize her. Will walks away feeling overwhelmed. Sonny goes after him and assures him they all understand ... Andre and Chad agree the Golden Age is about to begin. They toast to their future and down the expensive champagne. Chad apologizes for not believing in his brother before. He vows to make the real saboteur pay. Andre grins and drinks to that ... Madame has her cape on. The car is ready so her slick accomplice escorts her out the door without a sound ... Back at Doug's Place Hope and Jen discuss her date Eric. Rafe teases Eric about bringing Jen and tells him he and Hope also began as friends ... Kate confers with glam Gabi ... Ciara drinks alone at the park and gets mad when she sees a picture of celebrating Claire and Theo on her iphone. Then she remembers Rafe's confession and decides to cause some trouble at the gala ... Brady arrives at the bash with Eve. He walks ahead and grabs champagne, approaching Andre and Kate. Andre accuses him of trespassing. Kate stares him down. Tis the perfect diversion. Even Sonny takes notice when Brady states he invited him so he steps away from Will. Will now gets a call from Roger, who bears bad news. Nearby Sonny confirms he invited Brady but wonders whether Uncle Vic knows he is drinking. Brady acts belligerent. Sonny promises to handle the situation. Andre leers he had betta. Meanwhile Eve sidles up to Gabi to get her to change her mind but the moment is interrupted when Abigail greets the guests with her microphone. She smiles the profits at DiMera are up and announces they even acquired Gabi Chic. More applause. She now passes the mike to Chad after heaping praise on him. Chad states there have been setbacks and scandals but this is officially the new DiMera Era. The time has come to toast to the future of DiMera. Glasses are raised. Chad kisses his wife. Cloaked Madame steps out as her handsome driver dutifully opens the limo door. Here comes trouble!

Inside Will updates Sonny that someone came to see Susan and made her mental state worse. He wants to go home and call her. Sonny offers to come with but Will reminds him he needs to stay due to his business interests. He will be fine alone a while. Sonny agrees. Will hugs him and leaves ... Eve returns to Gabi and urges her to choose Basic Black. Gabi already decided. Eve asks her to weigh the pros and cons cos Basic Black would be a better fit. Besides Kate pressured her. Gabi agrees and suggests Eve not stay so they were not seen together ... Brady refuses to leave. Andre starts to call the cops. Brady receives a text from Eve her mission was accomplished and leaves of his own accord. Sonny apologizes to Chad, who also noticed Will left. Chad thinks he should go be with his hubby and they wish each other the best 2018. Abigail gets back to Chad and they wonder who that mystery person was who stole 2 invitations. They will find out soon enough ... Ciara passes cloaked Vivian outside and heads into the party. Rafe and Hope are horrified when her drunk daughter makes a toast to her mom and fiance. She leers her mom trusts him so damn much. Hope snatches away her champagne glass. The guests stop and soap stare ...

Eli stands up. Hope and Rafe take Ciara away from the party into a side office. Ciara sneers here comes a lecture. Rafe advises her to respect her mom. Ciara screams he has to listen to her now ... At the square Will runs into midnight jogger Paul. He is sorry he got hurt and blames himself. Paul sighs he does not blame him but he misses Sonny. He is somewhat surprised when Will takes his hand. Meanwhile Sonny gets home and heads upstairs with champagne for two ... Brady and Eve are back at the Kiriakis mansion. They drink to getting all their heart's desires ... Andre holds out Kate's chair and smiles as he sits with her. Eli slow dances with Gabi and she lets him know he means much to her. The countdown begins ... 3-2-1 HAPPY NEW YEAR! Couples kiss, including Abigail/Chad, Gabi/Eli, Kate/Andre and Eric/Jen. The confetti falls ... Eve calls the couple on TV kissing ridiculous until Brady grabs her in a passionate kiss ... Sonny thinks he is home just in time but Will is nowhere to be seen. Back at the square Paul starts to go until Will grabs him in a passionate kiss ... Inside the swanky club Chloe and the guests suddenly notice a cloaked figure who glides in like the ghost of Salem past. She slowly removes her hood. Chad soap stares. Andre freezes. Kate jumps up gasping VIVIAN. Madame graciously and sarcastically apologizes for her tardiness. So begins the new terror ...


All the drama in Salem on Friday, December 29