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Tuesday, December 19, 2017
Episode 13,235
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the decorated mansion Andre hears phone Kate complain about having to step down as CEO. Enter Andre, assuming Chad intervened. She sighs he also wants her to move out. Andre believes he will come around but Kate feels he will never forgive... Eve sits in her pink suit leaving a message for Gabi about getting back to her. Enter shirtless Brady, dripping and raging mad about the renovations wreaking havoc. He shouts about the water shutoff before he finished his shower ... John is at the pub with Marlena, post shopping. She has trouble with what to get Brady and wonders about Paul. John sighs all Paul wants for Christmas is Sonny. Meanwhile Sonny is at the square complaining to Gabi that he could not get Arianna the doll of her dreams. Gabi already did and notes Arianna got lucky with Will coming home for Christmas. Sonny gushes they are slowly getting back together ... Will opens his door to Paul, pleased cos he was counting the minutes until their next meet. Paul walks inside and notes he only came to talk work with John, who is out shopping with Marlena. Paul notices Will's bag and asks if he is moving. Will muses he is moving in with Sonny. Paul soap stares ... At the square Sonny has heard about Gabi getting offers from Eve and Kate. Sonny explains he does not trust Eve ... Eve teases Brady, who starts to yell, wanting her out. Here comes Justin. Eve smiles he was bugged by the water shutoff and adds there is soap behind his ear. Brady storms out. Justin wonders why she is staying. She asks him to check over a Basic Black contract and reminds him they were friends before. She sure could use him in her life as an ally again. Justin considers. He warns her his allegiance in this war is to his family. Eve insists she wants the best for the family too. Justin warns her not to try and undermine Sonny or she will have to answer to him ...

Kate updates Andre on Chad and admits she understands. Andre vows to make it betta. Gabi arrives. Andre stops his wife from withdrawing and suggests they seal the deal. Kate glances at him with surprise ... Love-struck Sonny meets Justin by the Horton square tree and tells him all about Will. He sees his father feels he is making a mistake. Justin peers at him ... Paul assumes Will is moving in with Sonny. Will admits there are feelings he wants to explore. Paul wishes him the best and turns to go but Will boldly takes him by the arm. He wants him to wait. Oooooo ... Justin states he is pro Sonny, as Sonny had called him pro Paul. He cannot help but be worried about his son hooking up with amnesia Will. Sonny follows his heart and teases his father he knows where he gets that from ... Will talks hanging out. Paul snaps he loves only Sonny. Will assures him he wants to be friends. Paul tells him to be the best person he can be. Will likes his direct talk and feels no pressure around Paul. Paul is sorry but he cannot be his friend. There is bad history between the three of them. He walks out ... Brady gets a drink and complains to Victor, who fumes he failed to bring down Eve ... Kate starts to tell Gabi things have changed so Andre ushers her out of the room and urges her to lock the deal of Gabi Chic so Chad shall be impressed. He knows what he is doing. They return and Andre fibs they were discussing Gabi's success. Kate talks strategy and is impressed she was under the radar. Andre grins he has got good news. Chad is coming back as CEO. Kate lies she is looking forward to it. Andre talks going public with the pretty brunette's company under the DiMera umbrella. He gives Kate the contract to hand to the girl to sign. All of a sudden Eve bursts in, gasping not to ...

Sonny talks Christmas and his parents' holiday reconciliation. Justin notes one cannot forget a first love. Sonny stops smiling and states Paul was his first love. A part of him will never stop loving him. Paul appears ... Kate fibs she stepped down as CEO so she can devote all her time to taking Gabi Chic to new heights. Eve argues with her she would have the Titan backing. Kate warns Gabi there is in fighting there. Both women hold the contracts up for her to sign. Andre believes she has a big decision to make ... Brady shuts the door and tells Victor about what he found on Eve that was thwarted by a gag order. Victor grumbles he has not given him results. Brady reminds him he is the one to blame for bringing Deimos into their lives and suggests he help him in lieu of berating him ... Will has packed his bag and assures Marlena he will be 15 minutes away. The blonde is going to miss him. He smiles him too and suggests she ask him over sometimes. She suggests Sunday brunches and dropping by the office for a session. He can see she is still concerned about his wellbeing. She does not deny it. Will gushes he wants to keep getting guidance from the one he trusts the most ... Justin discretely departs. Paul lets Sonny know Will told him of their living arrangement. Tis the season plays in the background. Paul wishes Sonny happiness and he thanks him. However he is sorry he hurt him. Paul sadly smiles and clicks away ...

Back at DiMera mansion Andre argues why Gabi should keep her Chic with DiMera. Kate adds her business experience. Eve gets catty so Kate reminds Gabi that woman wed Deimos. Gabi now decides to sign on with Kate at DiMera ... Brady bellows Victor will never be happy with him. He suspects he will make Sonny the favorite CEO no matter what he does. Brady exclaims Eve was right. His worst enemy is the Greek grandfather who takes him for granted ... Paul joins John at the pub. He would rather work than have a beer and tries to find the file on his ipad. John sees his son is stressed and hears how he ran into Will, who was brimming with reconciliation news. Paul sighs then he saw Sonny. He finds their old photo on his ipad and he and John agree this is not the best time. Paul walks out ... Marlena hopes nervous Will is not feeling pressured. He asks about his and Sonny's wedding. He said it was the happiest day of his life. Sonny arrives filled with good cheer to pick up his precious cargo ... Brady shouts about Eve being right as she quietly enters. Victor snaps to get her out of the house. If not he can quit. Brady is fed up and fumes he needs air. Eve hides out on the front steps and schemes how to use the situation to her own wicked wanton advantage ...

Andre, Kate and Gabi toast to the new team. Gabi giggles and goes to check in with the sitter. Kate believes Andre was brilliant but he coos she got herself the contract and beat Eve. This cements the future for Kate as well. He gives her a kiss on the cheek and promises to take care of Chad ... John follows Paul outside and hugs his sad son. Paul cries on his shoulder ... Sonny smiles and takes Will's bags to the car. Will stays behind a moment to thank Marlena for everything. She gets emotional and tells him she has faith in the great young man he is. They embrace and she tries not to cry. He deserves happiness. Will nervously takes his coat and bids her goodbye ... Justin sees Eve outside the front door and offers to help her with that contract. She points out that deal fell through but now she could be onto something way bigger ...

Brady paces in the mansion as Victor waits. Brady finds out from Henderson Eve was there. That means their arch enemy overheard and believed they were at odds. It was Brady's plan and he boasts they will get the beech. Victor grins with glee. SET UP KIRIAKIS STYLE!


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, December 19