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Tuesday, December 26, 2017
Episode 13,240
1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Chez DiMera Kate laments to cheerful Andre she has to pack. Chad arrives with Abigail insisting she get out. Andre threatens to go with his wife ... At the square Eve has texted Gabi hoping she will reconsider. Gabi updates Eli on her two offers, the fact that she trusted Kate enough to sign with her. Gabi is all about trust. Eli flashes back to his lovefest with Lani. Gabi wonders what is on his mind ... The gang rejoice as Theo confirms he is lucid by blinking as asked. He then squeezes Abe's hand and cries of joy pervade the room. Abe bawls his boy has come back ... Chad points out Kate's marriage is corporate convenience. Andre argues Kate shot no one. Furthermore she defended Andre when Chad wrongly accused him. Andre wants her in the company. Chad snaps over his dead DiMera body ... Arianna falls asleep. Gabi wants to go check on JJ. Eli is understanding about it ... Val tells the gang this is a good sign but now she and Abe need to be alone with his lad ... Outside his room Lani and JJ rejoice together. Claire is over the moon and even hugs Ciara, who hugs her back ... Val has checked Theo's vitals and all is in order. Abe gushes Theo can see him. Theo whispers "dad" and Abe gazes down at him with a smile. Val leaves as the specialists prepare to examine the Salem patient. She tells the gang waiting outside they need to wait. It might take some time ... Faithful Andre feels that Kate the deal maker belongs. Chad gets a drink and disagrees. Kate cooperates as asked but Andre refuses to let her leave ... Theo's memories are unclear. Abe explains he was shot and has been in a coma for days. Theo gets stressed. He wishes he would remember and starts to cry. Abe assures him they were all praying and finally their miracle came true. Outside the room JJ gets a call from concerned Gabi and tells her the great news about Theo coming out of his coma. She gushes that is great and adds there is still something they should discuss ... Eli is back at his room, remembers his fling with Lani, and removes the wrinkled sheets. Alas he cannot remove the reality ...

Back at the hospital Ciara and Claire start to bicker about who can visit Theo first. Claire suggests Ciara leave as it will take a long time. Abe appears and urges the young women to consider Theo. He steps away to call Brandon. Val emerges and explains Theo was asking for ... Ciara assumes it was her and pushes ahead ... Gabi finds Eli at his room with his laundry in hand and wonders why he wants to do it now ... Lani tearfully tells JJ she knows about his plan from last night ... Andre warns Chad that Gabi Chic will withdraw within her trial period if Kate is kicked out cos she brokered the deal. Abigail agrees. Chad warns if she causes any problems in his business then they are both out! Andre eyes him with astonishment. His feelings for Kate run deep. He then grins and assure Chad he will not regret agreeing to let her stay. Chad sarcastically states he already does. Kate reminds him she loves him like a son. Chad walks away and advises Andre to keep the woman away from him. Kate gets emotional about Andre's loyalty toward her. He tells her it is about the company but Kate knows better. She thanks him and promises to be on his side too. She will never forget this. Andre wipes the tears from her eyes with his hanky ... Claire complains to Val about obnoxious Ciara and hopes she will not upset Theo. Val points out he is in a fragile state ... Theo blinks at Ciara, surprised to see her back. She regrets she left in the first place as she could not stop thinking of him. She wants him to know ...

JJ hangs his head. Lani regrets she could not see how down he was. She hopes the other side no longer seems so appealing. He assures her he wants to live and she makes him promise to tell her if ever he starts to have such dark thoughts again. He agrees and adds everything changed. His prayers were answered ... Eli drops the sheets to the floor and changes the subject to Theo. He is glad Gabi came to tell him he woke up. Gabi now wants to discuss something about him and Lani. Eli worriedly wonders what ... JJ and Lani sit together and he holds her. Today is much brighter than the day before. He now asks how she knew what happened. She tells him she went to his place last night to tell him she loved him but when she arrived she saw Gabi and they were not fully dressed. They were in each other's arms. She admits she took off, ran into Eli and ... JJ wonders ... Gabi deduces Eli and Lani were pretty upset after she gave them the wrong idea about her and JJ. Eli calls himself a hothead and starts to say something but the sight of JJ's gun males Gabi cry. He apologizes for not turning it in yet and she cries on his shoulder ... Andre sweetly smiles and asks Kate what is happening between them. Abigail comes running with the good news about JJ. Chad faithfully follows her out as they discuss seeing him. Andre warns Kate if Theo's memory is intact he could still implicate her ... Claire runs in to see Theo so Ciara withdraws. Theo is thrilled his girlfriend is finally here. Claire reminds Ciara only one visitor at a time as per Val. Ciara vows she will be back and woefully walks away. Theo happily holds hands with Claire, who calls this the Christmas the happiest day of her life and boasts she begged him to open his eyes every day. She wonders if he heard. Alas he did not. She lets him know how much she loves him, how sorry she is about their last fight. He mutters it matters not. Claire lets him know nothing will come between them ...

Lani admits to JJ she told Eli it looked like Gabi was cheating with JJ and he got mad at Gabi. She weeps it was all her fault. JJ believes she is being too hard on herself. Lani is just relieved Abe forgave JJ. He wonders what comes next for them ... Val appears asking if Lani wants to see Theo. Lani asks JJ to accompany her. Val approves ... Gabi sobs she is sorry. The stress is still there from last night. Eli asks her to tell him all about it so she does. Eli praises her for saving JJ and they embrace again ... Lani and JJ are now with Theo, who remembers little about his last conversation with his sister. He wonders why JJ is staying silent. JJ gasps he is sorry. Theo thinks he did nothing wrong. JJ confesses he is the one who shot him. Theo is puzzled. JJ adds he was not aware it was him. He assumed he had a gun but he did not. He takes his hand. Theo blinks and the memory returns. He tells JJ it was not his fault, for he and he alone was to blame ...

Back at DiMera mansion Abigail apologizes to Andre for Chad's reaction. She asks about Kate. Andre replies she headed to the hospital to see Theo ... Theo remembers hearing a cop telling him to drop his weapon but it was not a weapon he was carrying. JJ sadly states from where he was standing ... Theo sighs it looked like a gun. Lani loves her brother and JJ thanks God again. He tenderly kisses Lani's lovely forehead before leaving ... Eli marvels how strong Gabi is. He is sorry for behaving like an ass and assures her she can lean on him. He wants to be her hero. She puts her head on his shoulder ... Claire catches up with Ciara at the square and warns her to stay away from Theo. Ciara hisses she cannot stop her and insists she is still in the romantic running ... At the hospital Chad asks Val whether the specialists' treatment helped Theo. Val notes it is possible and points out then they have Kate and Chad to thank ... Abe returns to his son's side. Lani updates him on Theo's memories coming back. She wonders whether she can probe. Abe has no problem with that. She now asks her bedridden brother whether he was trying to break into the building because a DiMera wanted him to do it. Kate appears at his room window and Theo sees her stunning saddened face ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, December 26