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Thursday, December 28, 2017
Episode 13,242
1450 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Abigail is elated her RSVPs to the black tie party at Doug's Place keep coming. Chad smiles as she gushes what a good new year they will have ... Meanwhile in the DiMera living room Kate laments to Andre that Abe is onto her. She complains about Chad as well and is waiting for Abe ... Abe pays Rafe a visit at the station. Tis about the curious case of Theo... Claire is thrilled to be with Theo in his room. Tripp calls, fibbing that boss Fran demanded she come to work today. Claire sighs and agrees. Ciara smiles smugly at Tripp for doing her bidding ... Hope hugs purple Jen at the pub. Jen notes she and JJ feel badly about Hope losing her job. Perhaps Abe will change his mind. Hope frowns she is distracted these days due to daughter Ciara ... Ciara assures Tripp the harmless lie will advance their cause. She believes by getting Theo to herself and revealing she loves him she shall win ... Belle and Shawn approach Claire at the hospital outside Theo's room Alas Belle must go back to Hong Kong as a big project beckons. Shawn assures Claire they will come back for the wedding. She sighs she has to go to work too and hugs them goodbye. They will miss one another. After Claire goes Belle admits to Shawn she feels she has not done much for Chad as his attorney ... As Abigail tries to party plan, Chad gets frisky on their bed. But Abigail has business on her fair mind - the fact that they need to convince the board Chad is their perfect CEO. That means tonight's party will have to be perfect even without Doug and Julie in town!

Claire gets to work at the square cafe. She notes to Tripp that Fran acted surprised to see her. Tripp changes the topic to Theo. She thanks him for his support. Tripp turns away, feeling like a heel. She asks which empty tables are hers today. He decides to come clean and sighs Ciara wanted to be alone with Theo. Claire blinks like a girl betrayed. She cannot believe he lied to let that beech get close to her boyfriend. Tripp clears his throat and admits he wanted to be alone with Claire ... Ciara remembers the good old days with Theo the Salem patient. Then she announces she still loves him and waits for his warm response. She adds they belong together but Theo is not smiling ... Back at the pub Hope informs Jen that Ciara is angry at everyone besides Theo. And there is tension with Rafe. Ciara wants to talk to her about it when she has the time ... Rafe thinks Abe wants him to step down for Hope. Abe admits it got too personal and wants to move forward, forget the past ... As Chad plants kisses on Abigail she tries to tell him she has work to do. She eventually gives in to his DiMera seduction and her laptop is long forgotten ... At the park Shawn updates Belle on the cleared out office from where the hacks originated. He questions the theory that Andre was the saboteur as it would not have been in his best interest. Belle is intrigued ...

Stylish Andre asks Kate what Abe said. Nothing so far but she suspects prison awaits ... Rafe is relieved Theo woke up. Abe just wants things to get back to the way they were for all their sakes ... Hope hopes that any issues Ciara has with Rafe are resolved by the time she is ready to marry him. Jen is excited. Hope gushes about the New Year and finds out Jen is attending the big DiMera bash with Eric. Jen sighs she knows he still loves Nicole. Hope now gets summoned to the station by acting Commissioner Rafe. Jen swears her to secrecy about her Eric date. Hope giggles and goes ... Theo solemnly asks Ciara why tell him this. He is with Claire. Ciara claims Claire cares for no one. If his coma had continued Claire would have left him ... Claire is confused. Tripp is sorry he made her upset. She sighs it seems he thought he would get his chance with her and then walks away ... Theo informs Ciara that Claire loves and would never leave him. Ciara lists how many boyfriends that girl has had and argues she was better to him, plus they have had a close bond since childhood. Theo agrees they have a bond and would not want to lose her. Claire overhears ... Rafe and Abe await Hope together. When she walks in Abe acknowledges she was right. How he regrets firing her! She understands. He wants to make things right and explains he and Rafe agree ... She is the best person to be the commissioner. Rafe replaces his name with hers and welcomes back the lady commissioner with a kiss. Hope gushes her thanks. Abe officially hands her Theo's case and she thanks him for the vote of confidence. Rafe does look a tad disappointed. Abe tells her that Theo gave a statement. But there is more ... Kate complains to Andre that the DiMera board will not back her when they find out what she did. Andre wants her at his side at Countess W and he will not change his mind on that. Kate teases the board already hates him. She appreciates how he has stood by her, however. Andre now impulsively invites her to Abigail's party. She suspects she might be carted off in handcuffs before midnight. Andre cackles what a way to go ...

Still in bed with Abigail, Chad takes a call from legal eagle Belle. She and Shawn have a hot lead on who the real saboteur might be. She just wanted him to know their theory. Chad is listening ... Hope notes Theo did not actually break in. Rafe agrees it could be a misdemeanor. Hope feels Theo already paid the price and this case is closed! Abe thanks her ... Theo lets Ciara know she means much as his best friend. She talks coupledom but he will not cheat on Claire, the girl he loves. Besides he and Ciara fought too much. He wishes she would be friends with Claire. Ciara refuses and storms out, passing Claire on the way. Claire tenderly takes Theo's hand and he gazes up at her ... Belle is following the money trail for now but believes an attack on DiMera is imminent. She warns Chad over the phone ... Belle and Shawn now head to the station to say their temporary goodbyes to Rafe and Hope, happy they are re-engaged ... In bed Abigail warns shirtless Chad that she agreed to let Andre escort Kate to tonight's party. He holds her and does not get why brother cares for Kate at all. She gushes he wants their business arrangement to become a real marriage ... Kate accepts Andre's invitation, ready to go out with a bang. Harold now lets in Abe, who hates having to say she is getting off easy. The Salem PD decided not to press charges against Theo so that is that. She thanks him. He makes a demand of the DiMeras in return for his silence. Andre eyes him with suspicion ...

Hope asks Shawn to be there for Ciara and let her know if she opens up. He agrees and she hugs him with high praise ... Ciara sits alone at the square feeling like a loser in love. Tripp deduces it did not go well and is sorry. She weeps Theo wants Claire cos she is the one he loves. Nothing she said could change his mind. It seems they have both lost ... Claire asks Theo if he meant what he said about her. He did. He now tells her he is tired so she tells him to rest and cuddles on his bed ... Abe demands the DiMeras assure him that they will never let Theo work for them ever again. Kate gets it. Andre adds they all wont wot is best for him ... Jen gets a call from Eric outside the pub. She is pleased to hear JJ arranged to get counseling. She agrees to let Eric pick her up for the party tonight ... Abigail gets an email confirmation for the party from someone whose email she does not recognize. Meanwhile Vivian's long red nails fill out the online form, confirming that she shall be bringing a guest ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, December 28