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Wednesday, December 27, 2017
Episode 13,241
1475 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Chez Jen she assures Eric he rocked as Santa. She now worries why JJ has not arrived. Enter JJ with a gift and a good excuse ... At the square Ciara hisses Claire cannot stop her from getting Theo back. Claire counters he loves HER but Ciara refuses to withdraw ... At DiMera mansion Abigail informs Andre he should have stopped Kate from heading to the hospital. She might run into raging Chad ... Chad is not surprised to see Kate outside Theo's window at the hospital. She cries tears of joy and he warns her Theo could still expose her ... Theo pauses as Abe asks him to answer Lani. Was it a DiMera who made him break and enter?? ... Andre gets a drink and tells Abigail she is being harsh on Kate. He talks loyalty, hence Kate confiding in Theo. Abigail reminds him Kate then threw HIM under the bus. She knowingly wonders why he is still on her side ... Chad believes judging by the serious faces, Abe and Lani are almost onto Kate. They emerge and Chad refers to Theo's recovery. Abe feels fortunate. Kate wants to see the Salem patient but first Abe wants a word. Lani lets her know they just questioned Theo and ... Abe finishes they found out the truth! Kate blanches ... Claire gets cattier. Ciara hisses she has never seen things more clearly. She has her second chance with Theo! Claire scoffs she gave him her silly letter but he did not leave her. Matter of fact even when they broke up for a few weeks he made no attempt to contact his ex. Ciara vows to make him see they were meant to be. She starts to head to the hospital but cross Claire grabs her ... Jen and Eric marvel as JJ tells them the miracle of Theo and how Jen made Abe take back his blame. Jen senses JJ was in a bad place before. JJ weeps he was saved thanks to a good friend and now the future looks bright. Jen hugs him and they both get emotional. Eric smiles at the tender mother and son scene ... Abe explains Theo stated he was the one who decided to break into the warehouse. Lani agrees. Abe asks Kate to apologize to Andre for him. Chad notes that is not necessary. Kate thanks Abe and they head into Theo's room ...

Andre admits to Abigail he was initially angry at Kate but then ... Abigail teases he saved her, risked his relationship with Chad, and threatened to walk with Kate, so she must mean much to him. Andre calls it admiration but Abigail knows it is so much more. Andre lets out a soulful sigh ... JJ and Jen continue to hug. He is grateful for her unwavering support ... Abigail dares Andre to admit he is falling in love. Andre gushes Kate is stunning, smart and sly. One of a kind. She laughs to say the L word. Andre loosens his collar ... Chad talks chess with Theo. Kate stands silently. Theo wonders why she is saying nothing. She laments she sent him to that office which led to his shooting. He lied to Abe and Lani that he was working alone. Why? ... Back at the square Ciara and Claire continue insulting one another. Claire loves Theo. Ciara says she loves only herself and they start to push. Claire falls back onto a table. Then she jumps up to attack. Tripp breaks it up and finds out they are fighting over Theo. Claire the girlfriend insists she see him first and urges Tripp to stop the crazy girl from following her. He does and questions Ciara's level of intelligence ... JJ is back in his room. He opens an envelope with two tickets and takes off with a smile ...

Abe and Lani are alone near the nurse's station. She is grateful her father forgave JJ. Abe is sorry for the mess. He did not mean to make things hard for her. She was glad to be able to be here for him. Abe cries he could not have made it without his daughter. They agree they are lucky. She smiles she should submit Theo's statement at the station ... Theo sadly states he had to lie to some family members to save Kate. He reasons they were being hacked and he was the one who wanted to break in. Chad adds Kate came up with the idea. Kate cries Theo was almost killed. He asks if she recalls the day she married Stefano. Yes. They became fast friends and he has not forgotten how good she was to him. He loves Kate and she seconds the notion, squeezing him with a hug. Chad grimaces ...

Andre alludes to overcoming and Abigail asks how Kate feels. Andre admits he fears she might be feeling indebted or trying to play him for a promotion. This thing ... Abigail calls it love and lets him know there is always an element of risk. He has to open his heart ... Jen and Eric are full from all the food. He will be leaving with more donuts. She praises him for helping JJ. He calls her amazing cos she got through to Abe. He now invites her to play a game of scrabble. It is all rather tame ... until they pick up the fallen letters and lock eyes ... Andre would like nature to take its course. Abigail reasons Kate might not wait if he is too late. She suggests he escort her to their New Year's Eve party and steal a kiss at midnight. Andre appreciates Abigail the hopeless romantic for always being on his side. She appreciates him as well and laughs they crazies should stick together. Andre laughs along with her ... Chad assures Theo he will find out who is hacking DiMera. Theo wants to assist. Claire arrives so Kate and Chad give them their space. Outside the room Kate wonders whether Chad will ever forgive her. He fumes she even let Theo take the blame and he will not forget it. She asks what she can do. He replies nothing for his respect for her is gone forever. Ouch ... Tripp tries to talk some sense into Ciara, who accuses him of being after Claire. She suggests he fight for the one he wants. She sure as hell will ... Jen courageously invites Eric to attend Abigail's New Year’s party with her. He teases is that a date ... JJ finds Lani at her office writing Theo's statement, his admission of attempting to break in and why. However she remains uncertain whether he was working alone. Pause. JJ suddenly smiles he has her Christmas present and presents her with the Rihanna tickets. They were supposed to be her birthday present that fateful day. She thanks him and hugs him, looking forward to their date. They agree to never be apart again ...

Chad coldly states Andre blackmailed him into letting Kate stay at the house and at Countess W but he is finished with her. Kate's eyes are filled with tears of torment. Abe happens by. Kate blurts out to him that Theo was covering for her all this time. And so she completely confesses ... Eric sets up the scrabble with Jen, who wants it to be a friendly outing not a date. He wins with ease and then she realizes he wrote I SAY YES on the board to accept her invitation ... JJ wants only Lani and they kiss in bliss ... Claire sits with Theo, who has stars in his eyes and assures him she and Ciara are alright ... Not exactly ... Tripp thinks Ciara wants him to hook up with Claire, to keep her away from Theo. She tells him they should team up to get what they want ... Andre suspiciously wonders what Abigail would get out of him pairing up with Kate. She just loves her brother-in-law and wants him to be happy. She smiles and he smiles he loves her as well ... Abe rages it was Kate all along! She woefully tells him she traced the hacker to the warehouse office and wanted someone she could trust to go in. He rages Theo is only 19 years old and asks whether Chad was involved. Kate claims he was not. Abe is furious she was protecting herself all this time. She weeps and apologizes. Abe gives her a cold look and sarcastically thanks her. Then he goes to see his son ... Chad warns Kate she could go to prison. She cries about her cowardice and reasons at least her reputation will survive. Chad pauses ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, December 27