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Friday, December 22, 2017
Episode 13,238
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Brady smoothly praises Eve for the new improved Kiriakis living room. She complains Maggie beat her to the decorating ... Sonny asks Will whether he is certain. Will laughs he did not mean sleeping together, he merely meant he wants to hear all about how he fell for him ... Jen and Abe return to the visitors room. She is sorry for what is happening to his family but she wants to help her son and asks him to hear her out ... Lani closes the door and cries, taking off, assuming JJ and Gabi were in the middle of making out. She leaves unnoticed. JJ thanks Gabi for saving him. She calls him irreplaceable ... Sonny smiles they can start at the start and informs Will they met at the pier when he saw him hug cuz Abigail. They were fast friends though Will was struggling with who he was. Sonny was there for him and then they made magic together ... Gabi wonders why Eli did not reply to her text. Meanwhile Eli sees sobbing Lani in the hall as he arrives at his door and asks what is the matter ... Eve tells Brady she has better taste than tacky Maggie. Brady pretends to want a peaceful day with no talk of turmoil or business. She agrees and asks why he avoided the family gathering, Brady replies he was with John and his brother at John and Marlena's. Eve brings up the argument she overheard between him and Victor. Brady pretends to be testy and gets a drink. Eve warns him Sonny will steal away what is rightfully his unless he does something ... Will reposes on the bed as Sonny tells him of the day he came out to him. Will had casually mentioned telling Marlena he was gay. Sonny had been happy as a clam. Will remembers not and tells Sonny to continue ... Jen gasps JJ is crushed and punishing himself. Her son refuses to spend Christmas with the clan and she knows he would trade places with Theo if he could. She begs the mayor to be compassionate ... JJ does not want to cause trouble for Gabi and Eli. Neither does she. Gabi just wants him to know he can always count on her ... Inside Eli's room Lani downs a glass of hard liquor. He wonders what happened. She woefully recounts how she saw JJ with another. In fact it was Gabi and she assumes he has been sleeping with her all along. Eli soap stares cos he had hoped Gabi was his girl ...

Back at Kiriakis mansion Brady pretends to feel crummy about being in Victor's shadow. Eve has big plans for Basic Black and could use his help beating Kate the corporate competitor. She casually offers him a job ... Sonny keeps telling Will the story of them. Their first date only happened months later. The mood was light over coffee and they clasped hands over the table. Will was not sure how things were supposed to go. Sonny assured him they would make the rules as they went along. Then months later they were together in the physical sense and it was perfect. Later Sonny proposed but Will said no. Sonny jumps up to show him something that might help his memory ... Gabi urges JJ to make an appointment with Marlena in the morning but for now they must sleep. Gentlemanly JJ insists they not sleep in the same bed ... Lani weeps about what she thinks she saw. She stops Eli from going to confront JJ in his room. Eli blasts him for the bad things he has done ... Jen updates Abe on what JJ confided to Eric and weeps she prays for Theo. But JJ is in pain form his guilt and sorrow. She pleads to please forgive him. Abe reminds her he shot his son. Jen reminds him once upon a time he shot Brady. Right now JJ feels the same way he felt then. Abe's eyes widen as he remembers ... Lani reminds Eli that JJ is suffering. Eli now has a drink, fuming about him sleeping with Gabi to forget his pain. He wonders what her excuse is ... JJ is unable to sleep in the chair. Gabi gets an idea ... Jen recounts how Abe assumed Brady had a gun in his hand and reacted rashly. She begs him to find it in his heart to forgive JJ ... Brady scoffs why would he want to work for Eve. She scoffs would he prefer to report to Sonny?! Meanwhile Will and Sonny sit on the bed together as Sonny happily shows him their photo album. They were settling in Salem, raising Ari. Sonny declares they were deeply in love and then he kisses him. Will kisses him right back. Sonny stops and apologizes. Will didn't mind though he would rather not rush. Sonny will be patient and Will thanks him for it. He now wants to hear about their wedding ...

Brady gets mad about Sonny. Eve suggests he showcase his talent by turning Basic Black around. She suggests he prove Victor wrong and he pretends to be convinced by her. Thus, he accepts the Basic Black challenge ... Abe insists he only wanted to protect the people in the diner. Jen points out Brady was alright in the end. He thinks that is not like Theo and scowls Brady wanted to sue him. She likens that to how he has been lashing out at JJ and reminds him Brady finally forgave him ... Gabi insists JJ stick to the schedule and he will make it through for he has a good heart. They are both sitting in the bed now ... Upset Eli keeps drinking with Lani and laments he must have just been a few laughs to Gabi. They both feel bitterly betrayed. Eli points out Gabi still wanted Chad when they got together so his own eye wandered. Lani wonders to whom. To HER!

Eve is elated when Brady accepts. He demands a fair contract and shows her a number. He is worth it! She eyes him and agrees to have the attorney write it up. She wants to shake on it. He looks at the mistletoe and grabs her in a passionate kiss. Very passionate kiss ... As Will softly smiles Sonny tells him the details of their wedding, the words they spoke. Will starts to remember what he said. Sonny believes they have made a major breakthrough ... Jen fears JJ might not make it without Abe's forgiveness and hopes he will consider ... JJ is back in his chair and thanks Gabi for her help. She puts her ipad away and points out he needs professional help. She makes him promise he will get it. JJ now nods off in the uncomfortable chair ... Lani had no idea Eli was ever interested. He tells her she was taken by JJ. He calls him a fool for letting her go cos he would be a better boyfriend. He then starts to kiss her passionately and she responds ...

Eve gasps what the hell! Brady calls the kiss a Christmas tradition. She is frazzled as she excuses herself to talk to her attorney and shakily climbs the staircase. Brady decides his performance deserves another drink ... Sonny is amazed Will knew Forrester's quote. Will explains he read it from the box of belongings Sami gave him. That page of the book was earmarked. Sonny is still pleased and points out they can make new memories. Him being alive is the greatest gift Sonny could ask for. Will smiles as he departs ... Abe assures Jen he does not blame her. Jen replies JJ's pain is her pain. Abe is making no promises but he will consider her request. She cries thank you and Merry Christmas. Once alone Abe raises his eyes to the heavens ... Gabi wants JJ to know that Lani still loves him so he should give their love a chance. They should begin the New Year the right way, meaning her with Eli and him with Lani. JJ agrees ... Eli stops, not wanting to take advantage of the situation. Lani likes kissing him cos it makes her forget. She needs to forget and wants him to help. Eli keeps kissing her and they fall onto his bed, disrobing in their despair. Oooooooooo


All the drama in Salem on Friday, December 22