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Wednesday, December 20, 2017
Episode 13,236
1060 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Carolers sing at the town square. JJ is wished a Merry Christmas and donates a large sum to help the needy. Then he spies the shrine to Theo and remembers. He shot an unarmed man. He cringes and walks off, slowly returning to his silent room. Then he removes a pad of paper from his bag as well as envelopes. JJ was exonerated but not his soul. He is in torment as he sits at the desk to begin his final letters. Dear Theo ... Pause. Tears idle tears. What to write? Ring ring! He does not take the call from mama Jen and decides to write her first. She is the best mom he could ask for and is sorry. Then he remembers his London wild child days, drinking when Jen called with the bad news about Jack. Back to reality. He is sorry he gave her a hard time when he returned to Salem and she grieved Jack. He admits he was acting out as he felt he let down his dad. He now remembers coming home to Jack once upon a time. Living elegant eloquent Jack, who was surprised to see him...

Jack reminded him Xmas break was in three weeks. JJ decided to skip exams as he was failing anyway. Jack hugs his son and teases he must have partied like a chip off the old block. He shows him the grad gift his dad gave him and passes the torch of his lucky pen to his son. JJ is touched. Jack tells him to try again at school. He will pay for his return fare. JJ worries about Jen. Jack notes she need not know and writes him a check to get him back to London town. JJ now writes the story to Jen. Jack believed in him but he let him down. He remembers Jen crying one Christmas over It's a Wonderful Life, Jack teasing her. He was already aware of JJ's bad antics. JJ leaves the pen wrapped in his last letter to his mother with an envelope as he weeps. One down. More tears idle tears ...

Post shower JJ shaves as he remembers writing to sister Abigail about all his parents taught him. She taught him to fight. He admits he already knew when Chad had proposed. He remembers Chad secretly coming to see him about it. He gave him a hard time and warned if he harmed her he would answer to him. Then he remembers Abigail crying. His songs used to raise her spirits. He leaves a guitar pick for Thomas as he will be unable to teach him now and places it in a crisp envelope. Eerie music plays. He places Abigail's envelope with the others. Now it is time to dress in his uniform. But first he takes off the medal and prepares to write to Hope. Roman and Abe and Hope had been proud. Roman praised him for saving someone's life but warned he needed to keep his impulses in check when the situation called for it. Otherwise he could have problems. JJ writes to Hope that he was right and remembers Roman's rage over his blow up with Ben. Hope was always at the house and he was happy when he was back on the force. She felt badly about what she did to Stefano and hoped he would never know how it felt to kill a man. JJ leaves her his medal and thanks her for always being there. He knows she lost the commissioner post cos of him and asks her to look after Abigail and Jen. Another envelope, another sigh ...

JJ opens a Christmas card from Gabi and writes his thanks. He remembers when they discussed Paige once upon a poignant November. She was sorry she never had a chance to speak with her half-sister. He now leaves her all of Paige's songs that she wrote for him. He regrets their romance ended but treasured their friendship. He reminds her of walking away from Chad and reasons sometimes it is best to spare a loved one by walking away ... Now he remembers Jack speaking to him about what he found in his coat. He blamed himself for letting his son down but JJ always felt better with Jack around. Years later JJ lamented to Jen that he was there when Theresa overdosed. She praised him for saving her life and pointed out he had a purpose in life ... JJ finishes his letter to Gabi by likening her to Jen as a mother. The pile of envelopes is growing. JJ stares into space. He places Gabi's card beside the family photo and flashes back to the day Jack died. Jen wept to her children she believed he would live forever. It was hard to say goodbye. Abigail cried he saved her. JJ numbed the pain with a pill. He now feels he let his father down and cries. Another letter ... He writes his heartfelt apology to Abe though he feels his actions were unforgivable. He remembers when Abe explained the meaning of his badge as he worked undercover to get a drug dealer. Abe asked him to apply to the police academy. He now feels he did not deserve his badge back the other day and places it in the envelope for Abe. Now he opens a drawer and takes out his weapon. His eyes already look like a dead man walking ...

JJ is now in his uniform. He has finished his letter to Lani about how he got them Chicago concert tickets and was hoping for a future. He loved her and wishes her well in the future. He declares she deserves better. He remembers their romantic kiss after the birthday party, when she felt lucky ... Now he gets back to the letter to Theo. That night he saw him outside the club and gave him a pep talk about Claire. Life was so simple. Theo was thinking of his future. JJ woefully notes he left him with nothing. Therefore he shall return to the square where he shot him. He intends to end it all. The letters are ready and JJ is as well. He readies his gun and stares into space ... The national suicide prevention line flashes on screen ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, December 20