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Thursday, December 21, 2017
Episode 13,237
1360 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


JJ eyes the gun and remembers the shooting. Then he remembers his last letter to Theo about fixing things. He picks up his weapon ... At DiMera mansion Chad hugs and flirts with Abigail. They kiss by the festive fireplace, happy for their time ... Will sits in an arm chair and admits to Maggie he does not remember this place. She points out at least he is with those he loves for Christmas. Sonny smiles at him and Will smiles right back ... Eli ends a call with Gabi, whom he will be seeing soon. She has somewhere to go first as she has a feeling. Meanwhile Lani runs into Eli at the hospital ... JJ holds his phone in his free hand as Jen keeps trying to call ... Elegant Doug and Julie join Val and Abe at Theo's bedside. Julie believes he will return. Doug asks them to come to the Horton Christmas Eve gathering. Abe feels he belongs by his son and has no interest in Horton parties ... JJ eventually says hello to Jen, who is relieved. He calmly states he is having a quiet evening alone and claims he is tired. He lies he will see her Christmas morning and they wish one another a Merry Christmas. JJ thanks her for being there and says goodbye with a certain strangeness in his voice. Then he cries and gets his hat, trying to pull himself together. But when he opens the door there stands Gabi ...

Will wonders how many Hortons there will be. Maggie muses there are many kinds of Hortons. Sonny promises to help. Arianna runs in and whispers in his ear. Sonny exclaims there is a Christmas emergency ... Abigail gushes she and Chad have got to throw a great New Year's bash. By then Theo might have had his Christmas miracle. He could sure use one. They all could ... Gabi has a gift for JJ that Arianna made but JJ states there is somewhere he must go. She assumes it is to Jen's. Negative. She notices he is in full uniform and finds the letters. She opens the envelope to her. JJ woefully watches. Gabi gasps in horror about the suicide note. JJ looks at her with tragic eyes ... Julie lets Abe know the Hortons share his sorrow. Abe sadly states Jen's son put his son in this bed. Doug places reassuring hands on his shoulder and gets it. They give them some space and Julie states they will pray. Abe is inconsolable. Val must step away. Still Theo sleeps. Abe shuts his eyes ... In the waiting area Eli asks how Lani feels about JJ being reinstated. He also invites her to join him chez Jen. She weeps she would rather stay for Abe. He wishes her a Merry Christmas and gets going ... Gabi gets upset about JJ planning to end it all. He wants to pay for what he did. She begs him to forgive himself and notes she knows how it feels. She considered ending it in prison, though that would have hurt her loved ones. She cries she cannot lose her best friend and Ari would be crushed. She implores him to stop for her sake ...

As it turns out Arianna was worried Santa would not have any presents for Will as he did not remember him. She wants Will to have all her presents cos he is her present. She throws her little arms around him. Will melts. Sonny tenderly watches. Will is so proud of her. Maggie gets her ready for the party ... Ciara and Rafe come downstairs with gifts and Rafe asks what she wanted to tell Hope about him. She flashes back to his admission of sleeping with Sami and gives him a soap stare. Luckily they are interrupted by the arrival of more guests, including Sawn, Belle and Claire. Rafe is more stressed by the second ... Gabi is sorry JJ is suffering but he snaps those he affected must suffer a far worse fate. How can he live with himself? ... Abe speaks to his precious son and cries to wake up. But he has lost hope and begs God to help. He sobs on his son's unresponsive arm ... Gabi exclaims JJ should consider those he would leave behind. Poor Jen would never survive ... At Horton house, Jen laments to Abigail that JJ would not come. Rafe asks where Gabi is. Eli was wondering the same thing. Will and Sonny walk in with Maggie. Sonny stands by his man. Hope is happy to have Abigail there. All of a sudden a crash and Ciara says oops about breaking Claire's ornament. Claire smashes her in retaliation. Ciara hisses she will make her regret it and Claire gives her a haughty look. Meow! Belle pulls Claire away Hope stops Ciara. Jen suggests they hang the other ornaments. Doug feels the family is blessed. Julie sighs they are praying for Theo. Doug warmly welcomes Will back. Sonny puts an arm around him ... Julie welcomes Eli to his first Horton Christmas eve and tells him the meaning of the ornaments. To appreciate the living and remember the Hortons on the other side. She wants Eli to put up the first ornament. Abigail and Chad are all smiles. Eli loves his new ornament. Doug and Julie place theirs on the tree, including David. Maggie places Mickey's beside hers and Victor's. Sonny picks up Arianna and she smiles at doting dad Will as well. Chad and Abigail kiss. Shawn and Belle are happy to be there. Ciara steps in front of Rafe to place Bo's ornament first. Rafe hangs his after and hugs Hope. For now … Jen pauses with Jack's ornament ...

Meanwhile JJ reasons to Gabi he is breaking Jen's heart. She tries to make him understand a mother's heartbreak is when the child is in pain. JJ wants to give up and tells her to leave. He holds up his gun and shares his plan, to end it all at the same place where he gunned down Theo. She blocks the door ... Jen informs Abigail she wishes she had made JJ come. She decides to go do something about it ... Val is sorry to hear that Lani and JJ are no more. Val thinks Theo would want his sister to be happy with that man she loves. She should not give up on JJ ... JJ orders Gabi to step aside but she is not listening. She reads him his letters out loud to make him see the folly of his ways. He tells her to stop. But she reads them all to make him realize how hurtful it would be and opens his present from Arianna. She made him a picture frame with her face in it. JJ breaks down. Gabi tells him to just get through tonight. He puts the gun down and cries like a baby. They hug and she cries right with him ...

At the serene paneled Kiriakis mansion Sonny wishes Will a good night. Will wishes he would stay with him and smiles ... Back at their home Abigail gets frisky with Chad and they head for the bedroom ... Abe appreciates that Claire came back to see his son. Once they are alone she woefully wishes Theo a Merry Christmas ... Abe hangs his head outside the hospital room. Jen has come to say something ... JJ is at a crossroads. Gabi suggests they spend Christmas Eve at Jen's. He cannot see any of them tonight. Not like this. She will stay with him as long as he needs. The view will be better in the morning. After all it is Christmastime ... Back at the Horton house Eli is let down by a text from Gabi, who will not make it after all. He sees her ornament is close to JJ's on the tree like a sign ... Gabi is clad in a t-shirt from JJ and helps him unbutton his shirt. She smiles goodnight and they get in bed together. JJ cries Merry Christmas and she says the same back. Then they embrace. That is what Lani sees the second she steps into the room!


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, December 21